Skymark Home Traveler’s Notebook Review

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the Skymark Home Travelers Notebook, so it comes in this attractive gift box, as you can see, and has the sky Makkah logo at the top, and then it box has this nice texture to it. So I think packaged like this. It makes an excellent gift. So let’s open this up alright.

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So here we have one travels notebook and then it also comes with a gold pen.

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Let’s check out the pen first, so it feels quite light and is black ballpoint pen and has this leather right thing wrapped around it. Maybe it’s a real leather. I can’t tell and then there’s this vintage looking stitching. So it’s a nice little pen as I said it feels actually quite light and let’s put this back in the box.

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Here is the traveler’s notebook cuts up the box away. It is a genuine leather and the dimensions are 7 inches by 4 point 8 inches and it is 1.5 inches thick.

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So it has rounded edges, and it has just closure right here and I’ve never seen this before. I’ve had travels notebooks with one of these straps, but not two, so it’s kind of nice.

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Right here it has a compass and lost which is kind of nice. Looking in my opinion gives it a little bit more character.

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It has this th ese cool little clasps are right here and then down there that would hold to see elastic straps together, it’s also really nice and then I absolutely love this bookmark. It’S a feather brass feather and it has a pocket here in the front or I kind of business cards or little notes.

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Here is the back as you can see. This is some slightly distressed, vintage look and it’s obviously Brown, as I said, rounded, edges top and bottom, and it is smaller than a traditional travel. Snow focuses in between size, a traditional standard size and then a pocket one, and also I like this gold clip right here sure if the camera can focus on it.

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Alright, it comes with three inserts and this plastic pouch your like pockets here and then also pocket in the back and then right here. It has a zipper pocket as well get your stuff in it’s a pretty much standard set up for travels notebook with three inserts and every insert has 60 pages.  So it’s a total of 180 pages in the entire notebook.Skymark Home Travelers Notebook Review 2 49 screenshot   


Here is the paper. It doesn’t say that GSM on the description, Amazon, but my guess is around maybe like 80 90 at the most. That’S my guess here and then the lines are quite dark with the paper and I would actually prefer if the lines were not quite as dark, because it would make it look like slightly nicer paper quality. It is ivory, colored paper. It has this, it doesn’t say, but it has a slightly recycled paper to it.

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Let’s check out the writing sample here we have a pencil, a ballpoint pen and then a zero point. Four millimeter gel pen is 0.7 millimeter gel pen, and here we have the pilot metropolitan medium nib with diamine marine ink.

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Let’s check out the back. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how well it performed since it doesn’t feel like great quality paper, but it actually performed really. Well, you don’t see any ghosting really no bleed through whatsoever with the fountain pen, so it’s definitely fountain pen friendly.

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I just wish also that it was a nine millimeter ruling of where she was like six or seven millimeters, there’s more writing space than what you get here. I didn’t count these since, like a kind of a quick one, two three four five: six: seven: eight, nine. 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Maybe I miscounted 17 18 like lines here. That’s not that much writing space anyways. Then you see that the edges of pointy here and not squared off.

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It’s all in all a really nice looking journal. I think it would make a great gift for somebody since it comes in this attractive box, and then sky mark home also offers refills for this journal, which are interesting enough different than the original refills. So you have no branding with the original inserts and, as I said, these have rounded edges.

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The original inserts do not, and then I’m really surprised at paper quality, because I did a writing sample here as well, and then here actually says on Amazon, that it is a hundred and twenty GS and it does not feel to take it off is quite flimsy. It actually feels thinner than the inserts in the notebook, and you can see the writing sample of pencil, welcome, pen, gel pen and the gel pen and then the fountain pen.

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In the back. You actually have when we’re  coasting and then Philippe through with the fountain pen. So this is not fountain kind of finally paper, or here you actually have no bleed through at all, and a ruling is eight millimeter and not a nine millimeter, which is also strange that they would choose different ruling and their refills. As I said, I prefer that it is only eight millimeter. Even better would be seven, but paper quality is not nearly as good as the one original notebooks.

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It also says that it is three hundred pages with a hundred three sheets. I mean pages per refill, but it is actually only sixty pages per refill, which makes is another 180, so they need to get their scriptures straightened out of Amazon and it’s definitely not correct and it’s also definitely not 120 gsm paper. This feels much lighter to me. So I’m not crazy about the refills, I mean they’re affordable, but you could probably do better. I hope they can improve the refills, but I really like the actual notebook. I love the look of it.

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I think, makes a great gift testa’s. When did she look? I like a little pocket in the clip and compass right here, so it’s a lot of nice little details and then you know I was like little like ornate things on it, which make it really look really cool.

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So I like the notebook, if you have any questions regarding it, please feel free to leave me comment. I just realized. I did not measure out the notebook in centimeters, but if you are curious about that, these are 17.8 x 12.2 cm. So I said, if any more other questions leave me a comment: if you enjoyed this entry and want to see more notebook entries, please subscribe to my blog if you’ve enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up and thank you so much for reading

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