Rhodia Webnotebook Review

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  • Item Package Height:21.336 Centimeters
  • Item Package Length:3.302 Centimeters
  • Item Package Width:14.097 Centimeters
  • Product Type:Paper Product


Hello everyone, today I’m doing a review of the Rodhia Webnotebook, so let’s check it out.

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I’m sure most of you who are using fountain pens have heard of this notebook because it’s known for its particularly fountain pen friendly paper. So it comes with an elastic, strap and then this little sleeves attached to it. So let’s take this off, it is a hardcover and it’s a standard A5.

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The dimensions are 5.8 by 8.3 inches or 14 by 21 centimeters, its hardcover. It’s probably the thickest hardcover I’ve ever seen. That’s really sturdy doesn’t give much, and then it has overhang here with rounded edges and then about a three millimeter overhang. I’d say to the paper and then this hard covers are really thick. But when you touch it, it actually sits like it’s slight get to it and it feels super smooth.

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Because it has a give to it, you can see the imprints of the elastic strap at the top and at the bottom right here. So I guess it can’t be avoided with the cover, that’s the soft, and then it has the Rodhia logo embossed on the front, and then it’s just plain black on the back.

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It has 192 pages and they’re ivory colored, and this is a blank. One is also available and ruled and dot grid and 192 pages are 96 sheets black bookmark right there, and then it also has a pocket in the back, and I noticed this pocket doesn’t line up with the edges here, like most other books that have a pocket. It’s a little bit shorter, but it actually makes it easier to access. In my opinion, that’s a fairly big pocket then has a black cover page in the back and, of course, also black cover page in the front, and the paper is 90 grand. As I said, ivory colored paper that’s made by Claire frontin and France, so it’s really high-quality paper. Super smooth feels great to ride on.

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So, let’s check out the writing sample. Here we have a chef here. We have a pencil and a ballpoint pen, a 4 millimeter gel pen, a 7 millimeter gel pen, and then they fountain pen and Pilot Metropolitan Diamine Marine and there’s absolutely no feathering with any of these. It’s really good paper, there’s a little bit of a dot right here, because I closed a notebook too soon after writing in it. So it needs a little bit of a longer drying time with our fountain pen.

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In the back there’s a little bit of ghosting, I’m not sure if the camera picks this up even and there’s absolutely no bleed true. So this is really great paper, especially for fountain pens. What I also noticed about this notebook doesn’t bother me really, but it has a very distinct smell to it. It’s kind of like intense I can’t really describe this is like just paper smell. I don’t know,

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As I said, it’s a hardcover leather it and this notebooks available, I believe, also in orange, and then there’s black one right here. So I really like this notebook, the my two cents on it. I love the paper quality. It is really great. I also like that, it’s Ivory colored off light. It’s not a crisp white. I prefer paper, that’s a little bit off white.

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It lies fairly flat. So when you open it up, just push down a little and there’s no problem with that. It’s stitched and bound, and I think the only thing I would change about this notebook and that’s just my personal preference – is that I would line up the paper with the cover, because I personally prefer that, but it’s not a deal-breaker if it doesn’t. I just think personally, it looks nicer. If you love to write with fountain pens and you’re looking for an a5 notebook, i’m sure this is the one for you, because I think it’s probably the best one out there in terms of fountain pen friendliness.

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So this was my review on the Rodhia Webnotebook. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment for more notebook reviews subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.

  • Item Package Height:21.336 Centimeters
  • Item Package Length:3.302 Centimeters
  • Item Package Width:14.097 Centimeters
  • Product Type:Paper Product

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