Moleskine Daily Planner Review

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Hello, everyone today I’m doing a quick review of the most Keon 2020 daily planner. So for those of you who are subscribed to my channel, I recently posted a video of the moleskin pro planner and the excel size and while still intend to use that for appointment, setting and things like that, this will be more of a personal planner for daily Journaling, maybe some gratitude journaling, and things like that, so I got this one as well. For that reason and yeah it’s dive in


This is the large to standard moleskin size and it is 5 inches by eight point to five inches or 13 by 21 centimeters. This is the hard cover it’s also available as a softcover, and it is roughly 400 pages one page per day.


As you can see, there is slight overhang here with the cover and I wish it would line up more the paper with the cover. It’s just a personal preference and then rounded edges and the elastic strap the bookmark, and it also has a pocket in the back just like every other standard. Moleskin is just a little bit thicker.


Alright! So let’s take off the sleeve here and when you look at the sleeve, it is also a desk calendar that you can set up for yourself, which I will not do but anyways.  


So, let’s check out the front here it is. Is that a typical standard rolls kind of the way it’s set up with the logo right here, then you can put your information here and cover page, it says moleskin daily diary 2020, and you can also download templates from the website to personalize this more and here’s. The first page, with all your information and as you can see, there’s quite a lot of bit of ghosting with this paper, where you can see the page behind it shining through and there’s an issue with moleskin paper, since it is only 70 gram or 70 gsm Paper, you will have quite a bit of ghosting with everything we write and things that are print on the page.


Then here you have an overview for 2020 all the different months, and then you have 2021 right here again quick overview.


Then it goes into the monthly calendar. You have a square for every day here and it starts on a Monday to Sunday and there is a little bit of room down here for notes and I used these type of calendars. This daily account only the first time over ten years ago, and it needs to be three months per page and then there was a little line for every day. So that’s actually a little bit more room now to write in this, but I know it gets a little tight and a lot, a smaller format like the pocket size, because this is also available as a pocket-sized calendar, but not as an excel. So there’s only two sizes available, so here we have all the different months.


Let’s go through this real quick and then here we have what I call the absolutely useless pages, which is international holidays, and I really wish they would get rid of this. I think my 9 percent of all people don’t need this international holidays, and even if you have to know this, you can look this up on your phone.


In a minute time, zones measures and conversions temperatures speed, I mean you can look fold it up in a second just Google that work quick international sizes, as I said, area they’re completely useless. Instead of all this, I wish it would be blank pages for planning out your year like goal planning things like that, and just give you more room. Just do you on things just ed of wasting these precious pages with this useless information.


Travel planning, one page here which some people might use and just dot the grid page. It says extraordinary moments like really random, and then it says make this face your own and it can it’s kind of like tainting the page by writing this here and it says my blank space, which is not because it says blank space here.


Then it has a world map here and also I don’t understand why the travel planning is here and then they have this random out of stuff in between and then you have to map instead of keeping it all together. If you must put stuff like that into the journal.


A  nd then it has like ruler here with inches and centimeters, which might come in handy but whatever.


And then it starts here with moleskin daily diary 2020, and in here you have a legend with all the different Things so it has holidays in there and then the moon phases, and you can also write the weather and the temperature at the bottom of the page.


So this is how every page is set up. You have the day here at the top the month and then which day it is and after holidays here – and it starts at 8:00 in the morning and goes to 8:00 at night, which is 20:00, so whatever it is military time or a European Time 20:00 is 8:00pm o’clock and then you can technically plan your day and half-hour increments, because you have a line between every hour and then down here, your space for the weather and the temperature that day,


So is quite a little bit of writting space here for using everyday  and then it says Thursday here and then it goes on and on and again the holidays. So that’s pretty much the entire journal like this.


It tells you down here which week you’re in it’s a week, 23, 31. So a little bit of an overview and then in the back here it just ends the 31st.


And then you have a notes page here and then some more double page and that’s it a cover page and the pocket in the back. And then it comes with these stickers, black one, blue and orange, and then the moleskin history and the quality control sticker.


Here we have the writing sample the pencil ballpoint pen, hybrid pen for a zero point for a limit of gel pens open centrally to gel pen, rollerball, pen and pen under patent fountain pen.


And then here you see the back, there’s quite a bit of ghosting with all the pens and then there’s a little bit bleed through with the rollerball and the fountain pen. So it’s definitely not fountain pen friendly paper and you will have quite a bit of ghosting. But it should be fine with a roller with a ballpoint pen or a gel pen and a pencil. I don’t mind the ghosting as much, but if you do, you should try to find a planner with slightly thicker paper.


I still like the feel of the moleskin paper. It has a velvety feel to it the other papers Don’t when it’s a good batch of paper, I would do a entry on most people. Most can paper quality soon.


So watch out for that, if you haven’t subscribed to my blog , please go ahead and do so. If you like this entry, please give it a thumbs up for any questions. Leave me comment and thank you so much for Reading. 

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