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This journal was used in the movie ‘The Ultimate Life”

Distribution in the US:
– Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/home-gift-poets-cognac-soft-leather-italian-journal-with-tie/26289840?ean=9780641834448

– Epica: http://www.epica.com/REFILLABLE-Italian-Leather-Calf-Skin-Journals.html

Manufacturer in Italy
– Signum: http://www.signumfirenze.it/en

I have no affiliation with any of these companies, nor do I get paid for providing any links, I am simply doing this to save you some time in your search! Enjoy! ūüôā


Hello everyone, today I’m going to be doing a review of this beautiful Italian leather journal.

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This actual journal was used in the movie, The Ultimate Life, and since watching that movie, I had to have one of those, and I finally found it at Barnes & Noble here in the US it retails for around $ 50 there’s also a company called Epica that distributes those journals and they have different colors in for those people in the in Europe the manufacturer of also germ that looks exactly like this is called Signum and it’s in Florence and they have a website and believe it’s called Signumforensic.IT and you can order this journal there. I know that Signum manufactures journals that look exactly like this and that Epic and Barnes Noble, distribute journals that look exactly like this. If signal made this journal, I don’t know. since some they don’t state who manufactures it just says it’s made in Italy though, so you know order them if you like them, figure it out and see. If you think it’s the same Journal anyways.

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This journal is size¬† 6 by 9 here’s a little gel pen compared to it. So it’s fairly big, it has a wrap tie and it has a leather flap. The leather is extremely soft.

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I actually bought the store display copy. That’s why mine is beat up already. I don’t know if you can see this, it’s finely grained extremely smooth. It feels really nice to hold in your hands. So I like the fact that it is beat up already. I think it adds acid, a charm of it. If you want to brand new looking one you can purchase and originally wrap one or you know what line.

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¬†So let’s take a look at the inside, so let’s take a look at the outside, so this is looks at the bottom and then here at the top and then there’s the back alright. So let’s open that wrap!

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This is really smooth too. So it feels really nice in your hands and then this is that opens up the   leather flap, and then you open it like this. I love the fact that it has those pockets here, so I can put stuff in here as two of them.

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This is actually a refillable journal, it is lined, I believe it some say it’s seven or eight millimeter ruling, I’m not certain about that, but you can always go and measure it yourself if you’re really interested. It is a really nice paper quality, it’s slightly off-white I vory colored eye cream color.

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The inside dimensions of¬† ¬†this are 5.5 by 8 1/4 . So it’s slightly smaller than the outside. It comes with a bookmark here and then in fact, last page is a little thicker. It has a hundred and twelve sheets or 224 pages.

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The same the back. It has those pockets. Now I can put stuff in there also take out the journal. So I just you know if you would want to refill this, you just pull out the journal. You can buy refills, also at Barnes & Noble and online for around ten dollars, so it’s fairly reasonable once you’ve purchased the actual journal.¬†

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The paper is, I guess, it’s around 90 grand paper, it’s a little bit thicker than your usual average notebook. So I like that. It lies fairly flat, I haven’t broken into it yet, but it does live fairly flat, which is what I loved about this one, because I’ve looked at a lot of letter journals and a lot of them,they’re impossible to just you know, spread out then have them live flats, it’s more difficult to write in those, but this one does. So that’s why I’m really happy with my purchase.

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I did a little bit of a writing caster in the back. This is a gel pen and then a regular ballpoint, and I don’t use fountain pens, so I don’t know how it fared with fountain pens. It does not dry very quickly. That’s why it shouid slightly. You can see this, so you might have to allow it to dry a little longer if you use a gel pen or just use a regular ballpoint pen.

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On the back it has a little bit of ghosting, but it’s not too bad. It’S just a little bit, I think it’s just just below average I’d say it compared to other journals that are out there.

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So what I still like about it, if you have a pen that you want to take with you, you don’t have to like try to jam it up here. It’S like to keep it separate. You just put it here and then you just wrap up the journal and you just tie it up and you’re good to go and it actually does not fall out. I really like that because I usually don’t know what to do with my pens when I’m on the go and I tend to lose them and then they’ll someone my pocket in my back backpack, and I just you know I don’t like fussing with them. So this really solves this very easily.¬†

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I absolutely love this journal. It’s a little bit on the bigger side than what I’m usually used to using, but I like it a lot. It is really smooth. It feels great in your hands. You just you don’t want to carry it around with you all day and just I can’t wait to start using it.

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