Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks


Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks
A5 5.5 x 8.25 inches; 14.5 x 21 cm;
Rhodia Webnotebook Ice Collection
Rhodiarama Softcover Notebook



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Hello everyone today, I want to show you these new notebooks by Rodhia, and this is a Rudy Lab notebook, and then this is the Rodha Rama Softcover Notebooks, and I’ve done in-depth reviews of each one of these notebooks before, so if you want to know about them in depth, go check out the other videos I will link them below, but they just want to give you a quick overview of these new ones.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 0 0 screenshot

So, let’s start out with the rodeo web notebook real quick. So this is the new called ice edition or ice collection. As you can see, it’s silver. Let me take off sleeve real, quick and this one’s a dot, great notebook, and you can see it is silver and the cover has this really nice texture to it that I really enjoy. So, if you want a silver notebook, definitely check this one out, this one look like a black that I just came out with this color.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 0 52 screenshot

Here is what the cover compares to to the classic web because is like smushi soft, like very, even texture, and then there’s this one has lines to it, in the color. That is quite a bit different than the classic black webby and the classic one has also been available in orange for a while, and now they came out with this color, the silver one and then extended to dot grade one.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 1 8 screenshot

The paper is quite cream-colored, positive, yellow tinted, a really warm lighting here to them for some that might even look more yellow in the video and the dots ,are I’d, say dark, green, it’s five millimeter spacing in between the dots.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 1 46 screenshot

Here’s my writing sample. I’ve shown you this before we’re just going to go over this real quick. So here’s a pencil ballpoint pen, 0.4 millimeter gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen and then here’s the fountain, pilot Metropolitan Medium Diamine Marine Ink and i smashes right there. I didn’t let the paint dry long enough, so my bad.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 1 57 screenshot

Here you see, there’s some ghosting but no bleedthrough. So it’s a you know it’s 90 Grms Claire Fontein papers. So the paper quality is excellent. Probably one of the best papers that you can get in notebooks these days, so I think it’s actually better than you know any other one that I’ve written in it has just paper weight like Leuchtturm or Moleskin, they’re not really as good as claire fontain paper and the wrote in notebooks.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 2 24 screenshot

So when you open it up, should show you there’s also a silver cover page. If we get into it and then it says the papers native France and then in the box back, you have a silver pocket and then it’s black right there with my black cloth and then there is a silver bookmark as well, so it’s all in the same color.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 3 15 screenshot

The dimensions real quick than a5. It is 5.3 by 8.25 inches or 14.5 by  21 centimeters. So this is really cool color and the only thing I would change is I would make the bookmark a little bit longer, so you can pull it through all the way without having to actually open it. That’s the only thing I would change in that notebook and the spine slightly around this painting. So this is the Rodhia Ice collection and, of course, it’s hardcover, just like the regular webby .

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 3 33 screenshot

Here is the soft cover one. This is a really Aramis off-colour notebook. As I said have also done a review on this one before this was orange one, so they just came out with a doctorate version of this notebook as well,.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 4 6 screenshot

Here it is again dark, gray colors. I already did a writing sample in this one as well. In the previous entry- and I showed you this one before this is the line one and it’ll subside compared could be doctorate again 5 millimeter spacing between the dots here I’ll, compare to the lines you can see, and it’s exactly the same paper i think, as in the Rodha web notebook, it feels exactly the same. This 90 grand paper states on the website. That is also 90 grand paper. It looks like it’s a tad lighter than the paper in the web notebooks, but you can barely see it and it might just be. You know from batch to batch because it is really really really small variation of paper, but it feels exactly same and again.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 4 43 screenshot

It’s softcover nice texture to it, there’s a little bit of give to it, and if you can see this rounded edges now you can see imprints from the elastic strap, but that’s unavoidable because it is a soft cover, so it’s gonna have some imprint and it’s pretty flexible.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 5 30 screenshot

Here you have an orange cover page right there and then again pocket in the back and here the white on the side, the cross right there listen, it’s actually pay for its most amount of paper. So nice back  pocket – and this is what that orange color it’s available, and I don’t know what they cost at least 10 12. So if you’re interested go check out the website.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 6 23 screenshot

Again one thing I would change it makes this work a little bit longer. It was quite short there and you can’t pull it all the way through without having to open up the notebook.

Rhodia Dotgrid Notebooks 0 0 screenshot

So this is a quick introduction of the Rodhia Ice Collection and the new Dotgrid, routing arama notebooks that previously only available as a line version. So if you enjoyed this entry, please give a thumbs up if you’ve any questions leave me a comment and if you want to see more helpful entries subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for reading.

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