TWSBI Notebook Durability

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Hello everyone today, I’m going to talk about the durability of this TWSBI notebook. If you want to know details about this notebook like to the exact size and the amount of pages and a writing sample, please feel free to check out my original review in it. I will put a link in the description box.

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Today, I’m strictly going to talk about how this held up after about six months of use and what my thoughts on it are and just to be honest, I’m not too happy with this notebook.

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First and then good Note the elastic, I look pretty well, as you can see, it still holds that we everything nicely together.

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The pocket in the back it’s still in pretty good shape. It’S a fairly used it. So you can see, there’s nothing’s coming apart at all, so that looks good.

TWSBI Notebook Durability 0 39 screenshot

Then, as I was shooting the original review the bookmark fell out, so I had to tape it back together and just taped it in there enough. The camera picks up on that. So you can see the tape in there and then I was really careful with it and I didn’t really tug on it and I just managed to keep it in there and it’s actually honestly, the first time that a book marketer, just like just fell out like that on me, never had that problem before with other notebooks, but that one I didn’t even start using it already, was falling apart.

TWSBI Notebook Durability 1 6 screenshot

In the front, you can see that it’s barely holding on by a thread here with the binding it’s just about to rip, I’m not too happy about that. It’S not a good quality notebook in my opinion, so they have to do some sort of reinforcement there. So that doesn’t happen, and I I’m not super gentle with my notebooks, but I’m also not throwing them all out around like crazy, so usually my notebooks hold pretty up I’ll hold up pretty well, but this one just didn’t.

TWSBI Notebook Durability 1 33 screenshot

When you open it up here and see like every page, is perforated, which is essentially a really great thing, and I did just conceived it about some Pages here, but what tends to happen with the pages, because they’re perforated the kind of like fold up like that, and I don’t like the way that like looks and feels in the notebook like it, makes it feel even flimsier and just like just not as i don’t know I just did not like the fact that it does that I just to me just makes it feel like like lesser quality or something or just the pages aren’t really like in there. I don’t know how to describe it really, but I hope you get what I mean. I just don’t like the fact that it tend to fold up right there.

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So I think those are the main concerns that I have. I mean the worst. Is this right here. So I probably won’t be buying this notebook again, I’m sure there’s some other notebook options out there that are more durable. Actually, you know, like you, know something like Leuchtturm rare. You know, maybe I’ll try a different company and get another pocket-sized notebook. For my on the go notes.

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These were my two cents on the TWSBI pocket notebook and how it holds up. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me comment. If you’ve enjoyed this entry – and you found it helpful – please give it a thumbs up and for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog. Thank you so much for reading.

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