Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review

A closer look at the Moleskine Pro Planner XL.


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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing a review of the moleskin pro planner XL for 2020. So I already did a previous review on this planner in a smaller size, but I got the bigger size this year.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 0 1 screenshot

So I thought I’d show you this one as well, and the last few weeks I’ve been trying different planning systems. I tried to bullet journal and, while I really loved looking at out of people’s beautiful bullet journals, I’m not a visual artist.


My bullet journal looks like crap. It feels to me simply like a to-do list and I didn’t feel like I could actually get an overview of the year without really going into drawing everything out and, as I said, I not a great artist visually. I just write, so I don’t have the patience to sit there for hours and throughout the months in the weeks, and all this stuff so for me, was simply having a to-do list without any overview of the weeks and months ahead.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 2 6 screenshot  So that did not really work for me and then I tried also a goal planner. Alongside with that was a three months planner with just a daily spread on two pages again, it was not giving me enough overview of the year because it was an undated planner.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 2 14 screenshot

You could use any time you just had two days two pages for one day and it was just too detailed for me, so it didn’t totally work for me. So I decided to go back to the Knowles control, an ER which I have been using last year on and off and mostly off, because I felt like there was not enough room for the actual day, so this year I decided to size up.

So, let’s dive into it, as I said, this is the size XL and i’m gon na show you compared to a standard moleskin, how much extra room you have, especially on the width and then also the length. So it does give you quite a bit more room to write in

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 1 53 screenshot

There it’s available as a hardcover Only as you can see, has rounded edges paper almost lines up with the edge here with the cover it has an elastic strap. That seems pretty sturdy and a bookmark as well. I really wish you came with two bookmarks, but it only has one, unfortunately, especially for a premium product like a product like a pro planner. It should have two bookmarks in my opinion.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 2 3 screenshot

The dimensions are 7.5 inches by nine point: seven five inches or 19 by 25 centimeters, so it’s slightly smaller smaller than an A4 all right, let’s check it out.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 2 31 screenshot

Let’s take off the sleeve here, you can also repurpose and sleep here and turn it into a desk calendar, I’m not do, but if you want to use it for that, fine, alright, let’s check it out.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 2 55 screenshot

So right here is every moleskin. You can put your name and information and then, let’s just throw up on a weekly diary, and it is a weekly vertical planner right here you can put all the  information and then it has overview of 2020 and 2021, just my monthly overview here and then for Every month you have this.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 3 20 screenshot

You have a monthly calendar. We can put any most important things for the month then you have a m onthly projects and goals page, which is really useful, and I used this a lot last year. I can put that all you goals for the year and then probably also by the time you want to achieve it, and then you can put this month focus down here and then down here. There’s also some four notes so plenty of room to actually plan out your month and what you want to achieve that particular month and then it goes on and on with all the monthly calendar here in the front. So it gives you a nice overview here.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 3 46 screenshot

Here we have, I call them all the useless pages which I wish they were just blank pages for my notes, so you can go into more detail and year and mind-mapping, and maybe you know drawing out more Steps and what you want to have to do in order to reach your goals for that year, so we have here instead, the global holidays, all around the world, time zones, measures and conversion temperature international sizes, like all those things things that could just Google, if you Ever needed it dialing coats, nobody needs to ever.  

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 4 46 screenshot

Then you can do a travel planning which some people might find useful and then blank page for extraordinary moments that year and then a blank space page like a random page where you can just put down. I don’t know what and then you have a map of the world here you could put down where you travel for that year.I don’t know, I don’t totally find that useful either, but maybe you enjoy that

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 5 4 screenshot

And then you have another blank page with. Actually, it’s kind of a measuring tape. I find it slightly useful, so can actually measure things out right here.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 5 18 screenshot

Then it goes into the weekly planning. So every week’s the same actually here first we have the goals of the year, which I think should be before the monthly calendar in the very beginning, so to get started with that and then go into monthly and then the weekly. But they chose to put this here, so I can again goals for the entire year and then for every week you have a line right there. Oh hi, you can. I don’t know just with one line, maybe put down what you want to accomplish that week.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 5 31 screenshot

