Rustico 5 Year Leather Journal Review

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the rustico five-year journal and the retro 51 rollerball pen.

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So let’s get started so this journal was sent to me by Rustico for a review. As I said, it is their five-year journal and you’re supposed to use this for five years

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Dimensions on this are 5.5 by 7 inches or 14 by 18 centimeters. So it is smaller than an A5.

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It’s roughly it’d be six ish side and it is pretty thick since it has 400 pages it’s about two inches and that’s about just over five centimeters. So it’s quite a large thick journal.

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Here in the back, you have the logo rustico. With that little it’s a copper little button, and then here it’s for the five years, the symbol right there and it is hand-stitched and handmade in the US and what I actually love about this journal is the color. This is the natural. It comes in four different colors, so this leather has been untreated with any dye. It’s just like the actual leather, how it is after attending process without any coloring. So this leather will not stay this color, it’s a kind of like a pale pink right. Now it will get darker over time and trying to do is like honey, colored, caramel, colored, golden brown. After use, I’m really excited about seeing how this ages over time.

Rustico 5 Year Leather Journal Review 0 52 screenshot It has a buckle, closure, and it has a brass done right here and it’s like the main thing that I don’t love about this channel. It’s really hard to close this like so you can see. I can’t really there you go see and then, when I take it off, I kind of like Target it quite a bit that might get easier over time, but in my opinion it doesn’t need this. This brass that I think the clasp alone is enough to hold this in place since you’re, not gon na, like add any like notes and stuff to this,  I’d prefer it without this personally.

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And it has rounded edges and then rough cut pages on the Inside so, let’s check this out: let’s put this pen away for a second I’ll share that later here’s the inside of the notebook – it has a really nice feel to it, the inside of the leather and they use herbs called top green leather. So it’s really smooth leather, it has a super smooth feel to it and it has less texture to it. You see it it’s smoother than full green leather. So it’s a very smooth leather, and here you have the cover page.

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Then you can fill this out to this channel too, and I’ve found please return, and then it has a little bit of an explanation of how to use this journal and then it starts Here, with the beginning of every month, it has an inspirational quote, and then it goes into the day and I’m already using a five-year journal. And I really love it, because I have to keep less of my journals and calendars and planners so for every year. At the moment, for the last four years, I’m writing down the most important things that happen in my life every day. So I can compare what’s been happening year after year on that day, no really enjoy this, but this journal is slightly different.

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Instead of writing down your experiences, it is more introspective, so it has a journaling prompt, for example, here my best memory from last year and then how I provide value every day, my favorite activity to do as a family. So what else something that makes me feel brave, my biggest time waster, something that makes me feel young, something I’m wishing for something, I’m waiting for a truth that revealed itself to me recently. So this journal is really meant to get to know yourself, better and figure out who you actually are and how you change over time versus just recording experiences real life.

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So I really like that aspect of this journal that it is different and you’re just gon na write like one simple line every day, whatever comes to mind in regards to the journaling it prompt here sort of something I want to be better at, for example, and then you’ll see how it changes you know from year to year, and it is unbated, so you can start whenever you want with this journal, and I really like the font here. On top, if it was for writing that experiences, I wish this were smaller. So you have my writing space, but since you’re not recording what happens in your day, but literally just writing down one or two sentences on what comes to mind when you think about the journaling prompt, I think it is enough space.

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I’m also going To show you my writing sample real quick, so you can you get an idea. I have good two paper qualities. I think the quick paper weight is about 70 pounds or around 105 GSM, so it is quite thick and I’ll show you this in a minute. What just fell out there? It has quite a bit of texture to it. As you can see, it’s quite rough, so you will not get a very smooth writing experience with this paper and that’s another thing if you would do artwork in this like watercolors and ultimania art, I think it’s great for that, but for a plane, riding experience. This paper is a tad bit too rough for my taste, so I’d love to see them use a little bit smoother paper if it’s journalists, if they make journals just for writing purposes like this one. So here we have a pencil, a ballpoint pen. So your point four millimeter gel pen is 0.7 millimeter jopen. Then here we have two retro 51 rollerball pen I’ll share in a minute, and then here we have the pilot metropolitan medium nib Diamine Marine Ink. So you can definitely use a fountain pen on this paper

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Then here I know, there’s writing on the back here, but I hope you can see through there. There is some ghosting, but absolutely no bleed through. So it is found pen friendly paper. You just will not get a smooth writing experience worth just flows on and on into the page, because it’s quite textured paper. So that’s the only thing that I wish was a little different. It was a bit smoother.

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I really liked the cut pages here. It gives it a more rustic, look and feel and more rugged II.  I really like this makes it look a little bit more interesting

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What I also love about this, how personal it is so this little booklet right here tells you who made this. So, thank you Zoe for making this journal for me, i’m really gon na enjoy using it, and I can’t wait to try it out and start Jenny first. So I think this makes a great gift for somebody. They also have a limited edition in this one.

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This is that the only thing I was where she was slightly different was this little clasp right here, the brass and then the paper be slightly smoother.

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I also want to show you this ballpoint and a rollerball pen, real quick. It is an exclusive collaboration between Rustico and Retro 51. I don’t know if any of you know this brand, they make real, high-quality roller, ball pens and also fountain pens, and they designed this came with for us to go.

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Let me show you this real quick. So this is a silver one, it’s also available in brass. It says rustic, oh and then the texture looks like a typography of the map and it says, leave your mark and it is refillable black ink

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A nice texture at the top here as well and again it says retro 51. So I really like to look at this pen is a nice way to it’s, not too heavy, not too light just right, and then here you can see the tip of the rollerball and they developed a special ink that it’s called wet ink liquid ink. That kind of gives you a feeling. Experience of writing, like you, would, with a fountain pen while actually using a rollerball pen, so it flows really smoothly onto the page. It’S a very nice writing experience and you can get refills for it as well yeah.

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So those were my two cents on the Rustico 5A journal. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me comment. If you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up and for more notebook entries subscribe to my Blog . Thank you so much for Reading.

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