Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity

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Medium Travelers Notebook by 7 Felicity
Comes in 5 colors; 6.7 x 4 inches;

This size sold out – here’s the pocket version:


Disclaimer: I was provided with samples for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own. Amazon link is an affiliate link


Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of this Travels notebook made by the company Seven Felicity. I simply call us a traveler’s notebook because it has the refillable inserts and it’s a style that was made famous by Midori. So, but for me this is a child’s notebook.  I’m absolutely impressed by this notebook like it’s a really really amazing quality, and I’m just gon na show you all the details and what it has to offer let’s dive in.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 0 1 screenshot

So this is a genuine leather notebook. This is the brown color. It comes in five different colors. I will show you the other colors at the end of the video. It has a strap closure. So it’s the letter closure here. The leather feels really nice. It smells really good. Definitely smells like genuine leather, which it is. The leather is nice and supple. I like the thickness like it, has a nice gift to it, but it’s not too flimsy, not too stiff and it doesn’t scratch you at all. It’s a slightly rounded edge edges here. Really nice nicely done. It feels really good in your hands and it’s just smooth.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 0 54 screenshot

Here’s the inside it’s nice as well, more textured and here’s the back. So here’s the back of the journal that dark brown. It has pretty little thing right here, like a charm which holds the elastic in place here, and then it’s so nicely made like even here at the bottom. The elastic straps like at the end, the elastics, are covered with these, like brass tassels, like really nicely done, and then it comes with this really pretty nautical bookmark charm as well. It’s like a compass, it’s really pretty. It looks like brass as well,

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 1 38 screenshot

I t comes with a ton of extras, like this beautiful brass clip that helps you to keep your paper in place and just put it in there.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 2 6 screenshot

The dimensions on this are, I love the size of this. This is Wow, so the dimensions are 6.7 by 4 inches or, let me see 17, so sorry, 17 by 11 centimeters and the insides.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 2 18 screenshot

The actual paper size is. Let me show you the actual paper size, okay, so this is a refill that comes with a separate refill and the extra paper size is 6.5 suits are 6.5 by three point: seven, five inches or 16.5 by 9.5 centimeters and I absolutely love This size, it’s compact enough, so you can carry it around, but it’s not too small and it’s not too big,

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 2 40 screenshot

Here I have a original size travels notebook collector to the standard size rattles in the  book. So this is how, in comparison at as you can see, this is right in between size, between a standard size Travel notebook and the thing to passport size is about this big. So, for me, the passport size was always too small and then this one is just little bit too big, / too long and narrow, but I think 7 Felicity hit it right on the head with this medium in between size, I love this paper size, and I said It comes with an extra insert as well on top of the three one, the three it already comes with.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 3 11 screenshot

Let’s check out the inside of the notebook. So it has this comes of plastic pocket. It’s like two pockets on the front here like for business cards and stuff and a bigger pocket here and then in the back. It has a zipper pocket, as you can see, and it also comes with these nice little stamps. Just you know some nice decor to personalize your in traveler’s notebook, and it also comes with an extra elastic strap which is really nice, and these are really nice quality. These don’t won’t rip or anything. They look like a really nice quality anyway. So close this back up.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 3 58 screenshot

It comes of three inserts, so it comes with a blank journal and all inserts have 60 pages. So it’s a hundred and eighty pages total in the journal and then you get a fourth insert, as I said on top of it. So this is the blank one. It’s just pretty white paper, maybe slightly off-white. It feels smooth tiny bit of tooth to it, but pretty smooth,

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 4 44 screenshot

It comes again. sixty pages of craft paper and then sixty pages of line paper. I forgot to measure this about believe this is seven millimeters to me. This looks like seven millimeter ruling real quick for you, yep seven millimeter rolling egg, slightly gray. You can see right there and then the actual paper is pointy and square in the notebook.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 5 20 screenshot

As you can see, it’s being held in place difficult rather than a folk style by the elastic straps here and there – and this is a really sturdy notebook, like those straps elastics, I’m not flimsy at all like this – does not move around in here. This is really nicely tightly being held in place. Sometimes I’ve seen like cheaper versions. You’ll, like this notebook, it’s like the notebooks are over the place, but this assistant a really nice thing place.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 5 32 screenshot

Let me show you the writing samples. My guess is, I didn’t find information on the paper weight, but I guess is around maybe 90 gram like don’t quote me in it, but that is my guess. So here’s the craft paper writing sample right here so over here we have a pencil ballpoint pen, 0.4 millimetre gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen and then here’s the pal metropolitan medium diamine marine and I’ve been let let it dry enough and it’s watched a little, but there is actually no feathering on the craft paper.  The craft paper to me feels pretty much the same thickness as the other paper, meaning slightly thicker and there’s absolutely no ghosting no bleed through no feathering no nothing. So this is a really nice paper.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 6 21 screenshot

Then here we have two sample of the line. One find that real, quick for you here we have pencil, ballpoint pen, 0.4, millimetre gel pen, 0.7, really meter gel pen, and then here we have the fountain pen again, Pilot Metropolitan medium diamine marine ink and there is some feathering there. So it’s not the perfect paper for fountain pens, since it does feather a little bit. It’s not a ton. It doesn’t bother me too much, so I can definitely use a fountain pen with it.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 7 7 screenshot

Here we have ghosting a little bit heavier with the fountain pen of ghosting. But I’d say: there’s no plea through here: no there’s no pleats here, just just a ghosting here, so it is really nice paper quality as well. And yet you get a ton of inserts. As I said, a lot of extras, especially for the price I’m gonna. Put a link in description box to me for that price.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 7 39 screenshot

This is an amazing journal. It looks like a really nice quality leather feels super nice. It was subtle and then I mean you see see when you bend it a little. It can age it up a little and make you look a little more scuffed. It probably will scuff over time was here and ready just from taking out this strap it’s it’s got a little so, but that’s kind of the beauty of this type of notebooks that they will age over time and look more beat-up and more scuffed, and it just makes it more your own and, as I said, it smells really nice genuine leather.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 8 12 screenshot

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of travelers notebook simply because of the fact that they don’t I open flat that they tend to close back up on them. But this one is so beautiful. Actually I want to give this one another. Try because, it is such a beautiful notebook and I absolutely love the size of this.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 8 47 screenshot

Let me see if I missed anything, it said three inserts and then the fourth one and it comes in the side, and you know I love this little brass clip here too, and it comes with everything already so so this is the brown one. Let me show you the other colors real, quick. As I said, it’s the brown one, and then here we have. This is the green one, it’s absolutely beautiful as well. It’s like this dark navy army green, and here you can see the inside it’s little brighter green. Here knots right there

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 9 53 screenshot

I’ll show you the Navy one next, so it’s assistant Navy one. It’s really dark. It’s almost looks like black one, there’s, not a lot of lighting on it. So here, if the Navy there’s the inside the Navy really pretty too

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 10 5 screenshot

We have next, this is the purple one. They were purple. I love all. The colors did a really nice job with picking colors for this notebook, just instead of the purple slightly lighter again really nice leather, it’s so smooth, and I love how this feels so purple and then the last color number five.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 10 59 screenshot

This is to rust-red. It’s really pretty. As well yep, so that was my review of the 7 Felicity travelers notebook.

Travelers Notebook Review 7Felicity 10 59 screenshot

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