Papier Demi Notebook Review

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Hello everyone, today I’m doing a review of the Papier Demi Notebook, alright, so let’s check it out.

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It comes in this little paper right here when they deliver it, and here is the notebook, as you can see, it is a black and white notebook. It is roughly in a five size: the dimensions are six inches by 8.5, inches or 15.3 by 21.5, centimeters so said, and pretty much an A5.

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And it is a hardcover, it’s also available as a softcover, and they have a hundreds of different designs on their website. So, even just this notebook at the top is white and then the bottom you can get in 11 different colors. 

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So what is special about this notebook, in my opinion, is that it is highly customizable hundreds of different versions of notebooks, and then you can print whatever you want here at the bottom of the notebook and all the other designs they have. You can put whatever you want here. I chose to quote: everything lies within. You can put your name here as well. If it’s for a wedding, a baby shower a travel notebook, your notes as some project you’re working on whatever you want to put on there, they will print on here for you, which i think is really cool, because it makes it really personal, and it also think It’s a really amazing gift.  If you need one for anyone who has some special occasion coming up like a high school, graduation or college or whatever. 

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So I really like that, so it is, we’re going next. It has square edges right here an d then there is some overhang with the cover here and actually quite a bit.

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It’s about three four millimeters, it’s a little bit too much for my taste. I wish the paper would line up a little bit more with the notebook.  

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It is an 85 gram paper, it’s  pretty much white paper. This one is the lined version. It is also available as a blank version as well and, as I said earlier, as a softcover,

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it comes with a bookmark. That is Navy. I wish it was black. I think it’s like the only thing I mean it’s not a deal breaker, but I just wish to put mesh the bottom more like half that be white and then whatever color the bottom is half that be the color of the bookmark just a little thing,

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and it is seven millimeter ruling, that’s great, pretty dark ruling. It’s like dark gray,

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Let’s check out the writing sample., Here we have a pencil, a ballpoint pen, a hybrid pen. 40.4 millimeter gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen with rollerball pen and then down here at the pilot metropolitan medium ink with diamond marine inks. As you can see, the paper allows for some nice little shading and color variation and, let’s flip it over to the back.

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You have some ghosts in here, as you can see, but there’s absolutely no bleed through with the rollerball and the fountain. So it’s a really nice paper quality. I guess that’s where the 85 gram paper comes in handy, that it’s a bit thicker, so it doesn’t bleed through it all. Yes, okay, as I said, to use a fountain pen with this notebook. Can you see the margin here at the top? It’ a really nice thing.

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I mean notebook is physically, nice quality. It is stitched and bound and, as you can see up here under just in, it’s fine really nice, but it does take a little bit of effort to break into it to make it lie flat,

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but once you do should be able to make it lie pretty flat, I mean not completely but yeah pretty flat.

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The actual cover is three millimeter thick and it is a 150 GSM, so paper finish that says on their website.

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Okay check out the back one more time and then here’s the back cover.

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There is not a pocket, no nothing just the bookmark, so I think this is a really nicely done notebook.

I will leave a link of the description for you to check it out if you’re interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment for more notebook entries, subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading!

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