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Hello everyone today, I’m going to talk about the durability of this notebook. It’s the Seven Seas Writer and was made by Nanami paper, and it took me a little over a year to fill this notebook up, and I’m gonna tell you about how I think it held up.

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So, as I said, it took a little over a year to fill it up. I started at some point last year and then just got done with it like a month ago so and it has held up extremely well. If you want to know more details about this notebook and see a writing sample, I did do a review in this before I’m gon na put the link of description box. If you won’t check it out, it’s an a5 notebook and all the other details like paperweight and so on, and can find in my first video about it.

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So this is just strictly about the quality and durability, so I did not even use a any cover for this any protection, because it is a pretty flimsy top cover as you can see, it’s just like thin cardboard paper and I’m must say I’m really impressed with it. It hell up super well, as I said, there’s nothing on this to protected.

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It has you know, paint color came off just right here, a little bit, but that’s it. It didn’t fall apart at all, as you can see here, it’s it’s stitched and bound and it held up perfectly like nothing came, undone, not the glue, not anything, and even the bookmark still look great. I know new versions of this notebook do not have bookmarks anymore, but I got this at least a couple of years ago, so it still had bookmarks back then. It also came with some blotting paper that I used.

Seven Seas Writer DURABILITY 1 24 screenshot

I used fountain pen in this and Ballpoint pen, gel pen, everything and that paper handles everything really well, I must say so, especially if you fountain pen, using you like thin paper, is probably the best paper to get. My opinion is tomoe river paper: that’s what’s being used on this notebook, so it’s really excellent paper.

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You see that cover page looks so perfect front cover page, perfect condition. It’s just a quick entry. I want to do on this, and just let you know so. I highly recommend this notebook because it has held up extremely well. I hope the quality today, as still as what it was a few years ago when I purchase this, so I really love this notebook. I’m probably gon na get another one, even though it does take me quite a while to fill it up unless you’re right, a crazy amount, because it is almost 500 pages and it’s pretty thin. You have a ton of paper in here, our ton of pages.

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So, yes, I love this notebook. I really enjoyed using it. I’m probably gonna get another one . If you enjoyed this quick entry, please give it a thumbs up for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.

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