Military Memorandum Notebook

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Hey everyone today, I’m doing a review of this Military Memorandum Notebook. So let’s go check it out.

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First of all, the dimensions are roughly 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches or 14 centimeters by 9 centimeters.

Military Memorandum Notebook 0 15 screenshot

It has rounded edges, as you can see right here, which I personally like and has 72 sheets and/or 144 pages. It is stitched and bound.

Military Memorandum Notebook 0 23 screenshot

You can’t really see this that it is stitched, but it is and it’s glued together right here. It’s super flexible, as you can see.

Military Memorandum Notebook 0 42 screenshot

It is almost identical dimensions to a pocket Moleskine which i ‘ll show you right now. I have a little pocket, mostly right here. So if you compare those two you see, the size is pretty much identical, except, of course it’s thinner because it has less pages and thinner paper.

Military Memorandum Notebook 0 59 screenshot

When you actually have it in your hands, it does feel a little bit smaller than a acctually Moleskine. The paper here as it can see it’s lined and blue. The lining is quite distinct. It’s almost too much for my personal taste, but I guess you could get used to that. You know very quickly.

Military Memorandum Notebook 1 24 screenshot

The paper quality personally in my you know, personal opinion – is not that great. It is really cheap, like regular, like office supply paper. It has teeth to it. It’s not that much fun to write on it, but it is a very affordable notebook which brings me to the pros and cons. It is quite affordable. It’s about five bucks for one or you can get a three pack for ten dollars on Amazon in the US, and I’ve seen other websites that sell it even cheaper.

Military Memorandum Notebook 1 34 screenshot

It has a very vintage look and feel to it, which I personally love. I love old. Looking notebooks classic-looking know books, it says Memorandum  right here. You know the pay on the on the front page and then it says federal supply service on the back it has so. My guess is that paper is around 60 gram. Rough guess.

Military Memorandum Notebook 2 13 screenshot

The cover is just thicker paper, and then it has a coating on it. I think it’s just a plastic coating which makes it extremely flexible. So I think that this is a great notebook to carry around with you in your pocket, because when you sit down or you move around you’re, not gonna feel this one as much.

Military Memorandum Notebook 2 38 screenshot

What else it’s much as easily. I noticed that when every time I pick it up, I’m like what is that, and it just shows smudges quite easily, I’m sure if the camera picks it up at all, but that’s one thing I noticed.

Military Memorandum Notebook 2 59 screenshot

I did a really little writing sample. I’m gonna show you just a regular pencil and then ballpoint pen rollerball with a gel pen and then a fountain pen, which I sometimes don’t know how to spell anyways. If the fountain pen did not really bleed, I mean feather when you ride on with it. When you write with a fountain pen, just the diamine marine ink.

Military Memorandum Notebook 3 24 screenshot

But looking back, there is a little bit of bleed through. I never did see this with the fountain pen and there’s ghosting with every pen. Even with a pencil you can see the pencil on the other side, it’s probably because the paper is rather cheap and thin. I did not enjoy riding on this paper as much because it has truth to it. So the Pens don’t glide over the paper quite easily. If that’s something that’s important to you, then you know you might look for different notebook. If you don’t really care, then not a big deal. The best bet is just to you know, write with a pencil or just a regular ballpoint pen, and you know you’ll be fine.

Military Memorandum Notebook 3 44 screenshot

So anything else that I can think of. No, I think I covered everything, that’s important to know about this notebook, so I personally really like the look of this one. So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to a Moleskine, go check it out. Well, thank you so much for watching and if you like this entry give me a like. If you have any questions, please just feel free to leave me comment and check out my other entries on notebooks and  thank you. So much for reading, take care.

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