TWSBI Notebook Review

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Hello everyone, today I’m doing a review of this TWSBI notebook. So let’s check it out.


It is a small notebook or pocket-sized notebook. The dimensions are 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches or 9.5 centimeters by 14 centimeters.


It is a soft cover notebook, so it is flexible not too crazy, though, because there is a pocket in the back.


It is this really nice, soft  and leatherette cover, which is really nice, a lot of texture to it, and then you have to TWSBI Logo, enbose here on the front and has rounded edges and then this is fine, it’s pretty flat and then in the back again there’s a TWSBI logo right there.


It comes with an elastic strap that feels like pretty nice quality. As you can see right there and there’s some imprints from the elastic on the cover in the back but kind of not really avoidable, because it is a softer cover, so it has some gift to it.


when you open it up, there is a white cover. Page and then this notebook is blind and it has six point five millimeter rulings, as you can see here, the lines are actually dots, dark, grey dot and the lines go all the way to the end.


Every single page is perforated, which i think is Great, especially if you want to use this notebook and the go and have a lot of random like little notes and to-do lists in there, and maybe you might want to get rid of them because you don’t need those notes anymore or you tear the page AND give to somebody else. I think it’s really really great. Every single page is perfect and when you like tug here a little bit, it doesn’t come apart right away, so it feels like it will hold up. It’s not just going to fall apart on me because it’s perforated.


The entire notebook like super flat, because the actual binding here in the spine is not glued together. You can see so when you open it up it like super flat, a lot of great bonus right there and the snow boots also available and blank and graph paper. So if you prefer that there too.


It’s off white- so it’s not quite as yellow cream-colored, as maybe a Leuchtturm or a Moleskine notebooks, which is slightly off white paper and the notebook has 240 pages or 120 sheets. And they don’t really specify the paper weight on the TWSBI website, but it is around 80 grand paper.


I say the paper quality is in between a Moleskine and a Leuchtturm but closer to Leuchtturm, so pretty decent paper quality, pretty good I’d say


Here’s my writing sample. There is pencil ballpoint pen year, 0.4 millimeter gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen and there we have the fountain pen The Pilot Metropolitan Medium Diamine Marine ink and there’s not any feathering really. So it takes it in quite nicely.


In the back t here is some ghosting, but there’s not really deeply truth just about to bleed through here, but barely. So yYou can definitely use this with fountain pen. If you want to especially with a finer nib, you shouldn’t have any problems there and ghosting average I’d say.


It has a rid. Oh, my god, a red bookmark just came off. Oh my god. I guess that did not hold up. I think glue just came apart, so I will try to glue that back together after I’m done with the video. No, that’s not really good sign-off supposed to go right here like this, but all we’ll see second fixes.


In the back there is a pocket and I like the accent color right here with the red as well. It matches the bookmark and is cloth a cloth reinforced in this pretty decent sized pocket.


The notebook is made in China so case you’re interested in knowing that and real quick. I think that’s pretty much it. I really like this notebook and a little bummed that the bookmark just fell off. So I hope that can reattach this, because I’ve been looking for another softcover notebook home that the pocket size, because I kind of find that I tend to carry the size around more with me .


This is a comparison to a pocket-sized moleskin – so show you real, quick, it’s pretty much the same size just say, maybe like a millimeter or two wider than the the Moleskine. As you can see, the paper here is much more yellow and small off-white. Now and since theme, Bolkiah only has an 192 pages in this one turn 40 pages is obviously a thicker notebook, and the cover looks pretty much the same here just to show you real quick, so I’m excited to try this and it has a better paper quality than the moleskin 90mm from that about the those mark right there.


Those are my two cents on the TWSBI pocket-sized notebook. If you have any question to forgive me comment and if you want to read more notebook entries subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.

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