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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the Goal Crazy planner.

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So this is a 90-day, undated planner. That is supposed to help. You reach your goals and it is an A5 planner roughly, so the dimensions are 5.6 inches by eight point, three inches or fourteen point. Five by 21 centimeters, alright.

 Goal Crazy Planner Review 0 21 screenshot It comes with an elastic strap as you can see, and it is seems – pretty adorable strap right there and with three bookmarks, and it also has a pocket in the back check this out. I’ll show you this later.

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Let’s take up the sleeve here, so it’s a leather right cover, as you can see a nice another texture to it, and it has rounded edges and what I like about this notebook is that the paper almost lines up with the cover. I think that’s really nice. It makes it look a little bit more classy In my opinion

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Here we have go crazy – the company name embossed on the cover. Actually, I wish that was on the back of the notebook and not here in the front, so it would look even cleaner and classier. It is fairly thick accounted around 320 pages, so slightly thicker than the standard notebook, and it has quite a bit of weight to it and, as I said, this is designed to help you reach your specific goals that you set for yourself. So, let’s dive into it.

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It has ivory colored paper and paper quality. I mean the thickness is around 100 GSM. So it’s nice paper slightly thicker. This really nice paper to feel smooth to the touch and I’ll show you the writing sample in a bit. So how this works is that in the beginning, you take stock of your life and see where you’re at and it has great instructions here and if you’re kind of confused on how to use it, there’s also extensive videos online and show you really how to use

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This plan and get the most out of it, so it’s really thought through. So you look at my accomplishments. What I tend to do it didn’t benefits of what whatever you can figure that out in your own. I guess what’s holding me back. My learning experience is, how does it matter.

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Then you do it Wheel of Life type of exercise. I go through all the different sections in your life in the different areas like health, family, social, financial care, educational, fun and spirituality, and you take stock of what’s great going on in their life. And how well are you doing, and then you put this all in this Weedle right here, so you really get clear on where you at right now.

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Then it goes on to my dream list and then you set goals for yourself and what you’d like to Accomplish – and it also shows you always with examples – how to form your goals and enjoy long term goals ten-year five-year and then all you goes and the different areas of your life and then more goals, your most impactful   goal. So that’s like, I guess the goal you focus on the most and then what planningGoal Crazy Planner Review 3 28 screenshot

The Part Two is the actual planner and again it shows exactly how to use it. So I think that’s really helpful and then you have a monthly overview again. It shows you how to use the monthly overview, and then you do a reflection at the end of each month. How well you did and what you actually accomplished.

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Then you plan your week. So here’s how this works. You plenty of week first and gave two different sections again of your life, where you set goals for the week and then you put your actual goals in the columns here for each day.

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You have your daily page here in the morning. You again remind yourself what you want to which goal you want to reach what you grateful for affirmations, your number-one goal for the day and then what’s important like your to-do list, and then here you have like for the day, because this platter actually does not have like a timeline with set times where you fill in what you have to do, but you can do this yourself as it shows you right there, so there’s a little more flexibility in planning your day and then at the end of each day, you review your day and then again positive sentence: your accomplishments best moments from the day, new ideas and then notes from the day and how I will improve tomorrow.

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There’s also a habit tracker and there’s these cards. You have three of these cards one for each month.

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Then you can line up ten habits that you would like to do every day and then on the side here of every day, you kind of mark, if you hit all your daily habits and then you Give yourself a percentage on you know if how many of those who did so, if you did seven out of ten, you get seven percent.

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It starts here with month, one he goes of the month and then notes and then end of the Month, reflection and then again for a month to your goals and then you have a monthly overview, which I skipped in the first month. So we have that for every month to get a monthly overview or it can really put any most important things for the month. Because it goes from Monday through Friday year and then, since it’s undated the whole planner you have to put in the dates yourself right, there again steps towards your goals, and so you always stay on track and what you have to do.

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Month three. It’s like the last month again since it is this three month planner and then your starts now with week. One just see the weekly overview and then it says Monday, so it does give you the days of the week up here, just not which days you puts it in yourself. So it’s Monday in the morning you plan out your day and then evening you reviewed a and then here you put all these habits and then use this says as a bookmark, and it has three bookmarks and it even tells you where they put these bookmarks in The notebook, so you can access the most important things that you have to know and to keep you on track. You put your habits in there

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On and on it goes for like equine week two and then it is, as I said for three months here, just keeps repeating itself and here’s week 12 and then it’s 13 weeks. So here somewhere is two last week and then you can order a new planner and then the last few pages here are just four notes.nLet me show you the writing sample here. Here we have the pencil, the ballpoint pen, the zero point. Four millimeter gel pen, the zero point, seven to the millimeter gel pen and then who have palette metropolitan diamond marine ink Jerry’s, just a wee bit of feathering here with the pen, but not too bad.

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And then we page, you have some ghosting, it’s mostly with the fountain pen here and then the Tom can almost wanted to believe through, but it didn’t so. I definitely recommend a fine nib with this planner. If you want to use a fountain pen, I think with broader names, to make it simply through here and a lot more ghosting


At the end of it, and then you have a pocket in the back. I can get it so yeah.

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That’s the planner, so my two cents on it. I think it’s really well thought through there’s a lot of details. You can really take stock on. What’S going on any life, it seems like it’s. A nice quality planet should hold up okay with use. Time will tell. I’ve tried planning like this before and I I personally couldn’t stick with it. I tried the best self planet similar to this, but this planner is actually more affordable, so it might be a good alternative to that planner. So but it was just too much for me to just keepdoing it every day and I just kind of like I just I couldn’t stick to it, but I want to give this another try, especially with the new year coming and see if I can make it work this time and actually do it

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Personally, my thoughts are ten habits to keep every day a lot, and I don’t think I personally think that’s just too much. I like one or two habits to implement every day. I think is enough. I mean you could do small stuff like make your bed and floss your teeth. So you have small successes there, but I feel like if you try it ten big things every day might not be able to keep with it and then you might get frustrated pretty quickly, but that’s just my personal thoughts,    

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I’ll think it’s it’s a Great product well thought through I’d, have to give it another try see if it works to me. If you like, a really structured life and you’d like to plan daily, then this is really probably going to work for you. I personally like more of a weekly overview with everything I have to do, but they said it everyone’s different and but I will give this another shot.

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If you’ve any questions, please feel free to leave. Me comment. One more note: notebook entries subscribe to my Blog if you’ve enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up, and thank you so much for reading.

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