Moonster Notebook DURABILITY

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  • ★ UNLIKE THE DISAPPOINTING FAKE LEATHER JOURNALS MADE BY OTHER BRANDS, Moonster’s leather notebook is made of HAND-CUT, 100% GENUINE WATER BUFFALO LEATHER and premium RECYCLED COTTON PAPER. Handmade in India, our Leather Bound Journal features a BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED, AUTHENTIC DESIGN that will leave its recipients in awe.
  • ★ WHILE MANY FAUX LEATHER JOURNALS ARE CONSTRUCTED POORLY, WITH GLUED-ON BINDINGS AND PAGES THAT FALL OUT, our writing journal is a keepsake you’ll have forever, with a HAND-STITCHED COPTIC LEATHER BINDING for pages that stay firmly in place. Filled with 120 sheets/240 pages of creamy, unlined PREMIUM COTTON PAPER recycled from leftover garment industry cloth in India, our travel journal note book is TREE-FREE AND ACID-FREE. This blank journal LIES FLAT, making it a pleasure to write in.
  • ★ THE AVERAGE DAILY JOURNAL IS FILLED WITH LOW-QUALITY PAPER THAT degrades the journaling experience. Our writing journals are made with TOP-GRADE MATERIALS, featuring PREMIUM 125gsm EARTH-FRIENDLY PLAIN PAPER that is perfect to write on. NO BLEED THROUGH: Use any ballpoint pen or a slow-flow fountain pen on the handcrafted paper sheets.
  • ★ A HANDSOME, THOUGHTFUL GIFT THAT GIVES BACK. For every purchase made, Moonster gives a percentage of its profits to their favorite charity in Africa, that works to PREVENT AND PROTECT CHILDREN FROM CRUELTY AND ABUSE. Our journal for men & women comes beautifully wrapped in an earth-friendly COTTON BAG. Choose between two sizes: 5”X7” OR 8”x6” – the perfect size for travel! ALSO AVAILABLE IN GIFT SETS (Search: B06XDQG92X)
  • ★ OUR 365-DAY REPLACEMENT PROMISE: If your rustic journal arrives damaged or you find anything faulty with the craftsmanship, simply CONTACT US DIRECTLY within 1 year and we will send you a FREE REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND. No questions asked, HASSLE-FREE. Makes an Awesome Anniversary, Graduation, Valentine or Birthday Gift! Buying 2, 3 or 4? SAVE UP TO $8.00! SEE ALL OUR DISCOUNTS BELOW.

Hello, everyone, I really hope you’re doing well. So today I want to talk about the durability of this monster letter journal. It took me about six months or so to fill it up, I really enjoyed using it. If you want more know details about it, I did an original review on it with like size to paper quality in general and writing sample all that good stuff. So if you’re interested in knowing more, I’m gonna link it below or at the end of the video.

So check that out. So I said it took me about six months to fill it up. And this was originally a reptile journal with a flap and then the tie the letter string, but I don’t really liked his journals because it’s so hard to like get in and out of them when you want to write and and now we’ll see if that string dangling. So I simply cut the flap. And I enjoyed much better this way.

So that’s just my preferred way of using a letter journal, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I just don’t prefer it. So it has held up extremely well, mostly too much because of personal writing in there. And as I said, I enjoyed using it. The bindings still really tight, like none of the paper came out or like none of this unraveled, so it still looks Yeah, pretty much like brand new and has a rustic look to it.

So it already had some scratches and stuff. So it looked like college just as I got it and I did not baby this. I took it on a couple trips. And yeah, schlepped it around so it is a great quality notebook. I can highly recommended in terms of the paper quality, it’s great paper.

It’s soft cotton paper, but it does have a slight texture to it even though the soft feel so if you want to write for hours on end, maybe you go with the notebook that has a little bit more sleek paper but if you like getting a little bit of feedback when you’re writing in your journal, or if you do mixed media art and stuff like that, I think this is a great option for you. Especially if you enjoy that record letter look so that said if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment. If you enjoyed this video. Please give it a thumbs up. And for more notebook videos, subscribe to my channel.

Thank you so much for watching.

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