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Hello, everyone today, i’m doing a review of victorious journals. So one of my subscribers brought this company to my attention. Thank you so much for that. So i reached out to them and they sent me several journals to look at and do a review of. So, let’s get started all right.

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So this first one here, actually, let’s put the other ones to the side for now – is  their compelled bullet journal, it’s the gold edition and before we get started, i just want to mention that victorious journals is a canadian company. They design their journals in canada and then the journals are manufactured in china and most of the journals are bullet journals, which means they’re, dot, grid journals so, and they really have a wide variety of different designs and colors. So if you’re interested in those feel free to check out the website, i’m going to link it down below, as well as all the links to the journals that i’m going to show you in this video, alright.

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So back to the journal. This is the kopal gold edition, it is a bullet journal. This is the rose gold, one, it’s i’d say it’s a hardcover, even though it has some give to it, and the dimensions on this are 5.5 by 8.3 inches or 14 by 21 centimeters, and it is white, dotted paper and then there’s some really awesome features.

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I’m going to show you in a second and then it actually has 264 dot grid pages that are five millimeter ruled, but then there are some additional pages. So i think the entire journal is about 300 pages, and for that it is pretty thin because it only uses  55 gsm paper, so the paper is actually pretty thin and the benefit of that that is, you have a ton of pages in here and the Notebook is still fairly thin and it’s much more lightweight in terms of carrying around with you.

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So that’s a great bonus. It has elastic strap that is pretty solid and durable right there and it also comes with one white bookmark. I almost wish it came with two, but it’s a nice looking bookmark and let’s take off the sleeve real quick.

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So you can see the actual journal, so it says copal gold edition and then it says victoria’s journals in the back here and then, when you open it up it has this gray cover page. As you can see, the paper is just plain white and the edges of the paper around it as well, and there’s not too much overhang here with the paper and the cover and then the back. It has a really nice pocket that i’ve actually never seen like this before it’s like a double pocket and it opens up more kind of the top and they have a divider in here, so you can keep your extra notes organized back here. It’s a great feature.

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So, let’s check it out together. So first page you can put your name and then in more personal information and as i said, the paper is pretty thin. It’S only 55 gsm. So it’s almost! I don’t know if you’re familiar with, tell me river paper. So it’s kind of along these edges and then i’m going to show you fountain pen, review and pen review writing sample in a little bit. So here we have 2019 and 220 overview in the notebook and then what’s also great about this journal. There’s a table of contents, and you literally have here room for every single page in the entire journal.

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So in terms of having an index, you don’t have to make your own it’s already in there and done for you and you really have room to write down what you have on every single page and i think it’s great for bullet journaling to keep tabs of Everything and then you have here a page for your pen and your ink samples. If you want to do that and then you have overview monthly overview of the year so january february march april may june.

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So you can create some calendar in here entire year and then it has a double page for traveling for flights and ideas for next travel. So you can create an itinerary and then it shows you here how to organize your to-do list with urgent non-urgent, important, not important, and then what you don’t have to do and stuff like that.

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So so we have two pages of that here, where you can put all your to-do’s, it’s just two pages, but maybe just gives you an idea of how to actually organize all your different lists and your tasks that you have to do because then here it starts, Starts with just the dot grid pages here, as i said, they’re numbered and there is 265 of them so, and the journal lays flat really nicely as well. Okay, because you can see – and then after the 265 pages, you have a few perforated pages here in the back that says,  ink test and then it says copel 55 gsm paper. I think there was about 16 of those pages yeah, so you can also use this. If you don’t want to do inktest in here to , you know have little like to-do lists or like a shopping list or like whatever, and you just tear it out and take it with you, as you see here, the cover page in the back again.

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So let’s show you my writing sample, you have a pencil, ballpoint pen and then several different gel pens and roller ball pens. And then here we have the pilot, retropolitan diamond marine ink medium nib and there is  no feathering, essentially so the fountain pen. The ink looks nice here, but then on the back. There is definitely a lot of ghosting here and then there’s some bleed through with the fountain pen. So even though they claim it is fountain pen friendly paper, honestly, my opinion not really. Unfortunately, i mean it’s really hard with 55 gsm paper to have fountain pen friendly paper.

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I only know if tommy river paper, where you can actually do that and then you, i think, you’re better off with i’m just using, like you know, ballpoint pens or gel pens with a finer nib, and then you do really well with this paper, because I don’t think the ghosting is that bad with the finer nibs in here so overall. I think this is a great notebook. I really like all these extra features, as it has in terms of using it as a bullet journal and i love how sturdy this elastic strap is so all in all it’s pretty solid notebook. The only thing is not so found pen friendly, but if you don’t use fountain pens, i think it’s a great option for a bullet journal. Okay, let’s move on to the next one.

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This is the smith fashion, flexi dotted bullet journal and i absolutely love this color. It says that it’s brown on the website, but i think it’s actually more like lavender-ish or like a dusty rose. So it’s really pretty brown with some like a reddish tones in it absolutely beautiful, and it is a soft cover journal. As you can see, and let’s take a sleeve, it is dimensions, are 5.8 by 8.3 inches or 14.8 by 21 centimeter centimeters. So it is. I think just a tad wider than an a5, but pretty much an 85, and it has 192 pages, and the paper in here is 80 gsm. So it is a thicker paper than the last journal.

