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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of these notebooks made by the company Paper High. So I’m really impressed with what the company Paper High stands for and how they make their products all of their notebooks are made Fairtrade and handmade in India by small, artisans and small family-owned companies. So if you care about the environment and you care about how your notebooks are made – and you know make sure that the people that make them actually paid fairly, then this company is definitely worth checking out.

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I’m looking into so the first notebook. I want to check out is called the sorry notebook and the dimensions are 5.5 inches by seven point three inches or fourteen centimeters by eighteen point, five centimeters.

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It is actually made from garments that are left over by the from the garment industry in India. So you know this fabric was not just made for this notebook, it has been repurposed and it’s really pretty my opinion in the deck she sparkles in the light out enough to camera picks this up. It’s really pretty fabric, so it’s actually been repurposed. Just for this notebook – and it’s not just going into a landfill, so I think that’s really cool

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They also use a paper. That’s made from recycled cotton. So it’s a very eco-friendly product – and I really like this closure right here like it holds the notebook and I say together and on their description, says that the notebook is a hundred and twenty five pages. But actually I counted a hundred and ninety eight pages. So you can see that the notebook is stitched together right here and you can see the leaves are like six. I think they call that leaves of like paper, that’s being stitched together

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Let’s check out the actual paper. As I said, it is cotton paper and it’s just quite thick. I couldn’t find a GSM for the paperweight on their website or on Amazon, but my guess is: is around 25 grams is fairly speaking as you can see. Hopefully it has a lot of texture to it, but since it is made from cotton it still has a certain softness to it and edges of squares.

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You can see so here’s the back. This looks like actual notebook. It does live fairly flat, 2fd break into it. Let me share that because it’s been stitched together individually, so, as you can see, just have to break down it a little bit.

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Let’s check out my writing sample right here here we have a pencil ballpoint pen, 0.4, millimetre gel pen, 0.7 millimeter gel pen, and then here we have to pilot metropolitan medium named Diamine Marine Ink, and there is a little bit of feathering here and the paper soaks Up quite a bit of ink it there, she stayed on the website when an Amazon that it’s not the most fountain pen friendly paper, and they do not recommend fountain pens to be used with this paper because, as you can see, it soaks up a lot of Ink and you will not get a smooth writing experience, but if you really want to, I guess you could use a fountain pen with it.

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Let’s check out the back and there’s hardly any ghosting, and it’s the most you can see here is the fountain pen, but also absolutely not bleed through. So, as I said, you could use a fountain pen, but it does not give you the best writing experience and they also say that you can use watercolor out of paper and it does really well with that. So and I think the colorful paper is slightly off-white. Alright, so that was there sorry Journal.

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Let’s check out the injurer, it’s called Indra Medium Leather journal, so this one’s slightly smaller as you can see compared to this sorry journal. The dimensions are 4.3 inches by six point: three inches or 11 by 16 centimeters.

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It’s a little smaller, more compact again, it says 125 pages, but actually I counted 216 pages. So it’s a little bit off of the page count and it uses the exact same paper as the other journal as it’s a recycled cotton paper.

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I really like this clasp here this closure, I think it’s pretty cool and then it says it’s nice texture on It and it is made from genuine leather and each journal will look slightly different since it is handmade. So it’s kind of reddish dark brown. I would say you can see the stitching and again.

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Let’s open this up and it’s also been naturally dyed. So no harsh chemicals have been used here, so you decided, looks kind of rough there, a lot of texture, a rusti c looking, but there’s a set of soft feel to it, and I did not do a writing sample in this journal because it is the exact same Paper, it’s the other one.

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Those are the two journals made by the company Paper High. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me comment. If you’ve enjoyed this entry, please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more entries like this, please subscribe to my Blog and thank you so much for reading.


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