Rustico Idea Notebook Review

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the Rustico Idea Notebook alright.

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So this is a hardcover linen notebook. As you can see, it’s hardly any get to it, because this is the rust color. As you can see, it is beautiful, linen texture.

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Here is the logo on the back. It comes in three different colors by the way, so, as I said, thi  s one’s the rust.

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What’s really unique about this, notebook would have never seen before. Instead of an elastic strap, it has a leather strap and with a snap closure, that’s copper, colored. So it’s a top one here, the Rustico logo and then missus a copper closure that just comes off right there and then you can take this off since leather. Doesn’T really have any give. This is the way to open it, and if you don’t like this, you can also get the journal without this leather strap and it has rounded edges.

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As you can see, the cover overhang is about three millimeters I’d say I wish the paper would line up a little bit more with the cover, but that’s just a personal preference.

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It has this beautiful brown ribbon bookmark. That kind of matches the color of the strap. So it’s nice contrast going on there.

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The dimensions are 5.25 by 8.5 inches or 13.3 by 21 centimeters. So it is essentially the same size as a Large Moleskin. Alright, let’s check it out.

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Here’s the cover page, just slight speckles on it. I don’t know if the camera picks this up. It’s really nicely done and then you can put your name on the first page.


Rustico Idea Notebook Review 1 55 screenshot 

It doesn’t say the paper weight on the website, but my guess is that it is around 80 gram or so and then the notebook is stitched and bound, as you can see right there.

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It is a hundred and ninety two pages and that it color it sees its ivory colored and it is lined – and there is a margin of the edges here and what’s unique about this – is that it has this type of page mark here at the top. I can mark your pages or dog, even whatever I just even try to tear this off. Even that’s, not perforated and

Rustico Idea Notebook Review 2 28 screenshot

Then a bottom here. It has a circle, so my guess is to put in the page numbers or you could even mark pages that are more important, but I guess you do to the top as well.

Rustico Idea Notebook Review 2 40 screenshot

And then there’s this slight indentation or slight vertical line here that , you could use to you know, check things off to list here and then there’s the back no pockets just the back hardcover

Rustico Idea Notebook Review 2 54 screenshot

Let’s check out my writting sample. Here we have the pencil, ballpoint pen, zero point, zero point: four million D, gel pen, zero point: seven millimeter Jack gel pen; here we have a rollerball and then pet litter, probably medium, have Diamine Marine ink that found the pen.

Rustico Idea Notebook Review 3 14 screenshot

Alright, let’s check out the back page. So there is some ghosting and it’s more pronounced with the rollerball and the fountain pen, since those inks are wetter. So I wouldn’t say this is necessarily fountain pen friendly paper. I guess you could use a really fine nib on it and be okay. But if the ghosting, as you said, just a little late through coming through here, if their fathers dude and I would not use a fountain pen with this notebook and probably better off with a gel pen or a ballpoint pen, 

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Let’s see if I Missed anything, I think that’s pretty much it, as I said, 192 pages ivory-colored and yeah, so this was the Rustico Idea Notebook.

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I really like to let us strap it’s a really nice contrast and I’ve never seen this before it makes it look more interesting in my opinion, and it seems like a nice quality notebook.

Rustico Idea Notebook Review 4 26 screenshot

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