Nanami Seven Seas Writer v Cafe Note Comparison

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a comparison between the Nanami Seven Seas writer and the Cafe Note notebook.

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So these both are made by Nanami paper. They both use tomoe river paper and Nanami, has successfully sold the seven seas writer for quite a few years, and this is actually the second edition I believe, of the seven seas writer. So I bought this about at least three years ago, if not longer, and it still has bookmarks page markers, which I kind of miss in the new version, because I love to have bookmarks, especially when you have ,this is close to 500 pages for an 80 painters to be exact, so it’s kinda nice to have this to know where you’re at when you’re writte.

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As you can see, main difference the size and the amount of pages that you have in these two Notebooks, so this one has 480 and this one has 384 pages as it can see, it’s quite a bit thicker than the Cafe, and you can also see the color difference. Already. This uses white Tomoe river paper. This uses Evert colored a cream color to tell me Weaver paper, since it’s an older version.

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Here’s the spine, both of them there’s the top, and here you can see roughly how much larger the Seven Seas¬† writer is in the cafe quite a bit bigger. It’s also quite a bit heavier, so this was a little bit harder to lug around and where this is much more compact and a lot lighter than this one. Actually, it’s at least almost and I didn’t have half the weight, but just two thirds, if not more, between two-thirds and half of the weight of this one, so it’s consider eight feels considerably lighter and didn’t weigh em, maybe I’m wrong, but this just side feels in my hands just holding them.

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There’s also difference in the cover. This is more black, where this is more like a dark grey and even though you see texture in this cover, it feels completely smooth where this has actual texture that you can feel, I’m not sure if the camera picks this up, but this is yeah rougher, more Texture II – maybe they have changed to cover by now, since this is a over three years old and a different version of it, that’s quite a slightly different color.

Nanami Seven Seas Writer v Cafe Note Comparison 2 22 screenshot

The most important thing is the difference in the paper you can see. They both have the same type of cream-colored cover paper like a thicker cover page right there, it’s exactly the same, and the paper is totally different in terms of the coloring. I hope the camera picks this up and the my lighting is naturally a little bit yellow, but I think you can see this so they’re both of seven millimeter lines with a margin around the edges. But this is why tomoe river paper with blue lines and then the is cream-colored to tell my River paper with sepia lines and you can see the difference there.

Nanami Seven Seas Writer v Cafe Note Comparison 3 41 screenshot

This also feels just a tad more smooth to me. There’s just me, but it’s just very slightly, but it has a bit more malignus to it on this paper, even though supposedly it’s the same 52 GMS tomjoe my River paper, just in a different color just slightly smoother – and I personally prefer this color a lot more Because it’s easier in the eyes and the lines are sliding it was slightly more subtle. You can barely see them on the camera, where this is really there’s more of a contrast between the white paper and the yellow lines, and it’s just harder to look at this paper in my opinion, is kind of bright and in-your-face, where this is much more subdued. Just a nicer coloring, but that is my personal preference. Maybe you prefer the white paper, because you want more true color, to reflection of the ink that you’re using or this might distort the colour slightly with your ink, where this might really show you the true color of the ink that You’re, using if you’re, using fountain pens, both of them extremely fountain, pen, friendly notebooks.

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I’m still excited to use this, because is it easy to just carry around and take with me on the go, whereas this one was off a little bit too heavy to just care with me, I did not use a protective cover for this notebook and how that just beautifully also did a durability entry on this one, if you’re interested to go check it out in my Blog, also did in-depth reviews of both these. So all the entries on my Blog, if you want more and more details and see, writing sample and both of these both come with pink blotter paper .

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So this was my comparison between the Seven Seas Writer and the Cafe Note Notebook both made by Nanami paper. If you enjoyed this entry. Please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me comment and for more notebook entries subscribe to my Blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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