Military Memorandum Notebook

Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches; 14 x 9 cm
144 pages – 72 sheets, stitched and glued
Does not lie flat easily!


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Some Facts About Working With an Editor

If you’ve never dealt with an editor and you’re asking yourself points like what’s involved, just how much it will cost, exactly how long it will certainly take, and also various other such facets, here are some useful realities for you to recognize. The more notified you are, the much easier the editing procedure will be for you.

10 Tips for Writing Better Poetry

Have you ever had difficulty with composing fantastic poetry? Are you seeking to establish your craft, as well as become much better at what you create? These 10 tips can help you on the road to obtaining the results you desire.

How to Write in the Holiday Chaos

Disappointment can drive you insane, if you allow it. Along with producing top quality work, exciting stories and also valid accounts in the greatest of detail, you should devote as much time as well as energy to feeding your connect with short however similarly captivating messages. As if the difficulty of being a successful writer were inadequate, along comes the hullabaloo of the holiday.

Types of Writing Jobs in Magazines/Newspapers/Journals

Persons interested in writing, in current times, have various alternatives to pick from. While majority disregard composing as a simple pastime, for some it has actually been an occupation path worth required to both fulfill their dreams of becoming a writer as well bring in countless bucks.

A Fairy-Tale Approach to Developing a Critical Analysis of Literature

This article takes a fairy-tale method to completing a literary critical evaluation assignment. Based on “The 3 Little Pigs,” you discover the simpleness of establishing a thesis disagreement, organizing, laying out, researching, and also finishing a last draft for your composing pleasure or for an academic grade.

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