Rustico Writers Log Journal Review

Color Stone; 5.25 x 6.75 inches; 13 x 17 cm;
Refill: 5 x 6.5 inches; 12.7 x 16.5 cm
192 pages; 6mm ruling;


Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own.

Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the rustic co-writers log notebook.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 0 2 screenshot

So this is the small one. The dimensions on it are five point, two five by six point: seven five inches or 13 by 17 centimeters and then the actual refill (Since it is a refillable notebook) is five inches by six point: five inches or twelve point, seven by sixteen point, five centimeters, so it’s definitely smaller than an a5 notebook.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 0 16 screenshot Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 0 47 screenshot Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 1 11 screenshot Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 0 16 screenshot


So it is a genuine leather journal. It’s made from top green leather, and this is the color stone. I really like this color think it’s more unusual because most let the journals of brown. This is a gray with a slight blue tint to it. I think it’s really pretty and any agency to just stitching the contrast stitching on it really nice as well, and then it has a little it’s a wrapped. I draw it just says it’s really a little wrap here

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 0 47 screenshot

I mean if you’ve been watching my videos. You know that I don’t know if wrap tie journals, but this was just like it still straps. So I’m totally fine with that, and it has this flap that you just bend over and then here is the journal.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 1 11 screenshot

As I said, it’s refillable, it is a hundred and ninety two blind pages. It is, let me share this close six-millimeter ruling and then there’s a margin at the edge here, so rounded edges here

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 1 18 screenshot

And then the paperweight I’d say this is supposed to be found on the website. It takes around 80 grand paper slightly, it’s like every color.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 1 39 screenshot  

Let me show you the writing sample. So here we have a pencil, ballpoint pen and see your point forming a gel pen. So your point, seven millimeter gel pen and then he was director flip the wand rollerball and a palette metropolitans medium nib diamond marine ink, there’s just a tad of feathering. The paper is quite absorbent, so the ink looks darker.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 1 50 screenshot

On the back. Here’s the back page, there is ghosting and then with the rollerball in the fountain pen, is just about to bleed through here. So it’s not super fountain pen friendly paper. I mean you could use a fountain pen if you only write on one page, but I think you’re better off with a ballpoint pen or a gel pen with this paper, that’s not too wet.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 2 24 screenshot

What I like about this notebook is that it is refillable and the refills are quite affordable, and I, like the looks of them, that this plain simple look with the blue at the bottom here and in the contrast. So if you put this on your bookshelf, once you’re done riding with it, it will still look nice because some some refills for other notebooks, they look kind of crappy in my opinion, but this one looks pretty nice.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 2 53 screenshot

This is unusual sizes that it’s smaller than an A5, let’s go closer to eight B6, but still not quite there.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 3 23 screenshot

The only thing is this: notebook is only glued, so it is hard to get it to lie flat. You really have to break into it for a little while, and then I guess you can’t get it to lie flat, but it’s it’s harder than it would be with a notebook that is stitched and bound, because those tend to lie open flat, much easier than this one, so you need to call this up on itself.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 3 24 screenshot

So it would take a little bit of time to actually break into this and hopefully, where it’s glued, it won’t come apart. It seems like it’s pretty strongly, but you never know time will tell,

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 3 47 screenshot

But I do like the fact that it is refillable, because that makes it more affordable. If you want to leather notebook, but you don’t want to s pend big bucks every single time, you want to meet a new one. I used to use this one and refill it, and I guess we insert to refill there you go.

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 3 58 screenshot

This could also double as a little pocket here and you  can, you know, put some scraps there. There you go there, it is so you see, the reef feels slightly smaller than the actual cover and,

Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 4 29 screenshot

As I said, I love the color on this because it’s more than you’re looking, I think of like ten or so different colors. I don’t remember if you interested go check out their website, let’s either forgot anything. No, I think that’s pretty much it.

 Rustico Writers Log Journal Review 4 13 screenshot

If you have any questions about this notebook, please feel free to leave. Me comment for more notebook entries subscribe to my Blog and if you enjoyed this, please give it a thumbs up. Thank you so much for reading.


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