Odyssey Tomoe River Notebooks + Tomoe River Paper Update!!

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Black Hole Notebook: https://bit.ly/3wb4pqm
Red Tomoe River Notebook: https://bit.ly/3yvFQG4
Tomoe River Booklet: https://bit.ly/3Mb0KOR
Pocket Notebook: https://bit.ly/3l5LlDr

Hello, everyone, i really hope you’re doing well so today, i’m doing a review of these Tomoe river notebooks made by the company odyssey and before i get started. I spoke to the owner of odyssey and asked her what the deal is with tomer river paper, because about a year ago there was a lot of rumors about the paper being discontinued. So she told me that the 52 gsm Tomoe River paper has been picked up by the company Sansen. I believe that’s how it’s pronounced and will be produced manufactured by them, but the 60m 68gsm Tomoe River paper has not so, and these notebooks all use 68 gsm tomorrow paper, and so she said they have supply for about another year and then they’re going to Look into alternatives what to use in their notebooks for the future. They have decided yet but they’re looking for things like to cause my air light and things like that, so all right, let’s get started so this one.

Let’S start with this one right in the middle. This is the black hole notebook actually before i get started, i’m just going to show you the writing sample. I did a writing sample in this little staple bound notebook, and i only did a writing sample in this one because they all use the exact same 68. Gsm Tomoe river paper, so i don’t need to do a writing sample in every single one of them. So here it is.

You have a pencil ballpoint pen, a couple gel pens and roller balls, and then we have the two fountain pens palm metropolitan medium nib with diamond marine ink and a hero. 330 Fuda nib with diamond merlot ink. So super broad nib. There you look in the back. You have some ghosting here, of course, since it’s only 60 inches and paper, but with absolutely no bleed through those of you who use Tomoe river paper.

You know how great it is with fountain pens and fountain pen ink, and it gives a great writing experience, because it’s really smooth soft paper and gives you great shading and sheen with using fountain pens. So there you have it all right. So, let’s start out with the first notebook, it’s called the black hole notebook, it is a hardcover notebook and the dimensions are it’s roughly in a5, a little shorter. It is eight inches by 5.8 inches or 20.

by 14.8 centimeters, and this one is 200 pages and it is numbered, as you can see, right there, so they choose this type of numbers. There you go and all the large notebooks are the same size. So i’m not gon na repeat this sizes of the other ones, so you can see totally the same. It’S a vegan leather red cover and it has this little black hole.

I guess it’s supposed to be embossed on it and silver. Edit has two bookmarks one in black and one in silver, nice and thin. Here, here’s the back. It says odyssey notebooks right there. It also comes with a elastic matching in silver, and then it comes with.

Let’S see a nice little pocket and then the back here tells you that it is 6 8 gsm, timer, rubber paper and blank and again the sizes and 200 pages. So it doesn’t like, as you can see, stitching bound, lies, nice and flat and feels like a nice quality notebook. Overall, i must say so definitely feel free to check this one out, and then we have a soft cover, one which is red – and this has this textured feels like almost like a linen cover. I’M not sure if it is because i don’t know if this is plastic. I think it is plastic, but it has a linen texture and it’s just stock thick stock paper, and it has rounded edges just like this one you can see here and then it is stitched and then glued to the spine here, and this one is a line.

Warm and it has 409 numbered pages, just like the same numbers as the other one here see and the lines go all the way to the edge here and then there’s margin at the top and at the bottom, and this to me looks like seven millimeter ruling. As you can see – and it lies completely flat there you go so if you want a lot of paper, this one’s definitely one for you a lot of pages, i should say really nice notebook and it’s white to my ripper paper as you can see, alrighty and Then the next one i already showed you is this one: it’s just a booklet. It has. I uh know. Oh here i forgot to look at how many pages it has.

It has 48 number pages, and just this white um thicker cardboardish thicker paper cover and it just double stapled. Here there you can see the staples, so there you go and this one is dot grid, with 5mm dots and then again, this slight margin here at the top and at the bottom, and also rounded and then the last one here is the little pocket notebook. So this one is 3.5 by 5 5 inches or 8.9 by 14cm, and it is 72 pages.

This one is orange and they have several different colors and there’s a little satellite here, embossed in the corner. It’S really cute so feel free to check out all the other colors as well. It has a really nice soft touch to it. Another leatherette cover and this one is not numbered. I said 72 pages and this one is stitched here in the middle, so you can see, and then it is again 5mm dot grid with a slight margin here.

At the top and at the bottom, and then for my taste personally, the dots are a little bit too thick. I prefer the dots in this one see. That is the difference between those two. That’S the only thing. I prefer dots a little bit more light there and faint.

What is this? A nice little pocket notebook for on the go? Yeah really nice notebooks, if you’re into Tomoe River paper, definitely feel free to check out the company and see if there’s anything you like, they also have other type of journals and paper on their website. I’M going to link everything down below. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.

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