Moleskine Travel Journal


240 pages, 70gsm paper; 5 x 8.25 inches, 13 x 21 cm;


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Moleskine City Notebook Review:

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing every view of this Moleskine Passion Travel Journal. So, let’s check it out.

Moleskine Travel Journal 0 1 screenshot

It is a large size, moleskin notebook, which means the size is 5 by 8 and a 1/4 inches or 13 by 21 centimeters.

Moleskine Travel Journal 0 17 screenshot

Alright, let’s take a look at it; it has this imprint on the cover. It’S got a nice like an airport, display arrival/departure this play, as you can see here and then in the back, just a normal Moleskin logo down there.

Moleskine Travel Journal 0 29 screenshot

It comes with elastic, strap just like every  other moleskin, and then it actually has three bookmarks in here. I’M just going to cool in different colors, so there you go.

Moleskine Travel Journal 0 49 screenshot

It has a double pocket in the back, which is also a nice feature. So it’s a little bit bigger pocket than a regular moleskin, and it comes with 202 of these stickers also have a nice idea to customize this journal. So stitcker look like good .

Moleskine Travel Journal 1 7 screenshot

Llet’s open it up, just like any other Moleskin and you can put in some personal information, it’s visas, credit card stuff and then airline loyalty cards, card numbers. Then you have a checklist for what to pack and then a calendar. I bought this a couple years ago, so mine’s from 2011 to 2018 and going.

Moleskine Travel Journal 1 45 screenshot

Has 240 pages, and the pages are actually numbered and talked to you, which is also something that I think is a pretty nice idea and it goes on here time zones temperatures, different Locations, airport codes and then flight durations, then this really random thing words and names anything from what a backpack is to Kilimanjaro. So I have no idea what this is supposed to be for it’s really strange and random

Moleskine Travel Journal 2 28 screenshot

Here it’s divided into ten different sections. It has five themed sections here: wishlist planning, weekend’s short trips, long trips and then back here last about a quarter. The less is 5:2 tab, sections that you can customize and actually has. I showed you the stickers for it that you could put on here and make that your own.

Moleskine Travel Journal 2 39 screenshot

Wishlist just put in I don’t know it says names and notes here for destination, guess where you want to go the few pages of that and then planning where, when, who, What, and why? it’s also on the random here and then you can budget here and then that keeps repeating itself on those two pages

Moleskine Travel Journal 2 59 screenshot

It starts with weekend Trips, let’s check that out. So what that looks like is you have one double page here as the before you can put in the destination date, how to get there? Travel Guide, travel, companions, notes and then one page for a lit of notes, and then you can put photos and clippings right here and then it repeats itself from each double page. And it’s about 30 pages of that.

Moleskine Travel Journal 3 18 screenshot

Then you have short trips back here and you have a little bit of more room here again, the before section get their places, travel guide, travel companion, it notes and then a checklist for this trip, a little bit more space here and then memorable moments. Also now you have one page for each section instead of having it both on one page, so your moments and then for photos and clippings and then again it repeats itself over and over again also think about 30 pages, page 98 to 134 be a little under 40 pages.

Moleskine Travel Journal 3 44 screenshot

Then you’ve long trips again again before date, transport travel companions, travel guides, a checklist, get a whole page for the checklist and then places maps and notes and then remember the moments, a double page and then the whole double page. Just for photos and clippings and then again this repeats itself over and over again. So this is for longer trips, where you have a little bit more room in the notebook, and this is also page 134 to page 185 about it it’s about 50  pages of that for longer trips

Moleskine Travel Journal 5 14 screenshot

Then back here you have two five tab: Sections here that you can customize, however, yo u want and then back here some over photos and drawings says at suggestion for that, and then some blank pages back here.

Moleskine Travel Journal 5 41 screenshot

Then also though nice feature is an index page. We can actually record the information that you put in there.

Moleskine Travel Journal 6 6 screenshot

It has a typical 70 gram, moleskin paper and my thoughts on this. I didn’t really like it honestly. I find it too rigid. It’s just really my personal opinion, because I never know how much or how little I want to write on any given trip that I go on. So I’ve started using just a blank travel journal that actually did a review, and so, if you want to check that out I’ll go, I put a link down there. You can take a look at it.

Moleskine Travel Journal 6 52 screenshot

I guess this is great, for somebody who wants a lot of structure in a notebook tells you what to do what to write in there. But for me personally, I want a little bit more liberty. I like to like section back here. I like the little stickers that it comes with and that has three bookmarks and it’s a nice feature but and that it’s just I just did not work for me, stop using it. I really like the Moleskin City Notebooks. I find those extremely useful, their small format, they have a map in it. You can customize it more individually, so those are fantastic also that every year on those also going to put a link down in the description box. So, if interested go check it out.

Moleskine Travel Journal 7 1 screenshot

That’s just my two cents on the moleskin passion travel journal. If you like using this or dislike using this, let me know in the comments section. Let me know you think I really would like to hear from you and if you’ve enjoyed this entry, give it a thumbs up for more entries subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for reading.

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