Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review


Rhodiarama Notebook Soft Cover – color Taupe
5.5 x 8.3 inches, 14.8 x 21 cm
160 pages, 90 gsm ivory paper made by Clairefontaine




Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own. Amazon link is an affiliate link

Hello everyone, today i’m doing a review of the Rodhia Rodhiarama softcover notebook.


So this is a softcover leatherette notebook. It is an a5. This is how cumson’s shrink-wrapped action passed again and has his sleeve on it and, let’s open it up, there is a this contrast. Colored orange elastic strap.


So let’s take up the sleeve real, quick, it’s an a5, which means it is 5.5 by 8.3 inches, it’s roughly an a5, not exactly but pretty much any thought or 14.8 by 21 centimeters.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 0 27 screenshotRhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 0 47 screenshot

So this is in the color taupe. It comes in thinking sixteen different colors, but I like to taupe the best my opinion it has this nice little texture to it makes it look a little bit more like leather. I know camera picks this up really well and then the Rodhia logo is embossed on it, on the front has rounded edges, as you can see, and the paper lines up nicely with the cover and it’s pretty flexible soft cover.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 1 6 screenshot

It’s not bound, it’s just it’s stitched and glued as you can see right here and consider stitching and then it’s glued to the cover and then you open it up is this orange cover page and then falls in the back this cover page and then it has a pocket in the back.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 1 32 screenshot

As you can see, I was in orange and I what I noticed is that the pocket doesn’t line up with the edges here, it’s a little shorter, which makes it actually nicer easier to access it and we use in this fairly large pocket. So rounded edges  here and then you can see there’s some imprints from the elastic strap at the top and at the bottom, it’s not too bad. Just you know a little bit right there as you can see,.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 1 54 screenshot

It has how many pages? 160 pages or 80 sheets – and this is the line one and, as you can see the lines there I’d say it’s a dark grey and they don’t all go all The way to the edge of the page so does a little bit of margin there and then there’s not really much of a margin at the bottom four at the top.  I believe it’s seven millimeter rule right there,

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 2 46 screenshot

It is made with Clairefontaine paper and it’s 90 grams ivory-colored, so it is great paper. Quality super smooth just feels great to write on. Let’S look at the writing sample to put the orange elastic strap. I mean a bookmark right here, let’s put to the side.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 3 26 screenshot

Let’s check out the writing sample. So here we have pencil, then a ballpoint pen, a 4  millimeter gel pen, a 7 millimeter gel pen, and then we have the Pilot metropolitan medium diamine marine ink. They fountain pen and there’s absolutely no feathering with any of these one looks fantastic,

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 3 43 screenshot

We turn it over the page. There is some ghosting, I’m not sure we’ll the camera picks this up, but there is absolutely no play through and I, like the ivory colored paper a lot. I prefer it over plain white .

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 4 6 screenshot

I, like the feel of the cover to it, feels really soft and smooth.  It almost looks like real leather, because it has this texture to it. It feels really great in your hands.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 4 24 screenshot

It lies fairly flat too, and you just spread it out a little  just anywhere. You like not not a problem there, so that’s great for riding on it. I think that’s pretty much it so this was the Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook  made by Rhodia with Clairefontaine paper. I think it is a great notebook.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 4 48 screenshot

I love the color of this super super elegant in my opinion, and has a little chrome dress right there with the orange it makes it look a little bit more interesting.

Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook Review 5 12 screenshot

So thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment and for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog. Thank you.

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