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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the writer’s block, notebooks that were sent to me by the company kick girl, and  so let’s go check them out.


So those notebooks are available in two sizes, those are the pocket, notebooks and then the large ones, and they are available as a softcover and as a hardcover, notebook and they’re also available as a plain notebook and as a rule notebook.

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So let’s check out the large ones first, all those notebooks have 192 pages. As I said, either planed plain or ruled pages, so this is, how comes it actually comes Frank, wrapped, and has this right there says writer’s block, New York and interesting thing. Is the size actually fits an iPad Mini inside.

Writersblok Notebook Review 0 53 screenshot 1

This is what it looks like in the back. I have the Writersblok emblem emboss right here, and it comes with an elastic strap right there. There are some minor minor imprints right there right there from the strap, but nothing major it all just just very faintly. Not too bad at all.

Writersblok Notebook Review 1 1 screenshot

Let’s take this off right here and the first thing that I’ve noticed is how incredibly soft and smooth this cover feels. So this is the soft cover you can see, it’s pretty pretty flexible and it feels incredibly smooth. It’s just so n ice in your hands to hold same with the hardcover also very smooth, and this is actually special cover. It is a mix of leather and plastic polymers and it’s called bonded leather and it actually has a really faint leather smell to it. So I’m actually i’m really loving this cover.

Writersblok Notebook Review 1 36 screenshot

It has again writer’s block right there when you open it up and then the cover sheet right there. He can write your information if you want on a camera, picks it up, there’s a few lines right there, and then it has 192 pages, all the notebooks, even on Pocket, notebooks have 192 pages and the line ones have six millimeter ruling, and I like blinds right Here, they’re not too pronounced and not to faint, just just just enough to see, but without differe earring the writing experience. I don’t know how well the camera picks these up. I hope you can see the lines.

Writersblok Notebook Review 2 40 screenshot

The paper is slightly off-white. I’d say it’s not creamy beige yet, but slightly off-white and also interesting enough. The last 16 pages are perforated and actually blank and they’re those half perforated sheets, you can see right there. Compare those and tear them out fill any notes on the go that you want to share with friends or something or that you don’t want. You know in there or give it to somebody.

Writersblok Notebook Review 3 2 screenshot

Then there is a pocket on the back. All the notebooks up pockets in the back and yeah you’ve seen the back already and they’re all stitched and bound, and they do lie pretty flat and they all come. Also with a bookmark or a page marker right there and it’s quite nice, it’s a shimmery black page marker – and here you can see the stitching of the notebook and I did a little writing sample. Let me show you how it lies flat first, so it does like pretty flat.

Writersblok Notebook Review 3 51 screenshot

This is my writing sample. Here you have the pencil right there, then the ballpoint pen, the gel pen, you can see and the fountain pen and then performs pretty well with all of them except the fountain pen there is feathering there, so it’s quite a bit of feathering on the fountain pen. That’s the pilot metropolitan diamine Marine ink medium nib. 

Writersblok Notebook Review 3 54 screenshot

Let’s check out the back . There is some ghosting quite a bit of ghosting and then there is not really any bleed through with the fountain pen, which I can’t really see this with the camera pick. It up so it’s okay in terms of bleed through I’d, say with the fountain pen, but the feathering is a little bit annoying, so it is around 80 grand paper, i’v been told, so it’s a little bit thicker than milk and paper.

Writersblok Notebook Review 4 32 screenshot

So this is the softcover notebook, as you can see, it’s pretty flexible and it’s as I said, it fits the iPad inside  the iPad Mini. So let’s try this out real, quick and I guess, if you take off the cover of the iPad, I you could fit it in here and then just carry it around the feet and your notebook if you wanted to – and that makes this notebook unique so dimensions. It’s a couple millimeters wider, but then in a5 notebook.

Writersblok Notebook Review 5 21 screenshot

The dimensions are, let me see where hold on. There are like 8 8 and a 1/4 inches by six inches or 21 centimeters by 15 centimeters. So those are the dimensions slightly just a tad wider than in a 5 notebook .

