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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing review of these Paperstyle notebooks made by the company Concess, so Concess , is a Swedish company and they make these signature style notebooks that are called actually paper style and they come in a lot of different colors. I have two here: One is in a 256 real pages and then one is  a blank one with 128 pages. So, let’s check out.

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This one first, as I said it’s blank pages 128, the size is an a5, which means it is 5.8 by 8.3 inches or 14.8 by 21 centimeters.

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So let’s take this off right here. It is a cloth cover, it’s beautiful, linen cover. This color is called denim. We have the logo embossed on the back here. It has square edges.

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It is stitched and bound, as you can see right there there’s a little bit of overhang here between like the paper in the cover. As you can see, it’s brought like three or four millimeters right there. It feels really nice. It has some this nice linen texture to it. As I said it, just like an actual book would.

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Let’s open it up. We have a white cover page and then the House 128 black pages. There’s no bookmark. No, I mean sorry, there’s a bookmark, but there is no um pocket in the back and no elastic strap just a bookmark that is actually really nice. It’s this shiny, gray, color looks really nicely made and the whole notebook feels really nicely done, like a physic. Really great quality the way it’s actually manufactured like it doesn’t feel like it would fall apart any time soon,

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It’s slightly off white paper, it’s pretty white, just a slightly off-white, and it actually has some truth to it. The camera picks this up at all. So this would make a great notebook for some sketching it’s not as much and those of as much true through the sketchbook, but it doesn’t have a little bit of tooth to it and it gives a little bit more feedback when you’re riding on it.

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So, let’s check out my writing sample here we have a pencil, a ballpoint pen, 0.4 millimetre gel pen, 0.7 millimeter, gel pen and then fountain pen to Pilot Metropolitan Medium Diamine Marine Ink and there’s not really any feathering that I can tell. As I said, you do get a believe, my feedback. When you write on his paper, then super smooth people.

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In the back. There is some ghosting, but there’s actually no bleed through. So this is 90 GSM paper and I noticed some slight in his perfection in the paper like this little specks right here. Don’T really bother me, but it might bother you. Don’t think it’s recycled paper, but it’s  certified paper.  So it is actually says it right here made from natural fibers right there, so there you have it. That is acid for each page resisting. So this is, as I said, 128 pages blank.

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Let’s check out this one, here’s 256 pages and this one’s ruled. Let’s take this off this one’s called the color is called tea rose. It’s also available lots of different colors. If you want darker colors, it’s also available like black and grain, all kinds of marine, I think also available.

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So again, stitched and bound  really nicely done shows  like really great quality, really well-made and then, as you can see here, like there’s no glue, no, no imperfections, no, nothing. Again Squared edges white cover page.

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There is some pink markings right here from when they am probably when they have printed their lines on it. It’s dark grey lines: 7, millimeter ruling and there’s a margin around the edges here, as you can see at the top a little bit more sides and then at the bottom, so a little bit more pronounced lines than some other notebooks, but still looking good in my opinion.

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Again, this one also has some bookmarks actually to here. You have a white one, it’s quite long, actually really hangover, so if that’s too long for you might be able to cut a little bit again really nicely made the shiny fabric and then the gray one and actually says paper style on it, which i think is a nice touch.

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The writing sample. And this paper actually feels surprising enough slightly smoother than the blank one. So it gives you slightly smoother, writing experience again, pencil ballpoint pen, 0.4 milimenter gel pen, 0.7 millimeter, gel pen and then the Pilot Metropolitam Medium Nib Diaminemarine Ink, and I noticed this paper actually slightly more absorbent. When you write on it than the blank one begin slight difference there and I’m so going to look a little bit darker. I don’t see any feathering, though okay, as far as I can tell.

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In the back little bit of ghosting but absolutely nobly through. So this paper is definitely fountain-pen friendly and it is also 90 GSM paper in the blank one.

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This notebook actualise really nice and flat, and you open it up, there’s no badge, so you know a little bit of breaking into it. It lays really flat actually flatter than that one 128 pages there you needed a little bit more force to make it lie flat so and then one totally as much as this one does, as you can see.

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So what I really like about these is that they look like actual books. So when you buy a you know, hardcover written book fiction nonfiction when you take off the sleeve the dust the dust cover. This is what it actually book looks like. So I kind of like that it does that have that look to it. I don’t see that every day, so again.

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This slightly um little thing. I noticed this one of them all right there and this one doesn’t so slight difference there too. So that’s what I really like about these, that they look like action books and the cover is really nice is a flaw that has a slant texture to it and I think they’re really great notebooks.

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If you want to notebook that looks like an extra book, I think this is the one to go with their fountain pen friendly. Oh, you have plenty of writing space, especially with thicker one 256 pages.

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So those are my two cents on the paper style. Notebooks made by the company Concess, thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up for more notebook entries subscribe to my blog. Thank you.

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