Nanami Cafe Note Notebook Review

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Nanami Cafe Note Slim B6; 384 pages; 52 gsm Tomoe River paper

Hello, everyone today, I am doing a review of the Nanami Cafe Note Notebook alright. So this is our milk book that Nanami Paper came out with a little bit more recent and it is a slightly smaller version of theirs, really popular, Seven Seas, series that are a5, so this one is called a Slim v6 Size.

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The dimensions are 17 Point 6 by 11, millimeters, sorry, centimeters, seventeen point six by 11, centimeters or 4.3 by about 7 inches. So it’s called a slim v6 because it’s slightly more narrow than a standard v6 size.Nanami Cafe Note Notebook Review 0 28 screenshot 1


It comes in this nice protective cardboard cover, yellow and let’s put this away.

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So this is the actual notebook. As I said, it’s a slimmer, smaller version of the standard 7c series. It has again 384 pages 492 sheets. It comes with this coated. Paper covers it’s slightly thicker like stock paper that I coated so does slap water repellent and it’s pretty smooth – and here you can see the spine and the binding a little bit here shows through and Tad just right there,.

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In the back again it’s a dark Gray, black slightly textured, but she’s pretty smooth cardboard cover and it has rounded edges.

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It lies extremely flat. Let me show you her open, subset, Irie cream-colored cover page right there, and then you open it. This is a seven millimeter lines. It is white Tomoe river paper with light blue lines, as you can see, there’s a slight margin around the edges with the lines right there. You see that and a little bit at the top and at the bottom it lies super flat.

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I’ll just show you this. The way it’s stitched and bound, it’s called a threat bound to weights made, so it lies super flat, and I can show you just to you right now. We can find it a second here. It’S not it. It’s really hard to find because these pages are super thin. It’s 52grms Tomoe River paper, so it’s super thin paper. Counter picks is up. You can see it’s stitched right there really nicely. Then you can see how just bends over super easily like super flat.

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I said Tomoe River paper is really famous Japanese paper. That’S extremely found and pin friendly, despite being super thin. I said it’s only 52 brown paper with most notebooks of 80 or 90 grand paper in their notebooks, so it’s almost half as thin as regular paper. That is being used in most notebooks. It’s pretty amazing, it’s just kind of nice type of paper. I love the paper because it way crinkles and just the way it feels when you ride on her he’s pretty smooth too,

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It comes with a paint blotter sheets and here’s my writing sample. So we have a pencil ballpoint pen. 0.4 milliliter gel pen is zero. Point seven million really millimeter gel pen, and then we have the pilot motor Politan. Medium ended with Diamine Marine Ink.

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This paper creates a really nice shading. I don’t know if the camera picks this up, but there’s some nice variation between the bottom and the top of the letters you can see there it’s dark at the bottom than it is at the top, so especially with like a little bit wider, nibs and different type of things, you can just create a really nice shading and variety with your ink on the paper. So this paper is absolutely amazing for fountain pens, if you love using a fountain with Tomoe river paper, and it handles all the other pens really nice as well. It gives you a really nice smooth writing experience.

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The only thing is, of course, because it is so thin, there’s quite a bit of ghosting, which does not bother me at all. If it bothers you, then we can just use only one side and not both of them. I said it’s not a big deal for me and there’s no plea through with the fountain pen, so it had those found in pellet pens really well, despite being such a thin paper, so really great paper quality.

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I think I told you everything there is to Know about this, that is called the Shin show size, which is this Japanese sizing of this notebook  and then 22 dimensions already roughly in a6, and I will also do a comparison between the Seven Seas Rier and the Cafe, and this has white almond River paper – and it was my old Seven Seas Rider -has ivory colored paper in it. I prefer the ivory colored, so this little bit too white for my taste, I like it when it’s papers cream Carl, it’s just easier on the eyes. In my opinion, when you ride on it, it’s just a little bit too bright for me, but if you use fountain pens – and you want – you know the colors to really be truly reflected on the paper, then that might be good for you.  As I said, I personally prefer the other kind we’ve been using in olds Seven Seas Riders.

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It’s a really nice compact format. As you can see, it’s super flexible. What I love about this that you can take this with you anywhere, because it’s quite a bit lighter than their I’ve, a five notebooks, so that was my review of the Nanami Cafe Note notebook! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me comment. If you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up and for more notebook, whether you subscribe to my blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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