Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review

Quo Vadis Habana
6.25 x 9.25 inches, 16 x 24 cm
160 pages, 85 gsm ivory colored Clairefontaine paper




Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for this review, however all opinions expressed are strictly my own.Amazon link is an affiliate link


Hello everyone, today I’m doing a review of the Quo Vadis Habana, so let’s check it out.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 0 0 screenshot

So this is how comes this is a little sleeve right there and let’s take this off first. Actually there you go. The first thing that I noticed is the size. It’s quite unusual, its larger than an a5, but obviously it’s also small than an a4.  Since this in-between thing.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 0 31 screenshot

It is 6.25 by 9.25 inches or 16 by 24 centimeters. So i have a standard, a5 notebook right here and I will show you the difference real quick, so you have an idea what I’m talking about.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 0 37 screenshot

So this is a standard a5 voice trim. So you can see you have quite a bit more writing space with this one, which i think is great if you’re looking for a slightly larger notebook without wanting this huge thing that you have to hold around.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 0 58 screenshot

It has rounded edges, and then it has a slight overhang here with the paper I’d say it’s  about 2-3 millimeters right: There and also the cover is interesting, it’s gorgeous just plain black, but it has a slight texture to it. The camera picks it up, which makes it more like look like we’re  Leather, and is leathered  and then it’s a smooth front cover.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 1 9 screenshot 1

It used to have the logo right here and notice that and older reviews that I’ve watched, but now it’s just gone and just has this litlle logo embossed in the back right here.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 1 43 screenshot

As I said it’s a new  cover because it is just in between of a soft and the hard cover, so it has quite a bit of give to it. So it’s not really that hard, but it’s also not, as I said, an enormous soft cover that would bend even more and be more flexible. So it’s quite interesting. I like it.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 1 54 screenshot

It also comes with an elastic, strap. Sorry, a bookmark, of course, elastic, strap too and a bookmark, and then it has a pocket on the back. That’s why it’s fairly large and it has a white colored page in the back and then also white one here on the front.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 2 16 screenshot

What is also great about this elastic strap. That I noticed is that it lines up nicely with the notebook. So it doesn’t dangle down, as I can show you here in my Leuchtturm. I’ve used this for a while, but you can see yeah, that’s a great, and here it looks really really neat. It looks like really good quality. Maybe this will give it after a little while too, but as of now it looks fantastic.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 2 53 screenshot

Let´s, have it open, it’s a hundred and sixty pages or 80 sheets. It is ivory, colored paper, so it is off-white. The notebook is stitched and bound, as you can see right here, so it should hold up fairly well.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 3 7 screenshot

I t lies pretty flat too. It’s a great feature as well right out of the gate stuff anywhere. You open it. So that’s nice.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 3 16 screenshot

Let´s take a look at my writing sample, if I can find it, where is it?there it is. So here we have a pencil ballpoint pen, 4 millimeter gel pen, 7 millimeter gel pen and then that fountain pen, the Pilot Metropolitan medium Diamine marine ink – and there is not no feathering that I noticed at all.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 3 37 screenshot

In the back there’s some ghosting know if the camera picks this up really well, there’s absolutely no bleedthrough. It is super smooth paper. It’S 85 grand paper it’s made by Clairfontaine in France, it’s really high-quality paper and then the actual notebook is made in the USA, which i think is great too. So you don’t buy anything. That’s you know been made cheaply. Nation is made in the USA, so it is a quality product.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 4 5 screenshot

 I love the unusual format that it has that it is a little bigger. It provides a little bit more writing space without being so huge that you can’t carry it around with you anymore.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 4 36 screenshot

Only thing that I would change. Maybe is the overhang, but it’s just a personal thing of mine. I too, like the paper to line up with the cover, but I like the fact it has the rounded edges and it looks really elegant. This is so I said to this really slight: let a texture to it that looks great and more high-quality yeah. It feels really nice in their hands.

Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Review 5 4 screenshot

So those are my two cents on the Quo Vadois Habana. If you have any questions, just leave me comment for more Notebook. entries subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.

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