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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of these notebooks made by the company Michaels and My Goals is an Australian company and they’re really like what they stand for they want to help you discover your purpose and achieve your goals. So they’ve created these notebooks to support you in that, so let’s check them out.

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So the first one I want to look at is the 2017 Goals Diary. Let’s put these away for a second and it’s an a5 and this one’s the Navy and it comes in five different colors and it’s designed to help you achieve your goals for 2017 it’ll, stick to sleeve out real quick.

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As you can see, it’s navy colored. I could call this motor like normal, blue, less of a navy, it’s a little bit lighter and then the golden imprint for 2017. It says goals diary here and then it has the logo in the back,.

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This feels really sturdy like this feels like it could take beating super supers for story cover and then the spine feels really nice and like really solid, and it has two bookmarks one Gray, one and one orange one, it’s actually look at this together,

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Let’s open it up. It has an orange cover page. It says my goals here, a quick introduction and then there’s some inspirational quotes and then first thing is. I t will help you to find your purpose, especially for 2017, and you can write your life right here and where you want to be in five years, and then it explains to you how the set goals and how to use this diary. So I really like that

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Then it gets into the goals section and it has inspirational, quotes all throughout this notebook, and then it has a room for 10 goals that you can write out for the year, so it starts with a goal number one. First page, you can brainstorm what you’d like to achieve, and then it says what why, when how and the reward for it, so you can get really into it and then the key milestones you need to achieve and the things you got to do for it and Then you can check it off here once you’ve accomplished it and then probably put the date here. I wanted to do it and then down here you can write down the outcome and the date you completed it and then it’s the same with goal number two and then again, every time flip it over. You have a nice little inspirational quote very cool section. That’S the same for it: ten goals that you can set for 2017, which i think is plenty otherwise you might get too overwhelmed with too many goals anyways.

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Here we have. The diary section for 2017 starts out with holidays and key dates for the year and then a overview of 2017 – 2018. Here we have a monthly planner. You can set the goals for every month and then the things to do, and then you can plan out January 2017 here and one another page, again a little inspirational quote right there and then the same for February and goals the things to do and then give you a monthly overview to the weekly section.

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There it starts so you then you have for your weekly section, where you can write down your goals for the week and then all sort of really like you can track your habits like. If you want to exercise every day or you know, do something specific and then you can check off if you did it that day. So I think that’s a really great reminder, then what you want to focus on for the week and and here we have room for every day, write down the appointments. Your to do, and so it’s always the week on two pages and it keeps going on and it goes on January February and so on. And then you have a little inspirational quote again here on the top of every double page. I really liked it a lot and then.

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After three months let me go to that. You have a quarterly review and a little quote right there, and here we can write down the top three things I accomplished in the past three months. How do I feel about my progress, progress of my goals so far? What goals am i focusing on in next? Three months and major challenges for the next three months and how will overcome these challenges? So it really gets you. You know focused on what you want to accomplish next and it divides the year in smaller sections we can stay motivated and not like lose track of what you want to accomplish. So this is like know a little bit of a review everything months. I think that’s a really great thing to have so it goes on and on

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I didn’t have this. As I said every three months four times a year, you can do your quarterly review and then, in the back you have a little budget section. So your income for January and then your expenses and then you can add it all up your total income expenses and then how much is left at the end of the month, of course for the entire year. And then your results. Your income results for the year and over you. Then you have a little note page in the back here and company mission right there, an orange cover page.

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As I said, this is an B5. So let me give you the dimensions, real, quick. It’s a 5.8 by 8.3 inches or 14.8 by 21 centimeters and it has 100 GS and paper. So it’s a nice thick paper. So it feels like it feels really sturdy and well-made and I will show you writing sample in the other notebook. That’Ssthis exact same paper and it has 208 pages and it said it’s a hardcover. So it’s really feels a really sturdy like it can’t even really bend this.

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It has rounded edges as you can see, and there’s a little bit of paper overhang and it’s not too bad. But you can see just a little bit and this is lice little texture to it. So I think this is a really well made diary /notebook. So, let’s check out the next notebook.

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It’s called the my notes. Again, it’s also an a5 seem to mention this. The other one this is actually softcover, so even that soft covered still feels kind of sturdy can’t bend is like super much, but there you go.

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It’s a little thinner cover right. There again rounded edges. We bit of paper overhang again like about three millimeters. My guess right there and let’s take this off, it has a 178pages again. As I said, 100 GSM paper to bookmarks a black one and the gray one nice little total marks right there, stitched and bound just like the other one,.

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It explains to you how to use this notebook. I’m gonna show you look like so this is mainly for a note-taking and design to take notes more efficiently. So it again explains to you how to use it. You can put down top three tasks and track your insights and use it or use it as a daily planner create custom entries and just the whole notebook is just for note-taking. As you can see, it’s stitched and bound here and then the top. You can write your subject and then a date if you want to and then it’s a six millimeter we’re ruling and there’s a margin around the edges right there and then at the bottom, which is kinda nice. It gives you that overview of the top three most important things from your notes. Right there and a whole notebook is numbered, which i think is fantastic and it’s slightly off white paper, just like the other one too.  It’S it’s a slightly off white paper.

