Traveler’s Notebook Review


Traveler’s Notebook Set by ZLYC
Affordable Midori Traveler’s Notebook alternative
Regular Size: 22 x 12 cm; 8.5 x 4.75 inches
Passport Size: 13.2 x 10 cm; 5.25 x 4 inches

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Hello everyone, today I’m going to be doing every view of this travelers notebook set that was sent to me by the  company ZLYC. So this is how it comes in a little linen pouch and let’s go check it out.

Travelers Notebook Review 0 1 screenshot

So here is the regular size, notebook and then it comes with a passport size, notebook and then it also comes with a little pen case. So this is what you get .

Travelers Notebook Review 0 33 screenshot

Let’s start with the regular sized one first, so the dimensions are actually pretty much. The same as in Midori travelers notebook, it is 22 centimeters by 12, centimeters or 8.5 inches by about 4 and 3/4  inches, and I chose the red one. It actually is lighter than it looks online in the description. So there’s some color variation with this product.

Travelers Notebook Review 0 47 screenshot

Now, let’s take a close-up of the leather, this is nice grain to it. You can see the actual you know, looks quite natural, the leather here, so there’s a little clasp here at the top and then elastic feels quite durable, like that, might actually hold up for a long time and it’s open it up.

Travelers Notebook Review 1 5 screenshot

It comes three inserts and then also a little plastic pouch here you open it up. It’s actually quite rough here, almost a bit too rough for my taste and the dyes not spread out that evenly. So I think they could have done a little better job in the tie process here i like that.

Travelers Notebook Review 1 39 screenshot

Not here is in the back for the closure, because I know at the Midoria that right here and some people say bottle. Centers, though, I think that’s a false point right there.

Travelers Notebook Review 1 47 screenshot

Let’s check out the notebooks, you get a random selection of three notebooks. This is a blind one here: seven millimeter ruling it’s like a craft cover, and so this is 64 pages or 32 sheets.

Travelers Notebook Review 2 6 screenshot

Here we have to build zipper, pouch and put stuff in and then close it up right there.

Travelers Notebook Review 2 16 screenshot

The second notebook insert is A monthly calendar that you can use as you like,.

Travelers Notebook Review 2 28 screenshot

Then there is a Second, half of the pouch here we can put stuff in the air and then it has a pocket here. Actually, three pockets for like business cards, credit cards stuff like that.

Travelers Notebook Review 2 43 screenshot

The third notebook here actually got a graph one. So here you can see my little writing sample and I’m actually quite pleasantly surprised with those paper. It’sa nice thickness to it. My guess is around 85 grand paper.

Travelers Notebook Review 2 59 screenshot

Here you have a pencil, ballpoint pen, gel pen, and then you here you see the pellet of pollen, the fountain pen, and it is a quite nice writing experience the paper smooth and the Pens glide over it quite nicely.

Travelers Notebook Review 3 5 screenshot

The back there’s actually no ghosting, except a little bit barely there with the fountain pen. So the paper is actually really nice in this one. So that’s the regular size pocket. Oh sorry, the regular size, traveler’s notebook closest back up, put it down.

Travelers Notebook Review 3 22 screenshot

Here is the passport size again pretty much the same as in Midori. It is 10 centimeters by 30.2 centimeters or 4 inches by a 5 1/4 inch and you can see the tied for the actual notebooks. She didn’t see her that’s tied together at the bottom, so it doesn’t really get in your way when you open it up so again in the clasp.

Travelers Notebook Review 3 45 screenshot

Let’s check this one out. it  looks like they forgot to tied the inside here, so not too crazy about that, and then there is the three notebooks here you have yellow and orange craft covers, which are not too crazy about, but I guess it does match the right, neither a little bit Better.

Travelers Notebook Review 4 7 screenshot

This paper – and he was actually quite a bit thinner than in the large one – it’s maybe only like 65 grams paper is my guess.

Travelers Notebook Review 4 26 screenshot

Here is the writing test, pencil, ballpoint pen, the gel pen and then fountain pen and there’s a tiny bit of feathering. But not a big deal at all.

Travelers Notebook Review 4 35 screenshot

Then on the back. You can see there’s a bit of quite a bit of ghosting because the paper is so thin and then I guess there’s a median and tiny bit of bleed through, but barely at all. So this one actually also performs quite nicely and can write on both sides. If you don’t mind the ghosting, which I don’t.

Travelers Notebook Review 4 55 screenshot

The second notebook here again, is a monthly calendar, and then I got another line, notebook right here and they’re all three of them are 64 pages again.

Travelers Notebook Review 5 7 screenshot

Then here is a little in case it came with it and fits a fountain pen quite nicely, as you can see.

Travelers Notebook Review 5 21 screenshot

The dimensions on that are 15 centimeters By about 3.5: centimeters or 6 inches by 1.5 inches – and I think it’s actually stitched quite nicely here. So this is the in case. So this is how this set comes.

Travelers Notebook Review 6 51 screenshot

Then ZLYC sent me a little black one just to compare it to the red one here. The leather is quite a bit smoother on the cover.

Travelers Notebook Review 5 51 screenshot

Let’s open it up, and the inside is actually also a bit smoother. So actually I almost prefer this one over the red one.

Travelers Notebook Review 5 56 screenshot

The papers looks like there’s six meter. Millimeter ruling in here also 64 pages, editor writing test. It’s the same thing paper and then it also performed nicely here just a little bit of ghosting in anyways, calendar in the middle and then again align notebook here.

Travelers Notebook Review 6 7 screenshot

So I prefer the colors of this cover. Also over the orange and yellow ones and the red one it’s overall, I think I most like this notebook a wee bit better than the red one, and this is also available as this set.

Travelers Notebook Review 6 21 screenshot

I think what mainly speaks for this notebook set is the price I calculated it up and if you purchase all these inserts everything that comes in the set with Midori, you spend around one 120 dollars plus tax, and this set starts around 40 dollars, Which is a lot more affordable in my opinion, because I honestly have been curious about the majority, travels notebook and their system for actually a couple years now, but I never could get myself to buy because it’s such a big investment for a notebook system that I Might or might not enjoy, and so with this one, the entry barrier is actually much lower because it’s so much more affordable .

Travelers Notebook Review 7 28 screenshot

That’s my reviewing that the actually were kind enough for all of you guys reading this  entry, especially my subscribers. It a little think you can get an extra refill with your order per notebook. I don’t benefit from that. It’Ssreally just a thank you for you, guys I’m going to put the details and how to do that in the description box below. So if you want to check out this notebook, just check out the description box below for the details on how to get even an additional refill for notebook. So if you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my blog for more notebook entries. Thank you so much for watching

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