Stationery Pal Pen HAUL + Discount Code

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Stationery Pal:
Discount Code for 12% off: JOURNALJOY

Zebra Sarasa Dark Purple:
Zebra Sarasa Green Black:
Zebra Sarasa Dry Gel:
Pentel Olive Black:
Pentel Burgundy:
Sakura Green Black:
Uniball Spearmint:

Hello, everyone, i really hope you’re doing well so today, i’m going to show you all the pens i got from my recent stationery pal stationery haul. So if you haven’t seen that video feel free to check it out, i’m going to link it down below and, as i said, these are the pens i got from this stationery haul, because some of you asked me to do pen hauls as well. So here we go so the first pen is the zebra sarasa or sarasa. I’M not sure how to pronounce it 0.5 millimeter gel pen in vintage or dough purple, and it has a rubber grip right here and it is feather and water resistant has a white clip, as you can see, and here is the writing sample for it.

I did Writing samples for all them, so this is this pen right here. It’S a really nice set bordeaux purple like a dark purple that i really like, and here’s the back of it. I’M just going to show you the back ones. You see all the pens i’m going to show you.

There is a little bit of ghosting with them, but there is absolutely no bleed through, and this is 100 gsm paper ideas paper and it’s just plain white and it’s really nice paper quality also did a video. Recently feel free to check that out. Super nice coated paper super sleek, smooth, writing experience, so all right, so that was the first pen right here and the second one is essentially the same pen just in a different color. This is the green black one again with the rubber grip and zero point. 5mm with the clip – and here is the color on the book.

It’S a really nice dark, green yeah, all right and the next one is another zebra sarasa uh dry gel pen. So this one is black ink again with a rubber grip and a plastic clip here, and this ink is supposed to dry faster. This one is 0.7mm, so it dries 80 faster than regular gel ink take it. At least it says it on the website.

So that’s what it looks like and then here is the writing sample right there alrighty. So, let’s move on to this one is the Pentel energel in olive black 0.5mm again with a rubber grip and a needle tip, and i forgot to show you the actual tips of the last two. So let’s go back for a second, so there you go! This is what they look like, so this one we have a needle tip again.

This is a rubber grip, really nice again with the clip, so this one’s a limited edition one. So if you want to get one of those check out the website fairly soon, i have a discount code for you. If you’re interested, you can get to 12 off your order. Just use journal joy as your discount code.

So this is the pen, and here is the olive black. It pretty much looks like black to me. It’S especially hard to see. In this light i really tried to get the lighting right, but it’s really hard, i’m using daylight, but i mean you really have to look to see the slight green tint in it looks pretty black to me so, but it looks like a really nice quality pen. I’M gon na link all the pens below, so they can find them fairly easily. All right.

Let’S move on the next one, is the Pentel energel rtx gel pen, 0.5mm in burgundy, it’s um again a rubber grip. Again, that’s latex free. So this is what the pen looks like again. It is a needle tip there you go and to me the burgundy looks pretty bright red.

I was expecting a slightly darker red again trying to share this with the camera. Much as i can there. It is again this has a feels like a steel clip, the other ones had rubber ones. This feels like it’s definitely metal, yeah, all righty and then, let’s move on to the sakura or sakura. I have no idea again how to pronounce all the names there’s a it’s called ball sign: 0.

5 millimeter, it is green black with a metal clip, and this looks a little like cheaper plastic. It’S also a cheaper pen, but to me that looks less high quality than the other pens and it’s also less comfortable to hold because it does not have a rubber grip. So that’s what it looks like here. It is in green black and again you really need amazing lighting to pick up on it that it is green and has a tint of green in it. It’S barely visible, especially if you don’t have black black ink right next to it.

It’S not really visible that it has green in it alrighty and then the last pen is the unit ball. One gel ink, let’s put this down because it’s a white pen, you see white barrel again with a metal clip just a that has a rubber grip here. As well, so it is more comfortable to hold, and this is the experiment limited edition. So if you get interested in the limited edition ones, i would look sooner than later on. The website before they sell out here is the tip and let’s look at the writing sample, so it is a really nice bright, spearminty green.

It looks really nice on the paper and i don’t know why my camera doesn’t pick this up. It’S fairly bright in here. So i hope you can see this, so this is what it looks like and it’s again 0.8 millimeter, so it is going to get a thinner line than with all the other ones yeah. So those were the pens i got.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment, if you want to check them out, i’m gonna link them all below. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up for more notebook videos, stationary videos – please subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for watching

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