Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1

Old Style Notebooks
Lavender A6 NB S20P
Hazelnut A5 NP S19 Q
Cahiers A5 Kiwi NB S18 A, Almond Penguin NB S04 A , Citrus Fruits Beetles NB S02 A


Disclaimer: I was provided with samples for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own


Hello everyone, today I’m doing a review of these notebooks by the company Rossi 1931, and these are Italian notebooks. It’s a family-owned company who’s been in business since 1931 hence the name and all their notebooks are entirely made in Italy, so these that they sent me are called the guests. They call them the old-style notebooks. I’M also going to do a second part of this review. I’m going to show you some other notebooks from the company but, as I said, those are the old-style ones.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 0 2 screenshot

Let’s start with this little guy, it’s in say a6 lavender, it’s a vintage design and it’s quite pretty here with the imprints, and this is actually printed on an antique press from the 30s, which i think is really cool and says it here in the back. It’s a cardboard cover spiral-bound, just a big stock cover, and you can actually see me the imprints. You can feel them on the on the paper.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 0 48 screenshot

There’s a cover page with an index in case of loss. Please return and edges a square as you can see in the back. You open it up. there’S also a cover page right there we’re gon na put in some info on your week.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 1 23 screenshot

This one’s i said in a6, so the dimensions are 4.1 by 5.9 inches or 10.5 by 15 centimeters and it has 64 sheets i should say that which makes the 128 pages if you’re right on both sides. It’s say it’s off-white more, like cream-colored paper at 6 millimeter ruling – and I did a writing sample right here. My guess I couldn’t find any information on the the GSM of there, but I think it’s around feels like around 90 grand,

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 1 46 screenshot

Here’s a pencil, ballpoint pen and then 0.4 millimeter gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen and then here we have the fountain pen Pilot  Metropolitan Medium Diamine Marine Ink and there is no feathering whatsoever.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 2 25 screenshot

When you look in the back, you turn around there’s hardly any ghosting. I can’t really see any ghosting and there’s no fence no bleed-through whatsoever. So this is excellent paper really high-quality paper great for fountain pens. It has a wee bit of tooth to it, but barely any. This is slightly too thin. This, like super smooth paper like Clara fontaine. So this is the little guy the a6.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 2 45 screenshot

Then we have a a 5:1 it’s hazelnut and its top spiral-bound and the mentions on this ones are 5.9 by 8.3 , inches or 15 by 21 centimeters and also same design, we’re almost the same design, also printed on the antique by the press from low 30s.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 3 19 screenshot

As I said, this is a but here’s one again cardboard cover squared edges and then a cover page with index and again in case of loss, write that here.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 3 39 screenshot

This one’s seventy millimeter ruling and there’s also marking around the edges here and then again the writing sample. I’D say it’s the same paper as in the little one, so they a6.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 3 51 screenshot

Again, pencil, Ballpoint pen is your point: familiar gel pen, 0.7 millimeter jump in and again the pilot metropolitan Diamine marine , and then they I didn’t, let it dry sufficiently. So I smudged a little bit.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 4 4 screenshot

When you turn it around again, there’s a not really any ghosting and absolutely no bleed through. So the paper is really excellent. on those. This one has fifty sheets. So that makes it a hundred pages. If you would wear the right on both sides

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 4 23 screenshot

Then these guys are like t his was the color Kiwi  So it’s a greenish color again in the antique design here, just like the spiral about once, and these are all stitched and the stitching actually has different colors. So this one’s black blue and this one looks kinda like tannish, green I’d, say, and it’s nice that they’re stitched and bound like this like it makes it really durable like you, don’t wouldn’t think that this would ever come and done 

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 5 9 screenshot

This one is the Penguin one, the color almond – and this one is actually from uh, says over here historical illustration from the 18th century, which i think is really cool.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 5 32 screenshot

This was the bugs and I think it’s called citrus fruit. It’s the color on this and I was at appeals and again historical illustration from the 18th century and when you open it up, so this is they’re all a5.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 5 53 screenshot

So the dimensions again are 5 foot, 9 by 8 point 3, inches or 15 by 21 centimeters and they all have 64 sheets or 128 pages and all blank and as you can see, squared edges here.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 6 3 screenshot

It’s a cardboard cover and another cover page right  Here, which i think is really pretty go write your name on it or something, and then you have blank pages and then in the back again another cover page. We have the actual cover.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 6 56 screenshot

There’s the writting sample. This one has actually even more truth to it than the spiral bout one. So it’s slightly different paper, a my guess is all sits around line of ground paper. I don’t know if the camera picks up two to thumb. This, I’m not sure I’m just gonna try this.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 7 7 screenshot

Here you have the pencil writing sample, ballpoint pen, zero point four millimeter gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen and then here again the fountain pen the Diamine Marine Ink Pilot there’s a wee bit of feathering, but barely any you can see just a tag and again it’s like off-white paper.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 7 34 screenshot

In the back there is some ghosting and there’s almost some lead through. So if you have a broader nib or letter ink, you might get some bleed through in this paper. So and there’s this you can see, there’s ghosting, so I guess this would more make more like a sketchbook or something like that. Also because the most has more tooth to it or if you’d like more feedback when you’re writing this one could be a good one for you, just that with super wet ink, sir brought on names with a fountain pen.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 8 14 screenshot

It’s show me the designs and use Real quick again, then here’s the penguin one, I’m also kind of cool, it’s very hipster and then, when you open it up, looks like this again blank pages in the back.This one again like this, and then they have the index here like this. By about ones and then in the back, writing the schedule right here or something and then there’s the back.Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 8 32 screenshot

So all in all. I really like these. I think the paper quality is excellent. It’s also great price on those quite affordable. You want to check them out and I love the fact that they’re entirely made in Italy – and I have some more of these – I’m gon na – show you in another entry so, but that was, I guess, the first part of my Rossy 1931 notebook review. I think two great notebooks.

Rossi 1931 Notebook Review Pt 1 8 43 screenshot

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