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The entire notebook is essentially just for note-taking and yeah summarize at the bottom, and both notebooks lie nice and flat. If you break hitting them a little bit as you can see right there. Oh my that’s! Really light that lies really flat. What’S it, which is another big bonus, I think and then let me show you the writing sample.

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So here we have a pencil ballpoint pen, 0.4, millimetre gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen and then the fountain pen, the pilot metropolitan medium Diamine Marine ink and there’s quite a bit of feathering with the fountain pen. Realistic paper is absorbent, see right there.

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We’re gonna flip it over there’s a little bit of ghosting, but barely any with most of the pens and then there’s a little bit of Lee through what do you Fountain pen, barely any I’d say in terms of bleed through? You could actually use a fountain pen with this, but I feel like the feathering is just a wee bit too much to use a fountain pen unless you don’t mind feathering I’m not crazy about it. But if you don’t mind fathering, you could use a fountain pen, but I mean it’s just a tad too much my opinion.

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So, let’s go all the way at the end, as I said, 178 pages total, but you have yeah 160 pages for note-taking right there and then you have the in the back of index page and you have that for every single page you can write the subject Down and the date you recorded it, so I think this is really nice to keep an overview back here of all you know it’s page by page, so you’re not going to run out of a table of content or an index page. I think that’s really great idea and then one little note section on the back here mission statement.

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That was that notebook, and it has also just really nice texture to it, and you can see there’s the logo in the back and print it in gold, and it also has it here on top and my goes logo. So I think that’s really nice. It’s pretty nice texture to it.

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Tthe last guy little guy I’ll show you is this notebook call. It gets done. It’s black, also, nice little texture to it. It’s different because It’S just a cardboard cover right there typical call it Calle i guess, and it’s made to help you get shit done so just sit in there, so I really like that. I think it’s really cool idea. 

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It is an a6, which means the dimensions are 4.1 by 5.8 inches or 10.5 by 14.8 centimeters and it is 48 pages, and this notebook has 80 gram paper, whereas the other ones have 100 gram. It’s stitched and you can see it’s white stitching, rounded, edges, reflexive, of course.

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Alright a little bit inspirational thing here on the front page, you can write your name the day. You started that you finished and again explains you how to use this, which I find really helpful and inspirational. So you can write down. Ideally, to do is how to match the you know things you have to do that a prioritize and then it can create project based notes in here,

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Then you always have a one section, one page for notes. They can put the date and then the subject again in the date, and then you can write you to do this here and then you can check them off right there and it says, get done at the bottom here in every page. That’s kind of inspirational!

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Here’s a little writing sample pencil, ballpoint pen, 0.4, millimetre gel pen 0.7 on your gel pen in the end Pilot Metropolitan Medioum Diamine Marine Ink and again, there’s quite a bit of feathering here, as you can see, he’s pulled it too much, in my opinion.

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There’s a wee bit of ghosting and then a little bit of bleach room worth default and pen right there. So it’s not too bad, but it’s as I said it’s not as much to bleed through as it is the feathering that makes it not really usable with a fountain pen and then the back here it says Michaels.

Mi Goals Notebook Review 13 37 screenshot

So I really like this little notebook. I think it’s kind buying, you know when you have a lot of stuff to do, and you just you know, want to like write in on the page and just check it all off, and I also think that this would make a great insert for it. Travels notebook style notebook. If you have a standard, you know leather cover, that’s an a6. You can use this one easily, so I think it’s great for that too.

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Overall, I’m really really liking these notebooks. They feel like really good quality, especially, I think this one’s my favorite when I flipped through it. I found it really motivating, and I think I want to try this for 2017 and sit down. You know this week at stand of the year and you know plan out my year and – and you know think about what I want to accomplish in 2017, and I like the structure in hand and how to keep track of you goals and having all this inspirational Quotes there, so I got really really motivated and inspired when I flipped through this notebook. So I think this is my absolute favorite here.

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Little things I would change very personal things, the overhang a little bit I like, when the paper lines up with the cover a little bit more. It’s that’s a bet on this one, but more on that one. So I would change that and then, if it would come with fountain pen friendly paper, that would be great because the paper feels really like good quality, just not fountain, pen friendly and stick fake. It feels like you know: it’s not gonna fall apart on you. Just as I said too much feathering for my tastes can’t really use it with fountain pens, but other than that, I’m really liking. This I like what the company stands for, and I’m excited to give especially this one, a try and this little guy to privately and , see what I can accomplish.


Alright. Thank you so much for reading. If you have enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up for more entires subscribe to my blog and if any questions leave me a comment thanks.

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