ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review

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Genuine Leather Journal; 5 x 7 inches; 13 x 18 cm; 240 pages; 100gsm; The Giveaway is now closed.


Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own. Amazon link is an affiliate link

Hello and today, I’m doing a review of a letter journal made by the company ThoughtSpace and I’m going to do my first giveaway. So if you want to win one of these journals just stay tuned until the end, and I will let you know how you can win one of those all right. So, let’s check it out.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 0 7 screenshot

So the journal comes in this very attractive. Little gift box, successful thought space and in the front it’s silver fought. Let’s take off the top of the lid here and then this is what it looks like it’s a raft eye journal. It’s genuine leather, dark brown.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 0 30 screenshot

The dimensions are 5 by 7 inches or 13 by 18 centimeters and it’s roughly 2 inches thick or about 5 centimeters thick. So just a dark brown leather wrapped eye is what the back looks like. This thought space right here embossed and it’s very soft leather.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 0 41 screenshot

It feels pretty soft, it’s really nice to the touch so supple and it’s as you can see the softness. It’s not rough, but it’s also not too flimsy. So I think it’s the perfect suppleness and softness of the leather, and some can say I think it is and as slightly rounded edges right here, so you can like scratch yourself and it’s not scratching off some other notebooks. They kind of tend to scratch a little special, stiffer ones that this one is pretty nice and soft here.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 0 54 screenshot

So it looks like at the bottom comes with two bookmarks right here and here you can see the spine in the stitching. It’S handmade nice, the top.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 1 9 screenshot

Alright, let’s open it up directly, alright, we go, and the inside leather is slightly more reddish, slightly more reddish tint to it, and it feels nice as well check it out, because what it looks like they were a cover page and then we can put your name right here in this top space right here

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 2 0 screenshot

It is a lines journal and has a margin around the end edges right here, as you can see a little bit of a thicker top and bottom line, and then you can put the date right here at The top, it is that says, cream-colored paper, but it looks more like actually really yellow to me like yellow brownish, like kind of craft paper, i’d, say.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 2 15 screenshot 1

You can see the structure of the paper right here by the texture. It’s a not super smooth, but it also is not to ralphus this in-between. What’s nice for writing, and then the edge is a square here at the paper and it is 100 gram paper. So it’s nice and thick.I said, you have two bookmarks right here: black one and the red one.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 3 6 screenshot

Let’s look at my writing sample. Here we have a pencil, a ballpoint pen, a 0.4 millimeter gelatin, a 0.7 millimeter gel pen and then here’s the fountain pen, the pilot metropolitan. You can read with diamine marine ink and there is some feathering with the fountain pen As you can see, just a little bit takes up more ink here, so there’s no feathering.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 3 14 screenshot 1

Then at the back there’s absolutely no ghosting no bleed through no nothing, so it’s really nice paper. If you don’t mind the feathering with the fountain pen and it’s definitely some pen friendly paper. So that’s a bonus right there that you don’t have any ghosting here or any of the pen.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 3 51 screenshot

You can see the stitching right here. Then here’s back and there’s a black cover page as well right there and since the way it’s bound, I guess you could actually divide this in five different compartments and use it, for you know like maybe like some different types of notes in there. I just you know, use it as a journal like whatever you like, but you have that option. Here’s that kind of actually divide it with the binding. Then I said it’s handmade.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 4 24 screenshot 1

I think that’s pretty much it for the 240 pages with life flat. So if you want to win one of those, this giveaway is for my US. Subscribers only ThoughtSpace was very generous and provided five journals for the giveaway. So thank you so much for that, and I do not benefit from that. So this is really a thank you for my subscribers. So if you want to win one of these journals, I’m going to give away four on youtube and one Instagram so and youtube make sure you’re subscribed to my channel like the video and then simply. Let me know in the comments that you would want to would like to win one of those and make sure you live in the U.S. And then on Instagram you can find me at the JournalJoy I will put in like a description box. I will put a photo of this notebook on my Instagram simply like the video and follow me on Instagram, and then I will pick one random person from my Instagram that liked that photo to also win one of these so 5 totals 5 journals that are going To be given away .so thank you again To ThoughtSpace for providing those two. You also want to purchase one of these so just check out the link down below in the description box. I think it’s a really nice journal.

ThoughtSpace Leather Journal Review 4 53 screenshot 1

I, like the paper quality. It’d different type of paper that you don’t find everyday and in a notebook and for people that don’t really like really crisp black paper and prefer like darker creamier colors. I think it’s a really nice paper and journal and it’s a really good price for leather journal. So definitely check it out links in the description box.

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So if you enjoyed this video, please give a thumbs up. As I said, if you want to win one of those leave me a comment in description box and from one notebook entry subscribe to my blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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