Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner


Pocket size monthly planner 9 x14 cm; 3.5 x 5.5 inches;
Soft cover; pocket in back; elastic strap; bookmark; stickers;


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Hello, everyone today, I’m taking a look at the Moleskin Pocket Monthly Planner, all right. So, let’s check it out.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 0 4 screenshot

So this is it. It is a soft cover notebook, as you can see, it’s quite flexible, and this is the pocket size, as I said it also available as a large and x-large.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 0 26 screenshot 

The dimensions on this one, our nine by fourteen centimeters or 3.5 – five 5.5 inches, so this is what it looks like it comes shrink-wrapped and it has an elastic strap.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 0 11 screenshot

The elastic actually feels a bit flimsy, i don’t know if you can see this, but we need to tug on it a little you see there’s a lot of holes like it doesn’t seem super durable, but time will tell all right.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 0 49 screenshot

Let’s take up the sleep and this little sleeve it just come. A nice idea actually also double size of the desk calendar. So you can’t put this on your desk and yeah it’ll crafty with it.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 1 2 screenshot

As I said, soft cover rounded edges here and the paper lines up nicely with the cover which I always like, comes with a bookmark, as you can see right there.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 1 18 screenshot

A Pocket in the back, come on skin and it comes with some stickers. Three sheets of stickers, black blue ones, light blue and an orange and then also, as always, an usual the most in history. For you to read up on and the quality control sticker, it just fell out.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 1 34 screenshot

It’s a leather It cover nicely textured loge in the back and check out the inside, and you see super flexible moleskin logo and then in case of loss. Please return to with me for another cover page.

 Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 2 16 screenshot

Here you can put your personal information, and here you have them over. Give to the year with every month two pages and then you have 2018 again all of you. We can actually write a little more one line for each day and it’s vertical. I’Ve got three pages of that, it’s four months so double page you can see, and then you have the holidays here: national holidays, then here’s an overview for 2019 again a little bit more space to writing for the monthly overview for 2019, three pages of that again

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 3 24 screenshot

Then you have to Ty Jones measurements, my national sizes, all this stuff. Nobody, I think every needs, but most good just puts it in their calendars for some reason, like dialing coats, not like yeah, not really necessary, in my opinion but whatever, and then you have some travel planning here and then extraordinary moments, you have a page here for that. It’s a blank space right there. It’s like a little dotted world map. I don’t know if the camera picks this up. It came right down places you went to right there and then it gets into the actual calendar.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 3 35 screenshot

As I said, it’s a monthly calendar, so you have a double page for each month and you have these little boxes and it starts in the mondays. You can tell until Sunday, of course – and it was facing right in here so January.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 4 37 screenshot

And then in between you – have one double page, just line pages for notes for the month and it’s uh five millimeters, it’s actually not the standard, I’m living in the most guinness. Smaller lines and one arrow, so i’m five millimeters here and then every it’s double page between.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 4 51 screenshot

Here you can see the stitching. It’s notebook is stitched in bound on always one double page for a double page, with just lines to write notes. Alright, let’s skip the head.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 5 5 screenshot

Goes all the way until december and i counted the pages it’s 128 pages total, so you have 80 pages of your calendar and then you have another 48 pages of just lines, as you can see right there

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 5 33 screenshot

It’s paper 70 grand papers ivory-colored. So it’s it’s call it cream-colored. I like to the shading event Mr. Smith, this note calyx is good paper in it because malls Kingdom has different papers from batch to batch. There are notebooks a very interesting the paper quality, but this one actually denies people call it and it feels pretty nice, it’s more than slicky. So 48 pages here. For your notes, for the years the funniest place for you goals and to-do lists and whatnot.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 5 51 screenshot

Here’s my writing sample. There’S um the pencil ballpoint pen, zero point phenomena gel pen, the zero point: seven millimeter children and then here we have the pilot, probably medium name with diamine marine ink, and I mean if fountain pen actually looks pretty decent on this side is not really any feathering, so it looks nice.

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 6 30 screenshot

But then in the back, if what if it is bleed through here, so it’s not fountain pen friendly paper. If you wear these fountain pen, you could only use one side of the page and leave this side blank. If you wanted to or maybe try to release it will find it but it’s not probably trying to get there, and then we have a quite a bit of ghosting also with the other pens, as you can see, it’s like of a pencil. So since it’s only 70 grand paper, it doesn’t really bother me. Some people go sooner, so I really shoot for me, but I don’t really like to be through. 

Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner 7 1 screenshot

That was pretty much it. This is the 2018 pocket-sized Moleskin Monthly Planner. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me comment. If you want to read more notebook entries subscribe to my blog if you enjoyed this entry, give it a thumbs up. Thank you so much for Reading.

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