Leather Notebook

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Hello everyone, today I’m taking a quick look at this Leather journal that was gifted to me by a friendLeather Notebook 0 6 screenshot

So I did some research on this journal and I was actually able to find out that it was made by the company Mulholland Brothers for Land Rover and where you see those stitches right here, it used to have the Land Rover logo right there.

Leather Notebook 0 22 screenshot

So this brown leather – it’s essentially just a leather flap in the front and one in the back – and this is actually the first time that I’ve seen a spiral-bound leather notebook, which i think is quite interesting and also the closure. I don’t come across everyday. It’s black tie, wrap right here, so it opens actually quite easily and then just you know, tied back around take advantage.

Leather Notebook 0 36 screenshot

The dimensions are 7 by 7 inches or 18 by 18 centimeters. So it is also a more unusual format.

Leather Notebook 0 50 screenshot

It has 75 sheets or 150 pages and just crisp white paper, and my guess is around a hundred, not GSM, so hundred gram paper.

Leather Notebook 1 7 screenshot

It has a pocket in the back and it comes with self-adhesive photo Corners, so you could put in some photos, you do some scrapbooking with it.

Leather Notebook 1 20 screenshot

I think this makes a great art journal because since it is spiral-bound, it lies perfectly flat, but also can flip it over and it provides you great drawing or writing surface on the Go so it’s really sturdy when you hold it in your hands like that.

Leather Notebook 1 28 screenshot

I did a little writing sample. I can find it up here, so you can see pencil ballpoint pen, a gel pen and then the fountain pen there’s a little bit of feathering with the fountain pen, but the paper is really smooth and it is that it’s white crisp white. So it does provide a really great writing experience.

Leather Notebook 1 48 screenshot

But in the back, when you look at it, there is some ghosting with pretty much all the pens and then there’s quite a bit of bleed through with the fountain pen and the fountain is not a super wet One it’s the Pilot Metropolitan Medium Nib. So that’s a little disappointing because the paper feels like great quality and is a bit thicker. So you might not want to necessarily use this for a fountain pen or if you do maybe a fine it would be better.

Leather Notebook 2 9 screenshot

But, as I said, it is really great to write in the super smooth paper, great writing, experience. As I said, if, if you’re interested in this, you can still find this notebook on eBay. I found it there so again, these by Mulholland Brothers, for land, rover and yeah, just search for that and you’ll be able to find that.

Leather Notebook 0 6 screenshot

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