Leatherpress Notebook Review

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Hello, everyone, i really hope you’re doing well so today i am doing a review of these leather press notebooks they come in this gorgeous packaging, so makes for an amazing gift. In my opinion, i have here two different journals from two different collections: all right. Let’S open this up, this is really pretty packaging. Let me open it up. Look at that.

It says live in color and here is the notebook absolutely beautiful. They are genuine leather notebooks made from south african leather. This is pebbled full grain, leather, absolutely gorgeous. So, let’s take it out in a little strap here to pull out the journal and originally they come shrink wrap, but i took them out to you know already take a look at them, so this is how they come. It says leather press and then you see the beautiful marbling on the journal and let’s get out the other one as well.

Let’S keep this out here and then here we have the second one all right, it says: leave the legacy in the box. Again, beautiful presentation makes for a great gift. In my opinion, let’s pull this out alrighty again, south african leather really beautiful. So let’s start with this one. This one is from the heritage collection.

Let’S put this aside for a second, it has um 240 pages and let’s take off the sleeve real quick here. It says leather press on the back embossed and then has a logo right there, as well as well with them in silver. And then you can see, the edges are guilt, edges, silver and let’s take this off. You can see the beautiful marbled leather nice spine again from the back absolutely gorgeous and you can see the stitching around here and then around the edges. And then the paper has a little bit of i mean it covers a little bit of overhang to the paper about three millimeters i’d say, and it comes with a bookmark, nice silver matching, edges, nice and wide, and the dimensions on this are 5.

inches by 8.5. Inches or 13.7 by 21.6 centimeters, so it is essentially the same size as a large moleskin notebook and it comes in two sizes and seven different colors.

So if you’re interested, you can check out all the other colors. I chose this one scotty tan and it is 80 gsm off-white paper and it is ruled and as you can see, there is a margin around the edges here and this one is numbered and it has also. Let me open this up. There’S a cover page flicker cover page and then another page here it says, leave a legacy and then you have a table of contents right there, three pages and then it goes into the notebook and it starts with the numbers all the way here and then it’s 234 numbered pages and the total is 240 all in all, with the cover pages, all right so to set the lining here. It is six millimeter, dark, gray, here’s my writing sample.

We have pencil ballpoint pen, a couple of roller ball ball and gel pens, as you can see in them, two fountain pens, a pilot meter, probably medium knit with diamond marine ink and then the hero 330 food and nib with diamond merlot ink – and here is the Back so this gsm paper, you do get some ghosting and the ink wants to come through here, but it doesn’t so it’s definitely fountain pen friendly paper. If you don’t mind the ghosting, so yeah and it does a nice feel to the paper. It’S nice quality paper. It’S not super smooth, it’s not coated paper, but it has a nice feel to it all righty and it is stitched and sewn, as you can see up here and then it does lie flat once you break into it and just see just gon na work, the Binding a little bit, but after a while a lot flat, so that’s another bonus there. Just looking at my notes to make sure i didn’t forget anything all right.

Let’S compare it to this one here and this one is obviously a soft cover notebook as you can see, and then this one is their inspire collection, which is a hardcover. Notebook also comes with 240 pages, and you have a little bit more texture to the leather. As you can see, compared to this one and, as i said, both are genuine leather from South Africa and then this one doesn’t have any stitching here around, but it has rounded corners and you can see again the overhangs not as bad as with the soft cover. One and then it comes with an elastic which this one doesn’t have, and this elastic feels incredibly soft, which i’ve never felt such a soft elastic. It feels like nice quality.

Let’S take off the sleeve real, quick i’ll show you the journal. There you go really nice quality product there. It is, and in the back here it says, leather press, but the front is just clean where this one has a logo at the front. So another slight difference – and this one also has a pocket in the back which the other one does not, and the dark cover page here, it’s okay to start at the beginning. Here this is what this one looks like and then this one instead of being numbered, it just has the logo in every single page.

So there’s some slight differences. So if you want numbered pages, definitely go with the self cover. If you don’t care, then you can also choose to hardcover. So, and i did not do a writing sample in this one, because it is the exact same paper as the other one, as i said, 6mm ruling and then the margin around the edges. So really really nice journals super high quality.

Really beautiful presentation definitely excited to try these out again. This also comes in different color options, so, if you’re interested i’m gon na leave links below, if you have any questions regarding these notebooks feel free to leave me a comment. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more notebook videos, please subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for watching

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