Rustico Courier Notebook DURABILITY

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Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about the durability of this Rustico Courier Journal. So I took me about 2 and a half months to fill up this journal and I really enjoyed using it, and I think it’s a great quality product.

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It still looks almost like new, except you know here, and there it has a few Nicks and dings from traveling with me, and so, what I really love about this, is that it feels almost indestructible like you can bend this over any way you want, and the binding, since there isn’t actual binding it’s just you know the stitching that holds the paper in place like nothing will come apart when you bend this over, you can, you know, do pretty much whatever you want in terms of bending it and moving it around, like nothing will come out at all and everything’s still super tight in place because he like, look I used a thicker yarn here to put this journal together, so everything is still like It was when I started using it.


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And I really also enjoyed the pen loop which made it super easy to just carry pens around with me, and I didn’t have to worry about losing them.  So pen loop is, the perfect size like the pen doesn’t fall out at all.

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The only thing that I kind of changed is that this used to be wrapped high journal and I kind of get bothered by the actual strings and dangling off, and you know getting kind of like stuck somewhere, so I took out the straps here it have like over 6 feet long these straps and I just used this flap instead of wrapping it up as a bookmark.

Rustico Courier Notebook DURABILITY 1 50 screenshotRustico Courier Notebook DURABILITY 1 43 screenshot

It helps you know the paper place and yeah, I really enjoyed that because I could find my spot right away when I was writing and you know I didn’t have to look for where I left off and yeah, just when I was writing, I just bent this in here and then just wrote on it like this and yeah. I just really enjoyed doing that instead of having them a lot of straps dangling off, so I would probably do it again if I were to use this notebook again, so amazing quality super sturdy.

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The only thing is the paper quality and not too actually paper quality. It’s really good paper. It’s just the texture of the paper is really rough. If you want to see a writing sample watch my first video that I did on it before I start using it, you can see all the, you know, details of the dimensions and all that good stuff has a lot of texture on this paper, so riding with even a roll of rollerball pen would start not working quite properly like the ink flow would really like be sporadic and then actually a ballpoint pen would kind of stop working too and that flow as smoothly.

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So I got a little bit frustrated with the paper and then the only thing that did conceive me consistent ink flow was this uniball Jetstream pen that I couldn’t highly recommend is actually my favorite pen to write with, at the moment it’s a hybrid pen between a Ballpoint pen and a gel pen, it has the thickness of a ballpoint pen ink, but it flows as smooth as a gel pen. That’s probably the best way to describe the ink that comes out of this, so this is the only pen that didn’t give me any trouble with this paper, all the other ones that got kind of frustrated, especially when I was writing more and faster. It kind of got to me, so I really wish they would change that. I mean you can still use it.

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You know if you’d like a lot of feedback when you write when you want to press down hard on the page and kind of work for it more than you might really enjoy this paper. But I’d like a really smooth writing experience where the pen almost like glides automatically over the page, and this Joe did not give me that. But despite that, I still enjoyed it. It’s just, You know the only thing that I don’t like about it yeah. So those are my two cents on the Rustico Courier journal.

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