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Hello, everyone today I’m doing a review on this notebook. It is made by the company Appointed and it is called the Workbook. So let’s check it out. I’m gonna take off the sleeve real, quick.

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Alright, there we go so the dimensions on this are. Let me see that is a 6.5 by 8.5 inches or 16.5 by 21.5 centimeters and it’s just slightly larger than standard a5. As you can see, that is wire bound.

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It is copper wire and it matches the logo beautifully. You can see, it says, Appointed right. There it has this nice texture to the cover. It’s feels like this cloth texture, it is slightly grainy and then the edges here are slightly rounded, which i think is nice. But then, interestingly enough, the paper is not it’s totally square and pointy.

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Then on the back. It says American made in Washington DC. So it is a locally produced notebook in the US or thumb high quality components to it.

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It has 75 pages and it’s actually 75 sheets, which would make it 150 pages. But I guess the company counts every sheet as a page which makes it 75 and when you open it up, it is this one’s aligned, one it’s also available in graph and in blank and it’s a 7 millimeter ruling and it is crisp white paper. I couldn’t find the GSM on the paper on the website, but my guess is around maybe around 90. So it’s nice thick paper. I feel smooth the very slight tooth to it, but barely at all, and if the camera picks this up a little bit.

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Here on the side, it says date, so you can date every page and every pages also micro perforate it right there as you can see.

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What’s interesting is that every front of the page is lined and then every back of the page, it’s just blanks. So you could use the front for writing and then the back here for some sketches and drawings or just you know, use one side of the paper and not the back side i guess. 

Appointed Workbook Review 2 28 screenshot 1

Let’s check out the writing sample. So here we have a pencil, a ballpoint pen, a 4 millimeter of gel pen, a 7 millimeter gel gel pen, and then there fountain pen Pilot Metropolitan Diamine Marine ink Medium and it handles everything really well, except for the fountain pen. It soaks up a lot of ink, so I was very absorbent paper and it feathers quite a bit as you can see right there.

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In the back there’s some ghosting with pretty much all the pens and then there’s breakthrough worth the fountain pen. So I don’t think this paper is very found, pen friendly, which is a little bit disappointing, because it feels like a really nice paper quality, so I was expecting it to have a fountain pens a little bit better.Appointed Workbook Review 3 41 screenshot


There’s also  a pocket on the back I’ll show you real, quick there. It is, and I really like this pocket – it’s not a huge pocket, but if you want to tear out a page and then put it back here totally do that or like a smaller business card or something.

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I think that’s pretty much it for this notebook. One thing I’d probably change is since the front cover is rounded. I would try to round out the inside paper as well, especially since it  hangs over a little bit because of that, so you can see right there, hopefully, okay, my focuses there we go.

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It is also not a fountain pen friendly notebooks. I would not recommend I’m using a fountain pen in this, but I think it is a really nice looking notebook, especially if you like spiral-bound notebooks, and you work more of an upscale scale environment or you want to look really professional. I think this makes a beautiful work notebook for that purpose.

Appointed Workbook Review 4 41 screenshot

That’s pretty much it on the Sorkbook by the company Appointed. Thank you so much for reading. If any questions just leave me a comment below and from a notebook entry subscribe to my blog. Thank you.

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