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Hello everyone, today i’m going to show you which journals in notebooks I’m currently using. If you want to know more about any of these, i’ve done separate entires on each one of them, so go check them out and find them on my blog. Let’s get started.

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This is my stack. It some think it’s five notebooks or journals that have currently been used and I have tons more and I fill them up and then I grab a new one, but these are the ones that I’m currently using almost every day. So that’s when I show you and I could start with the first one.

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This is the X 47 timer, and I like this one because it has a weekly calendar in it, and this is what I used to just schedule my week and stuff and and get my to do is going.

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And then it has squared pages here in the back as a separate notebook, and I put more to-do lists on here, just like three frenum notes and things I need to remember and then there’s like a little monthly calendar in here too.

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So I’ve been using this since I got it thinking like mayor June and i’ve been enjoing this, but often I don’t always remember bringing it along I will end up writing something down.

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This one, which is a Graphique default journal, is just Banacek. So slightly larger and I’ve been enjoying this one a lot. I do like brief journaling in it just a few notes and random thoughts that I want to remember insights that I come across and there’s also just fuel doodles in there and a couple to-do lists. So I like this one, a lot and I’ve been enjoying this one a lot.

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I also use this one for like long a journaling sessions, but not as much lately honestly just like that. This one is just so easy to just grab and then just open up and write in . It’s definitely one of my favorites at the moment.

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This one here is a Leuchtturm 1917. It’s an a5 and I’ve been using this one mainly for business ideas. Website building anything that’s like business-related.

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This is sort of like my all, my creative writing. That’s business-related and – and you know, marketing stuff things like that. So that’s what I’ve been using this Leuchtturm 1917 for and unfortunately they don’t make this color anymore, but they have lots of other colors anyways, that’s the Leuchtturm.

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This is another Leuchtturm, it’s called Some Lines a Day. It’s a 5 Year Memory Book and I really have been enjoying this one, because what you do is you just make some brief notes in a few words, what you did  that day and every day can just write it down and have been really really Diligent with it, and just before I go to bed, I write down in a few words or sentences. What I did that day.

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I’m kind of excited to see over the years. You know how my life’s changing would have been up to the previous year in that day. So that’s I really really like this one and I think I’m going to keep using this one every day, because what it eliminates from you, some part of that i was had like a calendar for an entire year like random notes and and and then you know, to just add up here a year and they’re quite big and just filling up my bookshelf so now just i would like to not have to hold on to big calendar every year and then just you know, um store it somewhere. Just want to keep this and write down the few most important things and then have my actual journals. Where you know I writte more details going on in my life and stuff. So that’s the five, no yeah five year memory book some lines a day by Leuchtturm as well.

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The last one I actually haven’t been using as much lately is  it’s in a%as well. I got the actual cover at Barnes and Noble to let it cover with a rapt eye, and then I took out the journal that it came with because it didn’t like the paper was too thick for my taste.

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I don’t really like thick paper, prefer thinner paper. So I actually put a seven seas writer in here with Tomoe River paper and it’s probably going to take me an eternity to fill this up because almost 500 pages – and this is where I do long and journaling sessions – and sometimes I put book notes in here as well from like books that I read and most important things that I want to remember from those books.

Notebooks Im currently using 4 42 screenshot

Anyways, I mainly writing this with a fountain pen, because it is fantastic paper in regards to fountain pen friendliness and it’s a really great writing. Experience goes to papers, super smooth and then the pen just glides over the paper, and you just you know, get in a flow of writing. So that’s what I use for long journaling sessions but, as I said, I haven’t been using this one as much lately, because it feels kind of bulky and the wrap time doesn’t make it very easy to access. So I almost feel like I have to like pick it up, it’s kind of heavy and like I’m tied and then just get in there.

Notebooks Im currently using 5 13 screenshot

So often what I do is just. I was just wrapping I’ll just grab this little guy right here and just start writing, because it’s so much easier – and just I take this with me pretty much everywhere and I’ve been trying it a lot. So I prefer this one over that one and let’s change it. Sometimes I like using larger journals again for a while, and then I like the smaller ones, so it always varies a little .

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Those other notebooks I’m currently using. I always would like to kind of like downsize a little just actually just be okay with using only one or two at a time, because I feel like it’s it’s kind of like a little too much, and I know those people out did it. I used like 20 at a time and tons more, but I would like to kind of just use one as I said one or two at a time and then just move on to the next one. But I just can’t figure out how.

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So if you have any ideas or tips and tricks how you organize and have you know different sections and different notebooks for what you need in a notebook, and you know how to you know, compile this pile into one or two notebooks. Let me know, or let me know what your favorite notebooks are and what you use on daily basis, I’m curious

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Thank you so much for reading . If you want to see more notebook reviews subscribe to my blog and thanks!

X47 Timer:
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