Rocketbook Wave Review


Rocketbook Wave Reusable Notebook
8.5 x 9.5 inches; 21 x 24 cm; 80 pages
dot grid; acid free paper;


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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the Rocketbook Wave . So this is a very interesting concept. It is a reusable notebook where you can actually put the notebook in the microwave and erase everything that you’ve written and get started.

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Let me show you the packaging that it comes in. It comes really futuristic, looking bag, so the cool concept right there. It comes with a pen included and then in the back. It shows you instructions on how to erase stuff in the microwave, and I tried it out, it works, but I will show you exactly what result looks like in a minute.  So it is a spiral bound notebook.

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The dimensions are 8.5 by 9.5 inches and it has a Cardboard cover that is coated and it shows much as quite easily. So that’s just my fingers, I don’t have any kids. So that’s not any kids sticky finger statuses from regularly use. It gets pretty slushy pretty quickly. So how does this coated carpor,  So it is a little bit more resistant to now you step.

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The edges are pointy and then the spiral you can. Actually, I discover them an accident. You can actually open them up right there. So inside the notebook shows how it’s all part of me go in here. You can open up the spirals and take out a sheet of paper if you want to and then put together, which I just think it’s kind of neat and the flip fraught.

Rocketbook Wave Review 3 26 screenshot

It has it wave logo on here and when you microwave it. This little symbol here will go in and it will tell you that the notebook is ready for reuse and you put like a mug right there awith water. So it will erase the the steam will erase the the pen. This is what the back looks like again.

Rocketbook Wave Review 1 6 screenshot

Let’s open it up, thi cardboard cover, RocketBook Wave  right there and then every page has a QR code. You can read with the app and then here you can mark where you want this particular page to go when you scan the page with your phone or iPad or tablet, and you can assign to whatever you want, you can I assign that this to a Dropbox or Evernote, Google, Docs or just your email address, and then the Rocketbook app will send it to wherever you want it to go, so it will connect with the other apps.

Rocketbook Wave Review 1 53 screenshot

It is  5 millimeter dots if they turn Into bigger squares, so I don’t think I’ve seen it quite like this before so it’s quite interesting . We just thought some owners larger squares, and then here I tried the the pen and the drill heart and a crappy little flower right there and then after erase it this is what’s left over. So it doesn’t completely erase everything there will be some ghosting left and then I said I wrote custom your waves. I can still see don’t know if the camera picks this up or not. So you will have some residue or some imprints from the previous views. One should delete everything.

Rocketbook Wave Review 3 10 screenshot

It comes with a pen. It’s a pilot, FriXion pen. You cannot buy these separate in different colors, it’s the one that comes with a blue one, 0.5 millimeter pen and the ballpoint pen gel pen.

Rocketbook Wave Review 4 25 screenshot

I think it’s an erasable pen, so you can actually go right here and, as you can see there you go actually race will be written. Something is pretty cool , so it looks like. But then  you always have a little bit of a like residue imprint. Ghosting of whatever it was that you raised and again, if whatever was there before after you microwave notebook.

Rocketbook Wave Review 5 3 screenshot

The paper is quite thick, so which i think is great, but as you can only use these pens that don’t seem to have a lot of things, they take to the actual paper, it does use a fetus sleep, but I think it’s that thick, because when you microwave it you use water and steam. So that way the book doesn’t deintegrate, and actually it does do its name up just because it does get wavy after you microwave it the first time, maybe that’s what caught the wave.

Rocketbook Wave Review 3 51 screenshot

Great purpose from the moisture in the notebook it’s gotten better since i trye this Yesterday. But still, the paper will not be perfectly flat anymore, i’ll have slight waviness to it. So if there’s something that  would bother you just definitely worth considering.

Rocketbook Wave Review 5 16 screenshot

It has 80 pages that are numbered all 40 sheets. You can see down here now and I think it’s about. I don’t I didn’t in the website how thick the paper is, but my guess is around 120 gram or so.

Rocketbook Wave Review 6 25 screenshot

So I think that’s pretty much it. I think explain to you how it works. As I said, you can use their app with this notebook. The app is free, scan your notes, digitalize them and put them in your Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive whatever you want to put this in, which is great, not tied to one app, but the concepts not flawless. Yet, as I said, you will have ghosting after you put it in the microwave.

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I think it’s interesting gimmick to play with. I personally like to keep my notes forever so, but I think it’s something worth considering, especially if you you know want to do good for the environment and keep your reusing, your notebook and not just throw in the trash every time you filled it up. And the form is quite nice, so it’s little bit bigger great for drawing or sketching, and you know outlining concepts and stuff. So this is my review of the rocket book wave. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me comment for more Notebook entries subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.


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