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It’s also a dot core journal, as you can see here, see the five millimeter dots with a slight margin around the edges here with the dots and then the actual journal is slightly rounded, but then the paper is square at the edges, so i wish that would Also be slightly rounded with the paper then here in the back.

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We have the logo and also comes with a nice little white bookmark, and then it has a really nice charm Here, at the end, that’s a really nice touch. I haven’t taken the plastic off here, yet i think it looks really nice. It makes it look more upscale and the journal is stitched and bound. So it’s the first one.

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Let’s check out the writing sample. So here we have pencil ballpoint pen. We have the gel pens here and roller balls and then we have again parliamentary problem, medium nib. Without my marine ink there is a little bit of feathering with the fountain pen, as i can see here and then, let’s check out the back.

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We have some ghosting here and then more ghosting, that’s more pronounced with the fountain pen, but i don’t see any bluetooth yet, but i think with wetter ink, this paper might bleed through as well. I think it is more found pen friendly than the 55 gsm paper, but still not super great with fountain pens, but you can definitely use a thin nib in this journal and use a fountain pen. As i said, if you stick your extra fine nibs, probably your fine nibs, you should be okay and then the ghosting i mean there’s a little bit. But it’s not that bad and when you open it up, you have the logo here on the inside, and you can put your name here, and this journal is just the plain dot grid journal.

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There is no page numbers, no, nothing, no pocket. Just the only thing it has is a bookmark, but i think it’s nicely done and it also lies pretty flat once you break into it all right, so that was the smith fashion. Flexi dotted bullet journal. Let’S move on to the next one.

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All right, so the next one is the muse textile tile cover bullet journal. So this is a hardcover notebook and believe it or not. It has 160 pages, even though it’s super thin. It uses. I think it’s the same paper as the first journal, the 55 gsm paper and the dimensions on this here are 5.5 by 7.8 inches or 14 by 20 centimeters, and this one is also available in a smaller size. So if you’re interested in this journal feel free to check out their website – and it has this really interesting design – this is the purple one. It’S also available in different colors, all right, let’s check it out.

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So when you open it up, you have the logo here and then you can put your name here and then it has this white paper. As i said, it’s pretty thin and this just as well dot grid paper with a slight margin here at the top and on the sides, and then, since it is a square, a notebook, it is used to honking, since it is a square notebook. It also has square paper, and then the edges here of the paper are dyed pink, which gives it a nice touch, and here is the elastic that looks again pretty sturdy and it has a really nice pocket in the back. That feels super thick and sturdy and it’s still has the cloth on it like the actual cover and then you can see the inside, and this is a textile cloth cover. That is a little bit rough to the touch, but it looks really nice and here’s.

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The back and there’s no bookmark, though, but yeah you get an elastic in the pocket. Let’S check out the writing sample again. Here we have again a pencil ballpoint pen and several gel pens, roll ball pens, and then here we have again the palette magical, medium nib. With diamond marine ink, there is no feathering here in the front and then let’s check out the back, so you can see here there’s some ghosting again, because the paper is thin and then you get a little bit of blade through here with the fountain pens.

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Again, they’re thinner paper, not the most fountain pen friendly paper, even though they advertise it as such  i mean i guess you could use it if you only use one side of the notebook being option, two or just you know, stick to gel pens and Finer nibs and then with the gel pens, and then you should be okay and it also lies super flat, which is another bonus. Let’s see if i missed anything and as i said, it has 160 pages with white paper, which is pretty incredible for how thin it is. You get a lot of pages for a super lightweight notebook and if you want it even lighter you can check out the smaller version and then whoopsie.

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Last but not least, we have the muse taylor neon bullet journal and this comes in a set. There is four different colors, this one’s. I think this one’s the orange. It also comes in nothing just sorry, this one’s the pink. It also comes in orange, yellow and coral. It has a cool little quote here, and this is what it looks like. So this is 80 pages 40 sheets and then it is again uses 80 gsm paper and as well, five millimeter dots in here and it comes in a set of four, as i said, so you get a whole pack of them. I think these make great notebooks if you have like a travel, notebook style setup, and you want to use these as refills that’d be pretty cool. I like how bright the color is it almost like wakes you up in the morning. If you have your to-do list in here, because the paper is so intense, let me try to find my writing sample here.

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So we have a pencil ballpoint pen again the gel pens, roller balls and then here is the padlet palette again medium nib diamond marine ink, and it does pretty well here in the front with the fountain pen. I don’t really see much feathering and then here in the back, there is not much bleed through. I mean it’s ghosting with the gel pens and then there is a little bit more ghosting with the roller balls and the fountain pen, but i actually don’t see any breed through here with the fountain pen.

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So i think this actually is the notebook that holds up the best in terms of fountain pen usability, so i think, with a fine or extra fine nib, you shouldn’t have a problem with this notebook and the entire notebook is thread bound, so you can See the stitching in the center and rounded edges and, of course, the paper lines up with the cover and it’s as you can see, super flexible thin card cardboard cover and the dot grids are five millimeters, just like all the other ones. So, all in all, i think they are solid notebooks.

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I like that they have a great variety of designs, definitely worth checking out. If you don’t use, fountain pens, great option for bullet journaling. I like how many features this notebook has, in particular for notebook, notebook, journaling and yeah. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment. Let me know if you know about this brand and if you want to see more notebook reviews, please subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for watching.

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