Red Co Impressions Notebook Collection

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Hello everyone today, I’m going to show you the red coat impressions, collection and these notebooks are made by the company Red Co Goods ever viewed, one of the journals previously. So if you interested check out that entry – and they just came out with this new collection – the Impressions Collection – so I’m going to show you these today they came out with a different colors. I have four here that I’m going to show you so let’s get started


This one is the coffee brown one and each notebook is available as a plain one, a rule one and the dot grid one and the dimensions on all of them are 5 by 7. So 5 by 7, inches or 13 18 centimeters and all of them have 280 pages and what’s new about them, is that they have a table of content and a pocket in the back and all the pages are numbered.


So all the notebooks have this two-tone color thing to it in different colors. So there’s some brown as you can see, and there’s a nice little texture to the cover. And then this is silver colored elastic, strap and then the edge of the paper is also silver colored, like a silver grey, it’s not too silver, not too shiny. As you can see, we had to select this in between the grains over I’d say  Let’s check out the inside, i oh it’s also news that all of them come with two bookmarks, previously their notebooks only in one bookmark.  So these have two and they all have a white and the black bookmark. If this offer quick.


As I said, it’s the coffee brown one rounded edges that it’s a hardcover notebook, but it does have some nice little gift to it. So it’s a semi hardcover I’d say which I really like and then rounded edges and the paper almost lines up with the cover,  it got a better millimeter of overhang, so I like that and here is the spine  is pretty flat. It’S a little bit of a like some rounded notes from the the bookmarks.


Let’s, it’s open it up. So you can write your information right here on the white cover page and then you have on a table of contents right, the page and the topic right here you have 3 pages of that .


Then you have all the numbered pages. So this one, the plain one they’re nicely numbered as you can see and they’re here in the back, it says: read: Co reading China designing your things their websites, and then you have a pocket in the back. It’s kind of a fabrication support right there, a nice little pocket in the back it’s all new that pockets now.


As i said 240 pages total. It is ivory colored paper and it’s around 80 gram, and let me show you the writing sample real quick. So here it is my nice little bookmark for that. First, you can see the black one and then there’s the white one. So they seem like nice quality, the bookmarks.


So here’s my writing sample. We have the pencil, ball plain pen, 0.4 millimeter gel pen is 0.7 millimeter gel  pen, in here we have a fountain pen Pitlot Metropolitan Diamine marine ink and there is a little bit of feathering as you can see, it’s not too bad, but just a little bit.


In the back there is some ghosting, but there is hardly any feather just a little bit right there. So this paper, suddenly, okay with firing nibs not with maybe not with super wet ink, but some fine and medium minutes  it is okay.


We can see the journal and stitched and bound, and what I love about this is that it lies super flat. Let me show you that real quick, like incredibly flat great bonus right there, no matter where you open it up, really really nice.


Let me show the other colors real quick. So this is the orange gray. One there’s also plain notebook, you’re happy the orange edges and on the orange elastic.


Then we have the little berry one. This one’s blue, like a lighter blue and a darker blue cover and see the texture cover as well, and this one’s the dotted one,  and it’s five millimeter dots. Let me show you you see the dtos a little bit of margin around the edges with the dots which is nice. So this is the blueberry one. They all of course has a pocket in the back and two bookmarks.


And then here we have the called the winter berry pink, and I want to notice about this. One is that this one actually has a different texture than all the other. Notebooks are looked at our website, and this is the only one with this type of texture is actually my favorite texture, because it looks more like real leather, so I wish all of them were actually like, like this, it’s really pretty and this gauge semi-flexible.


So this one’s pink with like a charcoal gray, bookmark, sorry, left, strap and the edges of the paper, and this one is a line one and it is 6.5 mm ruling and there’s also margin around the edges, really nicely down here too.


So this is my review of and about the impressions collection by the company Red Co Goods, so I’ll show. You is really quick one more time if you’re interested go check out the website. This is how they come when you buy them. Shrink-Wrap really nicely. I mean wrapped in plastic, section clad, which is wrapped in plastic, but it’s really nicely down they’re, pretty affordable, really very reasonably priced good paper quality. I love the colors.


So if you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give a thumbs up for more notebook. entries subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading,

  • Classic and versatile; features a sturdy semi-hard cover and quality faux leather in a slightly textured finish
  • High-quality paper: 120 sheets (240 pages) of acid-free, fountain pen-friendly ivory paper that is very smooth and pleasant to the touch
  • Comfortable construction: lay-flat binding, 5x7 size not too large for your purse or briefcase, and not too small for jotting, bullet journaling and note writing; lightweight and comfortable feel in your hand when you're on the go
  • Classic and simple design: expandable pocket in the back cover, elastic enclosure band, two colored page markers, table of contents and prenumbered pages; Journal dimensions: 7.25"h x 5.25"w x 0.8"d, Dotted
  • 100 % Protected by the "no questions asked" 1-Year Money Back Guarantee; Contact us directly with any issue

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