Moonster Refillable v Non-refillable Journal Comparison

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Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re doing well. So today I am doing a comparison between the Muenster refillable journal and their non refillable journal. And it is probably mainly going to be a comparison between the two papers they offer because they have several different versions available with both of them. And I hope I’m not going to confuse you too much. So let’s get into it.

So this is their refillable one. And then here we have the non refillable one. So you can see the non refillable one is this one is a lot thicker because it uses cotton paper and it is bound more loosely with the leather here. And then this one is like your classic stitched and bound notebook right there and see that. And then you can see this is slightly taller here.

And they’re slightly wider as well. But then the paper is actually the cotton papers just think of tad wider than this one. And disclaimer, I dis was a wrap tie journal. But I did cut off the flap because I don’t love reptile journals I was to flap gets in the way that the ties like gets tangled and stuff. And we’re like dangles on the floor.

And I don’t know, I just don’t like it. So I cut it off. I love it like this, but there’s nothing essentially wrong with it. It’s just personal preference of mine. That’s all.

And I’m currently using this journal as you can seem like two thirds through and I hope I’m gonna wrap this up in the last couple of next next couple of months. So if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably have seen quite a bunch of photos of this journal, as I said, because I am currently using it. Alright, let’s get into it. Open this up. And I recently did a review on this.

And on that one a couple years ago. So you can look at my in depth reviews, if you want more information. So they’re both roughly an a five, I know this one’s also available in smaller size. I’m not sure about this one. So the main difference is the paper.

This one, as I said, it’s like loosely stitched cotton paper and this is 125 gsm paper. And when you ride on it, there is a softness to it, because it is cotton, but then you can see it it also is textured, so you’re not gonna get a super smooth writing experience and you feel like you have to work a little bit harder for it. And when you ride on it. I know some people like that. Some people don’t if you want a smoother, more effortless riding experience, I would recommend going with this paper but if you do like mixed media art or when you glue a lot of stuff into your journal, you might be better off with this type of paper.

And there’s also just more room in the journal to like glue stuff in it versus here. This is like tightly bound I mean, you can also type stuff in here but it will get both here. Both of these have a fountain pen friendly paper. Even though this is a lot thinner paper is also fountain pen friendly, as I showed in my recent review. And this one’s thicker so yeah, and then color wise you can see this one is really white and then this one is off white.

You see this really, really thin. And then this is a lot thicker. Yeah. So but if you really love this type of paper, but want a refillable journal, they also offer refills of this cotton paper for this one, so you’re not stuck with just this type of paper if you want a refill or refillable journal. But for this one, I think they only have cotton paper and then one or two journals with craft paper but I haven’t seen this type of paper and this non refillable one because the paper is so thin it doesn’t really lend itself to this type of stitching and style of journal.

So that’s probably why it’s not offered by them. Yes. So the both great options I mean it is totally personal preference. As I said if you do want do a lot more writing you might be better off with this. Also, you know you want some more eco friendly option and not buy new leather all the time.

Also from a price point I think the cost both around the same but then you know every time you need a new journal, you have to you know buy the full price journal here where you can get a really cheap refill for like a third of the costs or half of the cost of the actual journal. So these are really really affordable. These refills and also gets 320 pages with this paper and then only 240 pages with this one. So, yeah, but again, as I said, if you do like this paper and want to refill it, that’s also an option here. Anyways, ultimately, it’s just what type of style you prefer.

The leather is pretty much the same, I’d say. You look at it here, not much difference. Yeah. And then you have the class appear. And then you have the pen loop and you have a bookmark.

And here you do not have any of these features. So you have to wrap unless you cut it off like I did. They have different designs for both of them. So if you’re interested, I’m going to link their Amazon store down below in the website. You can go check it out.

I hope this gives you a little bit of an idea of what’s available from this company. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment. I hope this video wasn’t too confusing. If you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and thank you so much for watching.

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