Nomad Crafts Vintage Notebook Review – Grimoire Journals

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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of these notebooks made by nomads crafts company, I already did a first entry on the on this company, and these are the other two that I have that they sent me and did they Want to check out those two, so it’s these slightly different paper.


As I mentioned the previous post, I absolutely love how they age their paper and make these journals really vintage looking and give them a really unique look and make them stand out from all the other notebook leather notebooks that are out there and there’s so many that You can purchase in this day and age and I loved how this company got creative with their paper and aged up their notebooks.


So let’s check them out. So first, let’s do the smaller one. This is the vintage journal. It is 7.5 by 5.5, inches or see 19 by 14, centimeters and and Billy if it’s available also in larger sizes. So you want this a little bit larger, feel free to check out the Amazon links I’m gon na put below it is made from full grain buffalo leather. So is this one I said just see the color slightly different in this one, slightly darker a little bit more orange II, but they both use the exact same paper.


So, let’s check out the inside here both are wrap, tied journals and leathers, a really nice quality. It feels nice and supple – and here you can see the pages of these notebooks a lot orange it into it and looks like they’ve been treated with some sort of color after they got torn here. They’Re decals believe that’s what they call when you tear the edges of the notebook to make it look really antique and rustic and vintage II, and I love the look and feel of this paper. I think it’s great, like it’s super medieval style. Super antique. Looking is great for, like artwork feel I can do Game of Thrones Harry Potter, a lot of the to Wicca witchcraft kind of stuff or use it for a grimoire journal Book of Shadows journal. You can get really creative with these and you don’t have to go through trying to buy a right, random notebook and then make it look old and vintage. You can actually just get this one and then already have it look like it’s. You know really old and you’ve had it for hundreds of years. What do you think it’s pretty cool and really creative, so here’s my writing sample, as I said, they’re both use the same type of paper, so I’m not gon na. Do two writing samples. So here’s the pencil a ballpoint pen, it’s a hybrid pen, gel pen rollerball. Then we have here pirate mcpaul in mountain pen and I usually don’t do Sharpie or watercolor in my notebooks, because most paper can’t handle it. But this one was pretty great paper. That is cotton paper and you can see, there’s absolutely no ghosting and there’s no bleed through anything with the sharpie. The most of you sees a little bit. What pushed down hard with the ballpoint. You can see that a little bit, but barely at all, it’s really excellent paper. It feels slightly lighter than the paper they’re using the other journals, and I’m just gon na show you that paper are in comparison. Is it for my first video if you haven’t seen that yet please check it out. So here is the first journal that I showed in the other video. This is the key journal and I can show the difference between the two in terms of the coloring, this one’s more orangie and a slightly lighter, and this one’s darker and a little bit more brown so depending on which color you prefer, you can, you know, choose Whatever drill you like better, so I’m coming, let’s go share this real, quick. Alright, let’s put this away, here’s the back on the back of the journal and I’m sure the other one, real, quick, wrap this up and here’s the hard journal, that’s more for women! I think it’s beautiful embossed here and the front: let’s open it up, you can see that and then, as you said, this is the same type of paper here. Both have 240 pages of cotton paper and a hand, stitched I’ll show you that right here too, so both journals are handmade. All the journals are handmade see that right there and here’s the stitching, see – and it mentions on this – one – are 8 by 6 inches or 20 by 15 centimeters and, as I said it both made from full grain leather, buffalo, leather, and this isn’t handmade. So I’m really impressed with these journals. I really like the looks of them. If you have any questions regarding them, please feel free to leave me comment. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and for more notebook videos. Please subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for watching

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