Writersblok Notebook Review 5 54 screenshot

Let’s check out the hardcover. It is essentially the same notebook just hard. Obviously – and there is a bit of overhang right there with the paper same with the adjust a millimeter to with the soft cover as well – it’s not so bad because I like, when the paper actually lines up with the cover, so that that’s actually nicely done with this notebook and the edges around it, which I personally also prefer this is pretty sturdy, so it can’t bend this at all.

Writersblok Notebook Review 6 16 screenshot

You open it up interesting enough. There’s some minor production error right there, but nothing bad at all . This one does not have lines right here in the cover page, like the ruled one, so I was minor difference and again, 192 pages and the last 16 pages out of those have perforated ones and again pocket in the back, and it comes with this little information Right there and also did a writing sample on the plain one and a plain paper, and it performed pretty much the same as two lined notebook, some ghosting and the back, but not really any way through, maybe like a little right, not not mazing it also. He could use a fountain pen in this large notebook. If you don’t mind a feathering, that’s the only downside.

Writersblok Notebook Review 7 24 screenshot

Let’s check out the pocket notebooks also their size is quite unique. At 50 i phone 6 in there . I have an iPhone 6 here. So I I’ll show you a quick. This is what it would look like again. You probably have to take out the iPhone how the protective cover to make it fit even nicer, but this is what it would look like. I’m  not sure how this would fit in a hardcover, since the cover wouldn’t be flexible.

Writersblok Notebook Review 7 57 screenshot

I tried this with my iPad on the let’s try this . That does not really work that well, so if you would want to carry around your I’d iPhone or your iPad Mini and one of these notebooks, I would recommend that you get these softcover one for that .

Writersblok Notebook Review 8 20 screenshot

So this is the pocket Size and dimensions are 5.8 inches by 3.25 inches or 15 centimeters by 8.5 centimeters, so it is narrower and taller than like a standard moleskin. 

Writersblok Notebook Review 8 47 screenshot

So again it comes like this shrink-wrap ped. When you buy it, then it has a sleeve on it with the information – and this, as I said also has 192 pages, is available playing paper or paper. The information right there cover in the back and again elastic strap again. This cover also feels really really smooth and soft and then just a millimeter, overhang, they’re, rounded edges and also did a writing sample.

Writersblok Notebook Review 9 14 screenshot

With this bookmark and yeah pencil, ballpoint pen, gel pen and the fountain thing – and here I actually had quite a bit of bleed through interest interesting enough so, I don’t know why this paper did not perform as well, because it was supposed to be the same Paper as in the large ones.

Writersblok Notebook Review 9 34 screenshot

This one also does not lie super flat, so maybe, if you break into it after a while, I might get better, but as of now it doesn’t really like open. I mean, if does like flat, if you press it down hard, but it it doesn’t like open on its own.

Writersblok Notebook Review 10 5 screenshot

So that’s a little bit of a downside. You might have to work on that a little bit. So I think this is a great format. If you want to carry it around in your pocket, because since it is narrower, my you know fit easier in your back pocket or in your you know, your shirt pocket, then a wider notebook wouldn’t. So I guess that is a little bit of an advantage right here.

Writersblok Notebook Review 7 6 screenshot

Overall, I really like those notebooks. What’s great about them is aside from the cover, is the price, the large one, only costs 13 bucks and the pocket one costs 10 bucks. So that’s quite a few dollars cheaper than something like a moleskin or even an Leuchtturm would cost. So I would recommend those notebooks if you are not a fountain pen user. I hope maybe they can fix the issue with the paper and the feathering. That would be fantastic if you could actually write nicely with a fountain pen in those, because the price is really really great Oo those and as I said, I am in love with the cover, and I wish other note book makers would take note in those.

Writersblok Notebook Review 10 55 screenshot

That was my review on the writer’s block. Notebooks. If you have any questions, leave me a comment: if you’ve enjoyed this review, please give it a thumbs up for more information check out the box down below and for more entries subscribe to my blog. Thank you so much for reading

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