Nanami Cafe Note DURABILITY

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Hello everyone today, I want to talk about the durability of the Cafe. Note Notebook that’s made by a Nanami Paper. I already did first review on this notebook before I start using it. So if you want to know all the specifics, does size paper count all the good stuff, including a writing sample. Please feel free to check out that first entry.

Nanami Cafe Note DURABILITY 0 1 screenshot

So today I want to talk about how well this notebook has held up after about 6 months of use. So I took this notebook on several trips with me and it has held up extremely well. As you can see, I’ve had this in my backpack, my bag and it still looks pretty much brand new.

Nanami Cafe Note DURABILITY 0 44 screenshot

The cover looks fantastic, and so this front here – and I didn’t even bother getting a cover for this, so I just had this in my backpack like this, with a rubber band, that’s also being sold by Nanami Paper. Just put this over here and then I put a pen in there, so I had everything together and that’s just how I took this with me everywhere and I’m really impressed with the quality of this notebook.

Nanami Cafe Note DURABILITY 1 12 screenshot        It still looks really tight. Nothing has come loose or I’m done, lift a camera or to focus on the defining right here. As you can see, nothing is falling out. Nothing is loose right there at all. It’s still in great shape, so excellent notebook, excellent quality.

Nanami Cafe Note DURABILITY 1 26 screenshot

So I can recommend this notebook for every fountain pen user out there, it’s really great it’s more portable than the bigger version of this notebook, which would be the Seven C’s Writer, which also did a review on and net Elsa held up really well. So nanami paper makes really great quality. Notebooks um.

Nanami Cafe Note DURABILITY 1 42 screenshot

I did not fall in love with this notebook and that’s just a very personal thing. You might actually love for the same reasons. I don’t one thing it just was not wide enough like in terms of length and width. It’s also reason: I don’t love for using travels, no big notebooks, because they’re just too narrow for me same with this notebook, I wished it was like another half inch or an inch, but I think I would have liked it a lot better. So the your you know hand rests on the paper originally when you ride on it with a pen, and I personally also prefer the ivory colored paper worse. This is just crisp white paper that my paper uses for this notebook.

Nanami Cafe Note DURABILITY 2 49 screenshot

I personally prefer the seven seas. Writer with the ivory colored paper, I mean theit both are Tama River paper 52 gram, but this is just the white version of it, so I might buy another one of these notebooks cuz. I really loved Tomer river paper. I love how thin it is and how it kind of crinkles when you write on it and how well it performs with fountain pens. You know I don’t use a ton of fountain pens, but when I do I like using Tama River paper so, as I said two reasons why didn’t fully fall in love with it? It’s the size and the the whiteness of the paper.

Nanami Cafe Note DURABILITY 0 11 screenshot

If you have any questions about this, notebook feel free to leave. Me comment for more notebook entries subscribe to my Blog and thank you so much for reading.

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