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Hello, everyone today, I am doing every view of the passion planner all right, so let’s check it out before I get started. I was just gon na say if you’re interested in this planner, I do have a discount code for you. It is journaljoy10 . If you like what you see and you want to order, one feel free to use that code, don’t get you 10 % off all right. So, let’s check it out.

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As I said, this is the passion planner. This is the vintage Brown limited edition, so they only have a limited amount of this color available. They have several different colors, of course it would black one and then the other ones, but I like this color the most, that’s why I ordered it. It’s a nice leather red cover and it has actually this nice leather texture to it, i don’t know if the camera picks it up. I think it’s a really pretty color, so I totally fell in love with this and then it says, passion planner here on the front, it is embossed, as you can see,

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The planner has rounded edges and the paper pretty much lines up with the cover which I like very much, and it has elastic strap as you can see here, it is nice and thick looks like nice quality and then this is a a5 and they also have a larger size. But I chose to get the a5.It is five-point eight by eight point, three inches or fourteen point, eight by 21 centimeters.

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It is stitched and bound, as you can see, right there and it is a soft cover and which means it’s quite flexible here so, and I really like the feel of it – it’s quite nice and smooth.

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It has 212 pages and the paper they use Is a hundred and twenty grams? So it’s really thick paper, it’s really nice quality paper and it is pretty just white standard white I’d say, is a 212 pages all right.

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Let’s check it out, so it is a planner. It’s supposed to help you achieve your goals and when you open it up, you can put your information right here and then, as you see it’s limited, so this is number four thousand seven and twenty three out of ten thousand and then it explains you how this planner works

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Here you’re supposed to line out your passion roadmap, and you set your goals for three years one year and then for three months and then how to create your plan, how to achieve your goals it’s all line out here. So it gives you a nice description and then again more information, how to use this planner and how it is set up and how to use the weekly sheets and spreads. And it gives you a monthly overview here like for the entire year of 2018 and then down here you have some space for our notes and, of course, some what u.s Holidays here and then for 2019

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Then you have at the beginning of every month. You have a monthly overview this for January, of course. So here you have this month’s focus. You put your personal focus and your work focus in here, what it’s really important for you this month and people you want to see places you want to go to and then a not to do list. For example, you want to quit drinking coffee or something like that, and then you have to do lists for your personal projects like top priority project and then other things to do, and you can check it off here and then for work projects. Can you tell priority and then you can check out the boxes here, as I said, there’s a monthly overview for January and then down here you can break down your goal for the month and create a little bit map or mine map.

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Here we go into The weekly layout plan here’s this week’s focus what’s most important for the week and good things that happened this week. It gets her gratitude going, then I little quote for the weekend a little prompt. What something to do is something to think about or ponder about and then again he’s a personal to-do list for the week and then there is a work to-do list and then here we have space for your notes and whatever you want to write down for that Week and then every day, so this starts on a Sunday. They also have planners and other black ones, they start on a Monday or Sunday, so you can choose, but this color only comes with a Sunday start into the week. So you can put you today’s focus and then a day starts at 6:00 a.m and then, if every half-hour you have a new column here and then it ends at 10:30. So you can really in detail plan out your day every day and you have a nice overview for the week and then again goes on and on for a weekly fee a weekly calendar and planner .

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At the end of every month you there’s a room on a double page for reflection. So what was the most memorable part of this month and what we three biggest lessons you’ve learned. Then you review your planner and you see if you’re happy with how you spend your time, and you write that down here and then. How are you different between this past month and the month before it like what has changed personally for a year in your life? And what are you grateful for this month and then name three things you can improve on for the next month and then from one to ten? How do you feel about this past month and then you have a end of the month checklist here where you can highlight your accomplishment. You calendars highlight what you’re proud of and then, as you choose a game-changer from your roadmap, and then you put it in monthly layout for the next month. And then you set the check points for for your steps and what to do that accomplish a goal.

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And then again you have the monthly overview here for February and then you go into the weeks again and it goes on and on two weeks and then with a monthly reflection again until the end of the year here. So you have a monthly reflection for December.

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You also have the end-of-the-year reflection, so how you feel about this past year and the scale from one to ten, then what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of the year about your three biggest lessons? You’ve learned and you’ve reviewer planner necessity priorities and how happier with how you spend your time you put that in here and then how different you are between last year and this year and then again what you’re grateful for and then three things you can improve one for the next year and then here at the end, you have some blank space. You have twenty blank pages here and then twenty graph pages, and then there is the cover page right there.

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Here is also. I’v got to show you beautiful pockets. Probably one of the prettiest pockets I’ve ever seen because the whole pocket is cloth, and it’s like this really nice satiny brown. It’S really pretty, in my opinion, so and then here the still cruelest planet actually cut hand inspected before they shipped it out, and it also comes with this really pretty green red green bookmark, so which is a really nice contrast to the brown.

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Let’s show you, The writing sample, as I said it’s 120 gram paper, so it is pretty thick paper and it’s really nice quality. It’S pretty smooth, and here we have the pencil ballpoint pen. 0.4 millimetre gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen, and then here we have positive qualities about the pen Diamine marine ink and there’s not really any feathering at all

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In the back there is no ghosting, no bleed through no nothing. So this is really high-quality paper. You don’t see anything here, so it’s definitely found finding friends and, as I said it stitched and bound, let me show you that real quick, I can’t find it. You can see very nicely done too, so it feels like high quality. It feels like this should hold up for a while and actually make it through the year without falling apart.

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So I’m really excited to try this planner, because I’ve tried a daily planner in this past year and to set my goals daily and I kind of got lost in it, and I didn’t know where I was so. I feel like a weekly overview, will work better for me. So I have the entire week spread out before me and I know what’s going on each day and I don’t have to like go from day to day and get kind of lost in it. So I’m really excited to try this planning for the upcoming year. As I said, if you’re interested in this planner, I do have a discount code for you guys it is Journaljoy10, I will put in a description box so feel free to use it us at the checkout. Look at you, 10 % off .

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If you’ve enjoyed this review, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions comments, please feel free to write me. A comment and for more notebook entries subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for reading

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