So here you have the weekly overview. It’s is that it’s a vertical planner and starts at 7:00 in the morning and goes to 8:00 at 9:00, and it has two European times in here, sSo 20 would be 8 o’clock.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 6 8 screenshot

We have two holidays up here. All the international holidays, it starts on a Monday and then Saturday and Sunday I split in half, since most people have to do less on the weekends. I don’t mind that at all and then what’s unique about this planner and guess what makes it a pro planner is that in between every week you have this extra devil page from our planning. So yeah he says notes. So you can put down all your notes for the week 

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 7 7 screenshot

Then right here you it says, project and the status on the project and that in here you have all you tasks you have to do and then you can mark that off where I showed us More close again right, there is those notes, and then it says, project status and then down here tasks with these little bullets and then you can mark them off week.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 6 37 screenshot

And then again that repeats itself over and over and as you can see, if the holidays here Again and what, if forgot to show you it says January at the bottom of the month, is always at the bottom and then in this corner you have a monthly overview and then the week you’re in will be highlighted down here. So you know where you’re at and make here and then it says a week two right there, so you always know which week you’re in when you’re down here, which i think is kind of useful.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 7 29 screenshot

I said I wish it had two bookmarks one to put here and then the other one. We have the monthly overview, so you can just flip it back and forth easily. I guess you could, you know, use some tape for that and just mark it with that. But it would have been nice 70 foot marks; instead, it repeats itself over and over again for the entire year, and I’m hoping that since it’s larger now that I will actually have enough space here to plan out my day while still having all the view of The entire week and what I need to do.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 7 45 screenshot

At the end here we have 15 pages of notes and then we have eight blank perforated pages. So here it says, notes and then goes into sorry. These pages are perforated and it is say anything on here. So you can tip these out easily there eight of those and then you have another 8pages that have perforated to-do lists. I never really use these last year, but you could rip these out and click down here to do’s and then mark them off right here

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 8 24 screenshot

I’m going to show you the writing sample in a minute and then it has a bigger cover page and then it comes with a  pocket on the back and these three sticker sets. But I don’t really ever use. But I guess mark stuff with that, and then you have the usual Moleskine history and a quality control sticker.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 9 8 screenshot

So, let’s check out the writing sample the paper to me feels slightly flimsier than last year, even though it says it’s still 70 grand paper. It does not have that velvety feel that it had last year, so it also is slightly more cream-colored, which I’ll show you in a minute. So here we have the pencil 0.4 millimetre gel pen – 0.7. Oh, don’t jump in ballpoint pen. Here we have a hybrid pen, a rollerball, there’s some slight feathering right here, and then we have a fountain pen, the palette metropolitan meeting mint on the marine and kit.


Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 9 45 screenshot

Let’s check out the back, It has a quite a bit of ghosting here, since the paper is so thin and I don’t really see any bleep through, which is really surprising, since the paper is so thin.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 10 17 screenshot

Here it’s last year I toured a page – I usually get rid of my planners, But I kept a couple pages from last year’s and when you look at the back, I was actually surprised that there was more blade through last year than this year when he can to the the rollerball and the fountain pen. Actually it performs slightly better.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 10 27 screenshot

I said a very surprising now you can see that this paper is brighter and this is more cream-colored this year. I don’t know what it changed the color see right there difference, it doesn’t bother me, but I don’t know just a little detail I thought I’d show you, so this paper feels slightly better to me this day, despite not performing as well.

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 10 51 screenshot

And in here in the back It says moleskin and it’s only available as a hardcover, and I think that was pretty much it. Let me see if I forgot anything in my notes. It also does lie flat. Yes, I can show you that real quick yeah

Moleskine Pro Planner XL Review 11 39 screenshot

If you have any questions, questions regarding this planner or you know, I don’t know how to plan out your year. Please let me know I’d also be curious to hear how you plan your year this year and any recommendations you have if you’ve enjoyed this entry. Please give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more notebook entries and entries and planners, please subscribe to my blog and thank you so much for reading.

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