Moleskine Note Card

Quick look at the new Moleskine Note Cards with envelope.
Comes in 6 different colors.
Page Layout: Plain Paper
Dimensions (in): 4.5 x 6.75
Dimensions (cm): 11,5×17,5
Color: Mustard Yellow
Cover: Soft Cover
Number of Pages: 4
Paper Weight: 100 gsm


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Hello everyone, today i’m gonna, take a quick look at the Moleskine Note Cards so obviously got this one. It comes in six different colors in two different sizes, all the colors kind of have this classic office-supply look to it and I really like the other colors as well, but I decided to go with the mustard yellow .

Moleskine Note Card 0 0 screenshot

This is the larger size. The smaller size is about same dimensions as a pocket, most good just to show you. This is a pocket at moleskin, this is how it compares.

Moleskine Note Card 0 35 screenshot

Let’s take a look at the specs. It has a cardboard cover for plain ivory pages that are 120 gram Ivoire paper. It is stitched and this acid-free paper and the dimensions are 4.5 by 6.3/4 or 11.5 by 17.5 centimeters. So let’s take a look.

Moleskine Note Card 0 44 screenshot

They have the Moleskine story all the same as it comes with the regular notebooks. There’s the envelope it says Moleskine here embossed at the bottom, I’m not sure. If you can see this, I think you can it’s a really nice, a little off-white and then this is the actual card .

Moleskine Note Card 1 17 screenshot

This is the front, as I said it’s very plain looking, but I like that, just classic style and then here in the back. It also has the Moleskine logo embossed. As you can see, it’s stitched. a

Moleskine Note Card 2 2 screenshot

There’s the paper. It’s two sheets or four pages, and the first thing that I notice is that the paper quality is really really very nice in this. It’S very smooth and soft. I mean it’s still a little bit of tooth to it, but is extremely just soft and honestly I wish almost getting notebooks would have this type of paper in it. I would probably enjoy using them. So much more.

Moleskine Note Card 2 34 screenshot

I really like this one in terms of pricing. This is about the same as a regular birthday card, . I would definitely get this, for you know a personalized message. I’m gonna surprise somebody. You know a personal note. I think it’s a really great option for that .

Moleskine Note Card 2 50 screenshot

So those were my two cents on the moleskin note card. Thank you for Reading.

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