Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 2

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Hello everyone welcome to part 2 of my Rossy 1931 notebook review. So, as I mentioned, the previous video of these notebooks are all made in Italy by a family-owned company in Florence and they’ve been in business since 1931, Hence the name anyways, let’s get started.

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So this is, I guess, considered their classic notebook line. The action notebooks don’t really have a name to just have order numbers which I would I’ll, let you know so. You know which one we get in case you’re interested in one of them, so the first one we have here. This is a little guy, it’s an a7 and it’s called NBL09h, and I will put this in the description below so you know which one it is, and it has this nice classic design of cardboard cover here. You can see.

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I like that the cover actually has a texture to it. I’m not sure if the camera picks us up there you go. I think you can see them inside to look at it. Nice little texture, rounded edges here.

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It has. It is 2.9 by 4.1 inches or 7.5 by 10.5 centimeters. As I said, it is an a7 rounded edges and it has 96 blank sheets which makes it a 192 pages.

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So, as you can see, it is stitched and bound and see right there and it does not lie flat, so you might be able to make it lie flat. If you break the spine, I think that’s possible just break into it, but you can see it just just closed it right up on you. So I didn’t do a writing sample this one because i gonna show in a second his exact same paper. I said this one’s the mp7. So now.

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Let’s look at the a6, this one’s the NB to 11g and the dimensions in that one are 4.1 by 5.9 inches or 10-5 by 15, centimeters,  an a6 and again 96 sheets or 192 pages. And this one is ruled – and this is because a six millimeter ruling right here – it’s dark gray, as you can see right there and again rounded edges here, and it has sit in a nice little classic design of the cover. It’s like a cardboard cover again with this texture to it and then cream-colored off wide paper.

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Here’s my writing sample. I didn’t let the fountain pen dry enough, so there you go anyways here. You can see points bound right there and then there is a margin around the edges. Here with the lines you can see, dark grey lines and they said

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So here we have a pencil ballpoint pen here. Put formerly a gel pen was a 0.7 millimeter gel pen and here’s a Pilot Metropolitan Diamine Marine Ink and there’s quite fountain pen Friendly’s. It’s a nice writing experience. There’s no feathering.

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In the back there’s some ghosting. You can see there’s a little bit of a little stains and markings from the printer lines, but I think this is pretty much the only patient. The turnip Lafitte has this little thing right here. So, as you can see, there’s ghosting but no bleed through. So this is really fountain pen friendly paper, so you see there. Rest of the paper looks really clean. It’s just that one page. I wanted to show you a little bit. production error i guess, and so this is the a6 and of course softcover since it’s only cardboard cover.

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Then we have this notebook is, as you call a fashionable fashion, notebook it’s wire bound. The number of that one is NB. 005 C I get, I think, I can’t really say what this color is looks like a light brown almost like pinkish Brown, the wiring spirals

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The dimensions in this one, it’s an 85, so it is 5 9 by 8.3 inches or 15 by 21 centimeters, and it has a elastic. Strap else is like this grayish beige brown cream-colored. I can’t really say what this is, elastic strap go through the back here, so this is the front there’s some design of shoes and then in the back you can see there the elastic strap goes in and then it’s the back design.

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Let’s open it up. It has square edges here and so that’s the paper lines up nicely. We open it up. It has this flap here on the inside. I think it’s kind of nice because you could just put a piece of paper in here and then close it, and I want to keep it in place more so than just you know not having this there and there’s a cover page right here and in the Back of the cover page is blank, and then again this flap right here, which makes it great for writing because it protects those little metal cloths and holds a less elastic in place so because of half that there. You won’t feel this really when you’re riding on it, so that was big smart move ago and then

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It’s line paper again. This looks like a orange, a brown color the lines right there there’s a margin all around, so I can see.

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Here’s my writing sample again. Pencil ballpoint pen here about four millimeter gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen and then the fountain pen Pilot metropolitan medium Diamine Marine Ink smudged a little right there. It was my fault.

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Then around and there’s some ghosting, but no playthrough. So this is great paper interest fairly smooth too. So I like how this feels pretty smooth paper. It’s nice writing experience and this every millimeter ruling. This one has 64 sheets or 828 pages, and it is also flexible. It’s almost different for the dresses over in right there on the inside anyways. So this is, I guess I could call the fashion notebook have a lot of different designs. So if you interested check out their website.

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The last one here cause the music notebook, it’s also an a5 and the name of this one of the numbers NB V20 B; I’ll put in the description, as I said so again, a 5. It is 5.9 by 8.3 inches or 15 by 21 centimeters.

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It is stitched and bound, and this one has 64 sheets or 128 pages, and it has this dark, blue or black.,it’s almost looks like black to me, but I think this as well on their website, but it to me it’s actually black elastic, strap that feels pretty sturdy. Nice quality, here’s an seat in the back and then is it a hardcover notebook. So this doesn’t really give much at all. You can see, there’s the spine, so hardcover notebook, it’s a cover page again.

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It has that same brownish, slightly orange e, seven millimeter ring to it and a margin all around here and then score it edges. Let’S find the writing sample it’s again. All of the paper is eco-friendly, so there it is, as I said, the stitching bound.

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We have the pencil and then the ballpoint pen, 0.4 Ml gel pens, 0.7 millimeter jump in and then again to pilot metropolitam. Fountain pen, medium diamine marine ink there’s, no, no, it’s like Ted of feathering, but not really feathering. It’s just big sprites out just a tad. I can see this fairly at all, so it is also quite fountain, pen friendly.

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Then in the back you see there’s some ghosting but again no bleacher. This is great paper. Great Italian paper super fountain pen friendly and it’s super affordable, so these notebooks are quite affordable. That’s why I like them a lot and they have so many different options and designs on their website.

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I think that was it. Let me double check. Oh yeah there’s just slight overhang between the cover and the paper. It’S maybe two millimeters not too bad and lie somewhat flat. You might have to break into it to make it blow really flat, so it doesn’t lie completely flat right out of the gate, but there’s some Frankie end of it. I should be able to. That’s it and there are slight impurities in the paper here and there, but it’s not too bad. I guess it’s because you speak your friendly paper. I can see it every once in a while. Go up here and there and the paper, but it’s it’s not bad at all. So that’s the only thing I notice in this is it off. I did see slit between off-white and cream-colored paper.

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So that was my review of the Rossi 1931 notebooks. If you have any questions that you may comment below – and I think this is a great company and they’re really awesome notebooks and I enjoy that they have so many different designs and options. So if you want a little bit more of a unique journal, not just you know the plain black ones just check out their website . Well, if you’ve enjoyed this entry, please get a thumbs up for more notebook entires subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.

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