Dingbats Earth Collection Review – BULLET JOURNAL

Hello everyone today, I’m gon na, do a review of this notebook made by the company Dingbats.

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So this is part of their earth collection and they just came out with these notebooks in several different colors. This one is the orange or tangerine one. It’s called the Serengeti journal as you can see, that’s a little image. This is Serengeti debossed on the cover.

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It’s really nice and then here it says Dingbats in the back. That’s the cover right here and it has a really nice leather texture to it. It is an eco-friendly notebook, which is means it’s completely degradable. This cover is also biodegradable, which I really appreciate and like so, but still has a very nice a lot of texture. You can see that almost makes it look like real leather.

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It has elastic strap. That’S thick and sturdy, as you can see, and it’s seen see it’s quite tight. Actually it doesn’t pop down too much and it comes also with a pen. Loop I’ll show you this right here it holds a fountain pen perfectly. It’S not too tight, not too loose. As you can see right there, it doesn’t come out at all when I shake it. So that’s a really nice pen, loop, you can see holds it in place perfectly.

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The notebook is an A5, which means the dimensions are 6.3 by 8.5 inches or sixteen by twenty one point: five centimeters.

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I said it’s a hardcover right there ,it’s pretty sturdy doesn’t really have any give at all. As you can see, rounded edges right there and we’re hanging with the paper is about one or two millimeters there’s a little bit of overhang, but it’s it’s not too bad. I would prefer it when the paper actually lines up with the cover, but it’s not too bad here with the overhang.

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So let’s open it up and it is a bullet journal, and here on the first page, you have some information on the Serengeti National Park to be interested in learning more about it, it explains it right there

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Here we have second cover page some animals right there, and here you can put a new name and you information, and then it opens up so here it. This is the bullet round part and explains to you how to use it, how you can trade, your own key, you can color your tabs and I’ll show you in a minute and how to mark your pages and how to make your own keys in this journal. So here you have the tab key for what all your tabs

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What I’ve never seen before. What does journal has here. It has this markings on every single page at the camera picks this up these round markings that you can color code with different colors. You can  see right there, every page has it right there, so you could, for example, be like this is all your to do is right here and B might be red, and then this is reminders might be green and then appointments might be yellow, and then it shows you what it is and you can easily find it when You flip through the pages, which is a really cool idea and, as I said, I’ve never seen this before, and I really like that idea.

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Then here you have again the color key for what all the different tabs could pause. If they’re mean to you and then it says here, dingbat key or you can also put all journal style.

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Here you have the index page with came right down the pages and a description of what’s in there for all of you bullet journal. I’m sure this is all familiar to you if three pages of an index. Here you have the future log, it says there right there future log, those two pages of that and then it goes into actually does sceners another double page of it, and then It goes into the regular dotted paper and you have a hundred and eighty-five pages that are numbered and the total is 192 and so, and I also like how they number their pages, i’ve never seen this before either right there, it’s pretty cool in my opinion and it’s easier to read.

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The paper is outstanding quality. It is cream-colored, it is coated which makes it super smooth, it’s a 100GSM, So it’s nice and thick. It’s excellent for fountain pens and, as I said, a really rare press with the paper quality and for me the best paper that I know is Rodya and clear front end paper, which is excellent for fountain pens, and this is really up there with rodeo and Claire From ten, so, if you’re really looking for excellent paper quality – and you write a lot with fountain pens, I highly recommend this notebook. It is really really excellent and that whole quality of it is fantastic, i’m really impressed with how well this notebook is made, like everything is really tight and sturdy. There’s no flaws at all that I’ve seen so. This said great great quality notebook.

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It has two bookmarks on black one and a red one, that’s our orange one and also, as you can see, really nice bookmarks, they did not cheap an out on this notebook,

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Here is my writing sample. So here you have the pencil ballpoint pen, zero point formula where gel pen, zero point, seven millimeter gel pen and then here at the pallet Metropolitan Diamine marine ink. And you see it is absolutely no feathering and it creates some little shading from top to bottom. When you ride with a fountain pen really trying to page around.

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There is hardly any ghosting and there’s absolutely no bleed through whatsoever with the fountain pen. So, as I said, excellent ex cellent paper quality.

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Here in the back. Even though the cover page and cute little animals on there, and then you have a little bit of information about theme, bats and all the other notebooks that they offer right there, and then you have a nice pocket in the back as well, It’s really nice as well, see right there, nice and sturdy too.

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The whole notebook opens completely flat, which I love as well and there’s always a big plusf for me.

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I hate notebooks that don’t open at all so see you can create a very even writing. Surface and it lies perfectly flat, so I think I’ve told you about all the features that this notebook offers. The paper is acid-free, so this archival quality. As I said, it’s eco friendly, it’s completely biodegradable a huge plus, in my opinion, I like that this company is conscious of the environment, and I really like this idea with those little tabs here that you can mark so can find you notes more easily a really great idea overall, really nice notebook.

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As I said, it comes in different colors if you’re interested, I’m gon na, put a link in the description feel free to check it out. I think the price is very reasonable for such a great quality notebook really really good paper and yeah. Those were my two cents on the dingbats earth. Collection is Serengeti. Notebook. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me comment. If you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up and for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog. Thank you so much for reading.

A5 6.3 x 8.5 inches; 16 x 21.5 cm;
100 gsm cream colored paper



Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own. Amazon link is an affiliate link


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