Soothi Zodiac Journal DURABILITY

Watch how well this journal has held up over 4 months of use.

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Hello everyone, today, i’m going to talk about the quality and durability of this Leather Notebook made by the company sue Soothi. I already did a review in this notebook when I received it initially and now that I’ve done using it. I want to let you guys know how I enjoyed using it and how well has held up and how good this notebook is overall.

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So I took me just under four months to fill this up and I’ve taken this in several trips with me and it has held up really well, in my opinion, there’s just one major minor thing that happened. I’ll show you in a minute, but all i know, I’m really happy with the quality of his notebook, and I got a lot of joy from using it and the pages are pretty durable and it’s just a pleasure to write on it. It’s a little bit rougher paper, but I really enjoyed it.

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So when you look at the outside here, it’s still in pretty good condition, there’s some wrinkles right here and the leather, but there’s no tears, no nothing! So that’s pretty good to me.

Soothi Zodiac Journal DURABILITY 0 57 screenshot

See this little wrapped eye here with the string. It still looks good still afraid here, but  your stash should just cut this off and that’d be totally fine.

Soothi Zodiac Journal DURABILITY 1 12 screenshot

So the only thing what happen is here in the front at tour, and it was already not glued properly. When I received it, there was just came apart just a little bit and then it just tore a little more where The actual pages connect here with the binding, and that is one thing the company could improve to just make sure this is a little bit more sturdy and more durable.

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 In the back it held up just fine, so see right there, it’s cooled better and It just yeah still totally tight here and doesn’t come apart at all.

Soothi Zodiac Journal DURABILITY 1 48 screenshot

So let me show you the binding, because I was actually worried that the binding might fall apart, because it’s just one little string I’ll show you that in a minute right here, as you can see, there is the string that’s all that holds these pages together. So I thought this could actually just come loose and just start like being all over the place in the book. As you can see, if I tug on this little bit, it’s still everything stays in place.

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It’s overall, I really enjoyed using it. I would recommend this notebook despite it tearing slightly apart here, because I think it’s the perfect size for traveling, it’s a 5 by 7, so it’s smaller than a 5. It’S a little bit more portable than an a5. It’s nice and light. As I said, it has nice sturdy pages in there that are not too delicate, so I would definitely recommend it and I enjoyed it a lot.

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So if you have any questions regarding this notebook feel free to leave me comment. If you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up and for more notebook entries subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for reading. 

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