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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a quick video on the durability of this notebook. It’s a traveler’s notebook made by the company 7felicity, and some of you guys wrote me that you really enjoy videos where I show you notebooks after I’m done using them and tell you how to held up for overtime. So this video is one of them.


It took me about four months to fill up this notebook and I used the three refills that are inserts that are in this notebook, and then it was a fourth one, and I also used – and it’s in there now And I must say, I’m really impressed with the quality of this journal. It has held up extremely well and I did not baby this. I took this on trips with me and I just you know I was in bags, got tossed around and backpacks and so on. So it’s a great quality product and I’m not getting paid by this company at all. So this is really my honest opinion.


Let’s check it out, so you see the closure, it looks still really really good and then here we tuck it in. It was like some minor minor frame, it’s nothing really, and then you see the extra leather still looks almost brand new, so it has held up extremely well.


I also love is that the color didn’t come off too snug book at all cuz. I have had notebooks leather notebooks were the colored stained other stuff and I kind of couldn’t like put them in my bags anymore, because there was mess of my other things that were in my bag, but this one does not lose any color whatsoever.


So I’m really happy with that and here’s the pocket sized pouch. As you can see, it’s still in great condition. I didn’t use it a ton, but I put some stuff in there and it still works. You can still open it close it that works just fine.


you can see all the inserts look pretty good still and I like the paper quality as well as pretty good paper quality. So is how that and I was really happy with the paper itself.


Then you see here, the elastic straps that hold these notebooks together. They’re still super tight, and when you look at those notebooks, they  don’t really move around much. I’ve had other travels notebooks that are a lot looser and they’re just like fall around in there, but these are really tight and then here you can see the elastic so really tight here. It holds me place really nicely and then bookmark as well looks great still a little kompis, a really really nice touch.


So overall, I’m very impressed. You can see there’s a little bit of discoloration. It’s kinda like where it lies on like surfaces like the colour comes off, but it looks really great still it’s like really the only thing we can see some wear and tear on this and that it looks great.


So this little brass clip right. There looks like a new as well so yeah that was my quick video on the durability of the small book. I was really happy with it. I would definitely recommend it.


The only reason why I don’t use travels notebooks Morris because when he tried to ride in them they don’t really stay open a flat. And then you can’t really access your notes as easily and sometimes tries to me nuts with these type of notebooks.


But I love to look in the feel of them and that you can reuse them over and over again, as said, took me about four months to fill it up, but I feel like if he uses for a couple of years it will still hold up really Well, so far, it’s been doing great anyways. If you have any questions, feel free to leave. Me comment for a normal Moore notebook videos subscribe to my channel if you’ve enjoyed the video whoops, give it a thumbs up and thank you so much for watching.

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