Moleskine Notebook Size Comparison

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Hey everyone today, I’m gonna be doing a moleskin notebook size comparison.

I have a little standard ballpoint pen here, just to give you a better idea of you know the dimensions. Those are the three standard sizes of Moleskine that are available pocket, large and extra-large. Let’S take a quick look from the side there you go and let’s dive in so this is the pocket moleskin notebook. Let’ take a quick look, you open it up and it’s the most gonna lug on the bottom, so small, skin, calm, and then the first page the case of floss. Please return to and then you can put an award right board first cover and then they have two pages another cardboard to cover and then there’s the famous pocket in the back. It has an elastic strap and it has also a page marker. All of those notebooks are available in ruled plain and graph paper or square paper.

I prefer rule, that’s where all of mine are ruled. This is the standard edition here at some, the pocket one comes as a hardcover or softcover. As you can see, the softcover is a flexible hardcover, can flex it at all sizes. This is a nine by fourteen centimeters or 3.5 five 5.5 inches, and it comes with 192 pages. Both the soft and the hardcover come with 192 pages. There’S also extra small available that I don’t have at the moment it’s 6.5 by 10, 0.5 centimeters or 25 for 4.1 inches – that’s about you know the size, it’s really little. Those are the three sizes I have available here.

That’s the pocket right there. This is large which is the sizes 13 by 21, centimeters or 5 by 8 point five inches, and if you declared you know, standard ballpoint pen, that’s about the size. It comes in also softcover which I have here and hardcover, which I don’t have at the moment. The softcover comes with a hundred and ninety-two pages, and the hardcover comes actually with two hundred and forty pages.

So you get a little bit more pages with the hardcover and then the last size that I have here. That’S the standard size kind of is the extra-large. It is nineteen by twenty-five centimeters or seven-point five by ten inches fancy pair of a little ballpoint pen. Here it comes only as a softcover, you can it’s, as I said, available a ruled plain and squared paper, but only as a softcover edition. There’s no hardcover available in this size, and it has also as every softcover 192 pages and looks here yet and there’s also a folio collection, which is about 1/4 size, which means it’s even bigger than this a4 and it comes with hunter grant paper and 176 pages. But I don’t have this at home at the moment. What are uses for you know which size, what you use for what this I always use on the go everywhere I go, I take notes in it to do list shopping, lists, ideas that come to my mind.

You know just perfect size to just you know all around wherever you go. This is my preferred size for journaling and that’s what I use it for to write in it. Almost every day, and then the extra large you know I use, for you, know like business ideas, planning could use it for school where you have to take larger amounts of notes, and you know that’s pretty much how I use it. One thing I have to say about moleskin is that they used to have amazing paper quality and now the paper is gone downhill drastically and you compare. This is about five years old. It’S a nice smooth soft paper with you know a nice lining here this I bought a few weeks ago, and it is the ruling as much darker paper. Quality feels extremely cheap, really crazy, cheap paper. It’s pretty bad. I don’t think this price is justified anymore. Oh, you know in the US. It sells for about thirteen dollars.

There is a last known brand available out there, which is exact same size. It’S a Piccadilly and religion also comes with 240 pages, and excuse me, it almost always used to have not as great paper as the most you know, the drawback in other. That paper is actually better than this really cheap. I have to call it garbage from China. This runs about $ 5.99, this size Piccadilly 399 in the US versus thirteen dollars. So it’s about a third of the price and now has better quality paper, which is pretty sad, so this might actually be the last moleskin that I’ve ever bought.

You know I used to be my favorite brand now you know to switch to other brands. That was my quick review in size comparison of the most canned notebooks. Thank you so much for watching!

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